A list of boutique, alternative, transformational and small festivals and retreats in Europe and nearby. We're not keeping up with coronavirus cancellations though..


And if you love getting together in beautiful places with lovely people you might want to come along to our autumn mini-Festival of Creativity in the Czech Republic 26-30 November- check out www.roadjunkyfestival.com to learn more!

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Small Festivals in 2020


Winter Snowboard & Contact Festival

6-12 January 2020 | Slavsko, Ukraine

Winter Snowboard & Contact Festival organizers say: “Hey, contact dancer! We are going to meet in a cozy wooden studio surrounded by mountains and forests to dance, to talk, to investigate a ...

Oslo Yoga Festival

24-26 January 2020 | Oslo, Norway

These days everyone is doing yoga, practicing mindfulness, reading Sufi poetry and the shelves are full of self-help books that promise to bring you peace, happiness and fulfillment. But how about hel ...

Austria Yoga Conference

31 January-2 February 2020 | Wels, Austria

A video from Austria Yoga Conference …  The organizers say (according to Google Translate): “The Yoga Conference Austria shows itself in a new dress in the 12th year. In addition to 3.5-h ...


Yoga & Montagne : L'appel de la Montagne

6-9 February 2020 | Megève, France

Yoga & Montagne is a festival offering yoga, fly yoga, spa, and skiing classes. Yoga in the snow – what more could you want? What the organizers say (according to Google Translate): “ ...

Yoga Games - Stockholm (the Nordic Yoga Conference)

7-9 February 2020 | Stockholm, Sweden

A drop-in yoga conference also held in Gothenburg in April and in Copenhagen in March. The organizers of the Yoga Games say: “In a world with constant speed it´s more important than ever to ha ...

International Push Hands Meeting Hannover

26 February-1 March 2020 | Hannover, Germany

The International Push Hands Meeting Hannover organizers say: “Founded in 2000 as an annual exchange meeting for the scattered push hands practitioners of different schools and styles in Germany ...

JoogaFestival Helsinki

29 February-1 March 2020 | Helsinki, Finland

The JoogaFestival Helsinki organizers say: “Yoga Festival Helsinki is a wellbeing event for everyone and an Expo event including about 130 exhibitors, over 100 classes & workshops and 40 lec ...


fuerteventura contact improv festival

Fuerteventura Contact Improv Festival

7-13 March 2020 | Lajares, Canary Islands, Spain

Contact Camp : 29 February – 6 March 2020  &  14 – 17 March 2020 Pre Festival Workshop 5 – 6 March 2020               Festival : 7 – 13 March 2020    If you fan ...

Taste of Love Festival

13 March-3 April 2020 | Byron Bay, Australia

The Taste of Love Festival organizers say: “Taste of Love Festival is back with inspiring presenters on the topics of awakening, love and consciousness and is scheduled for its 6th debut in Ball ...

Elysia Yoga Convention

27 March-1 April 2020 | Amorgos Island, Greece

The Elysia Yoga Convention organizers say: “Elysia yoga convention first began in 2015 with the idea of bringing together yoga teachers from all over to world to honour the practice of yoga in ...


Madrid Contact Improvisation Festival

3-6 April 2020 | Madrid, Spain

The Madrid Contact Improvisation Festival organizers say: “We will work with strategies — mundane and magic — to diligently coordinate our bodies with physics as we practice being in and out ...


9-13 April 2020 | Göttingen, Germany

Pre-workshops 7-9 April 2020   Festival 9-13 April 2020 The EasterImproFestival (Osterimprofestival) organizers say: “We would like to invite you to a space where different art forms with a fo ...


9-13 April 2020 | Göttingen, Germany

Pre-Workshops: 7 – 9 April 2020     Festival: 9 – 13 April 2020 The Osterimprofestival (how the German language loves to connect words) is the Easter Improvisation festival for all fans ...

spiritual dance festival barcelona

Spiritual Dance Festival - Conscious Holy Week

9-13 April 2020 | Barcelona, Spain

Yes, going by the video you wouldn’t be judgemental to deduce that they seem to take themselves a little too seriously but if you want to go dancing in the mountains close to Barcelona (we think ...

Amsterdam Tantra Festival

10-12 April 2020 | Amsterdam, Holland

The Amsterdam Tantra Festival is a 3 day festival with live music, workshops and apparently lots of exotic colours. The tantra festival organisers say: ‘Let tantra enrich your life! It expands c ...

Wroclaw Contact Improvisation Festival

22-26 April 2020 | Wrocław, Poland

Wroclaw Contact Improvisation Festival is one of the leading contact improvisation festivals in Poland. The organizers say: “The festival, which has been taking place in Wrocław since 2010, has ...

Om Yoga Show - Manchester

24-26 April 2020 | Manchester, England

The Om Yoga Show organizers say : “For over a decade the OM Yoga Show has grown ever more popular, becoming the biggest yoga gathering in Europe, and one of the largest events of its kind in th ...

Yoga Games - Gothenburg (the Nordic Yoga Conference)

24-26 April 2020 | Gothenburg, Sweden

The Yoga Games organizers say: “We are celebrating 10 year anniversary of Yoga Games Gothenburg. An event that grows stronger and bigger for every year. We are constantly trying to innovate and ...

Ibiza Spirit Festival

26-26 April 2020 | Ibiza, Spain

This is a one-day festival which looks to us like loads of positive vibes oozing all over everything. On the flip side, it might just be a very much needed detox from Ibiza’s world-famous lifest ...

Boneca 6th Birthday Mayan Warrior

27-27 April 2020 | London, England

You don’t want to miss a crew that include a collective of artists, craftsmen, photographers, designers, technologists and architects from Mexico City and Northern California, do you? The festiv ...

Hai in den Mai Festival

30 April-3 May 2020 | Stemwede, Germany

Magic forest, magic creatures and judging by the photographs always sunny weather – admittedly Hai in den Mai seems like great fun. Also, on an unrelated note – they have the most beautifu ...


Barcelona Burning Bash

1-5 May 2020 | Barcelona, Spain

The Barcelona Burning Bash (BBB) is a yearly co-created event inspired by the ethos of Burning Man and Nowhere. This event is organized by the Barcelona Burning Man Community. The festival organiser ...

Scapa Festival

1-3 May 2020 | Ardkinglas Estate, Loch Fyne, Scotland

Scapa Festival offers a very rich schedule that worth checking out. You can use their page to prepare your own schedule. The organizers say: “We are Scapa Fest, a multi-day, leave-no-trace and ...

Space to Emerge

1-4 May 2020 | Lake District, England

Space to Emerge is a weekend retreat full of workshops. In three days, you will be able to engage in one-to-one healing therapies, workshops and dance till morning while meeting like-minded people in ...

Ukraine Contact Improvisation Festival

1-8 May 2020 | Kiev, Ukraine

The Ukraine Contact Improvisation Festival organizers say: “Festival is a natural way for us to become a part of the Dance, no matter how skilled in Contact Improvisation you are… Days ful ...

Yoga-Rainbow Festival

1-5 May 2020 | Cirali, Turkey

The Yoga-Rainbow Festival organizers say: “Our international festival is conceived as an interesting and lively meeting, prepared by yogis and for yogis. The authors of the idea of ​​the fe ...

Transition Festival

5-12 May 2020 | Doñana, Spain

Transition Festival takes place in a village where the tribal celebration never stops! You can expect psychedelic music and some solid visual arts. The organizers say: “Next 5th of May 2020 at ...

Spirit of the Marsh Festival

7 May-10 March 2020 | Lincolnshire countryside, Central-East England

A festival to start the summer immersed in untouched nature, pagan ceremonies, practical workshops, live music, dragons, fairytales and a lot of fun. Something for everybody, kids and adults, pagan an ...

Beltane Fire Festival 

8-10 May 2020 | East Sussex, England

Beltane Fire Festival has many workshops to offer… You can learn about foraging, take herbal walks, sing, dance, skate, practice archery or martial arts or circus arts… Now, that is a real ...

Tribal Talisman Festival

8-10 May 2020 | Budapest, Hungary

Tribal Talisman Festival offers 36 hours of dance! Are you interested in ATS®, tribal fusion, Indian fusion, old school tribal or belly dance history? If so, you should check their website! The orga ...


15-17 May 2020 | Litomerice, Czech Republic

The Alchemy Festival (ALLfest) is to be held in the middle of May this year in the town of Litomerice. It’s a cosy festival with the usual workshops, talks and seminars on healthy living and hap ...

Austrian Qi Gong Days 

15-17 May 2020 | Lake Chiemsee, Germany

This year’s topic is “Sehnsucht nach Ganzheit” (“longing for wholenesse”). The organizers of the Austrian Qi Gong Days say (According to Google Translate): “Once a year the ÖQGG ...

Wood Festival

15-18 May 2020 | Braziers Park, Oxfordshire

Come an enjoy of an early summer music festival with an environmental touch. Wood festival invites us all to gather in a conscious celebration of Mother Eather, together we can create a better, happie ...

Kokopelli World Festival

16-17 May 2020 | Gullegem, Belgium

Kokopelli World Festival is a world music festival. They have a rich line-up and you can find something you will enjoy whether you like balkan music, ska, jazz, electro swing… or all! It is run ...

CI festival in berlin

Berlin Contact Improv Festival

20-24 May 2020 | Berlin, Germany

The festival organisers say: “We warmly invite you to the Contact Improvisation Festival in Berlin! This unique and warm event for the contact community gives us lots of opportunities to be toge ...

Green Vibrations

21-22 May 2020 | Enschede, Netherlands

The Green Vibrations Festival looks like one wild Saturday with all kinds of music. As the day darkens the after-party kicks off and it doesn’t stop until four in the morning. We’ll let th ...

Yoga Conference Germany

21-24 May 2020 | Köln, Germany

The Yoga Conference Germany organizers say (according to Google Translate): “Welcome dear ones! Under the motto “Growing toGather” we meet this year to grow together, to celebrate a ...

gaia family tribe summer camp

Gaia Tribe Family Summer Camp

22-27 May 2020 | Grosmont, England

Small and cosy, the Gaia Tribe Summer Camp is a family-friendly gathering with care taken of the decoration and mood in the surrounding woodland. The usual workshops, music and fun. The festival organ ...

Taichi Festival Democritus

22-24 May 2020 | Xanthi, Greece

This year for the fourth time the festival will be taking place in Greece. The Taichi Festival Democritus organizers say: “International exchange meeting between teachers, experts and friends of ...

Echo Echo Contact Improvisation Festival

24-31 May 2020 | Derry, Northern Ireland

The Echo Echo Contact Improvisation Festival organizers say: “We are interested in and appreciate the natural desire as humans to move and be moved, to celebrate the joy of simply dancing togeth ...

Burning Nest Festival

25-31 May 2020 | 183 miles from London, England

A Burning Man event, a celebration of human creativity, a spontaneous community and a place for radical self expression. The theme for 2020 is… The patterns of chaos! The festival organisers say ...

Burning Nest, A Celebration of Human Creativity

25-31 May 2020 | Exeter, England

Nest is another gathering inspired by Burning Man, but they go their own way and sell ‘memberships’ rather than tickets to help everyone understand that it’s not about coming along a ...

Psychedelic Experience Festival

28-31 May 2020 | Ruthen, Germany

What to expect from Psychedelic Experience Open Air Festival? The organisers promise severe sleep deprivation due to dance floor activities and 2033 lakes in the area. Considering the season, 2,033,03 ...

Berner Contact Improvisation Jam

29 May-1 June 2020 | Berne, Switzerland

The Berne Bejam organizers say: “Dear Jamer. We look forward to dancing with you at the 27th BeJam. We meet again this year in the PROGR , center for cultural projects in the heart of Bern and l ...

Roma Tribal Meeting

29-31 May 2020 | Rome, Italy

Roma Tribal Meeting is a 3 day event for the lovers of Tribal Belly Dance. You will get the chance to attend workshops, explore your own creativity, create pieces and exhibit your creations afterwar ...

something to smile about music festival

Something to Smile About Festival

29-31 May 2020 | Lincolnshire, England

We don’t usually include music festivals on this site as there are just too many of them and then it would be hard to see all the unusual, unique, weird and wonderful festivals and gatherings th ...

Space of Love Festival

29 May-7 June 2020 | Böda Sand, Öland, Sweden

Space of Love Festival features a whole cast of teachers running workshops from family constellation to yoga to African dance. “There we celebrate and create, meet new and old friends, and try n ...

Moving Life Contact Improvisation Festival

30 May-2 June 2020 | Allgäu, Germany

The organizers say: “Listen to your inner movements and expand. Workshops in Yoga, Contact Improvisation, Bodywork & Jams Live Music, Mantra Singing and Silence Sound spaces & Bodywork C ...

Vurige Tongen

31 May-1 June 2020 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Vurige Tongen is a spoken word and music festival. It is created by artists and volunteers who give their time to create a nice gathering. The festival takes place in an arts village called Ruigoord, ...


contact improv festival

Italian Festival of Contact Improvisation

1-7 June 2020 | Amelia (Umbria), Italy

29 May – 31 June Pre-Festival WORKSHOP | 1 – 7 June FESTIVAL The Italy Festival of Contact Improvisation organizers say: “A great team of teachers will be with us for the next editi ...

italy contact improvisation festival

Italy Contact Festival

1-7 June 2020 | Umbria, Italy

29 – 31 May Pre-Festival Workshop | 1 – 7 June 2020 Festival Set in a little historical town in the heart of Italy, the Italy Contact Festival is where to go to connect with the Italian co ...

Huéznar Festival

3-8 June 2020 | San Nicolás Del Puerto, Spain

The festival organizers say: “Batán de las Monjas, Ohmnium Records and Mimesis unite to bring to life a new concept, created from, for and by the location; Huéznar Festival! A festival that be ...

Earth Garden

4-7 June 2020 | Attard, Malta

Earth Garden is mainly (but not “only”) a music festival that presents live music shows in many different genres of music. Workshops, unique markets, and food courts will also be there. T ...

Meadows in the Mountains

4-7 June 2020 | Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Meadows in the Mountains looks like a colorful, fun festival. They offer music to dance to, yoga classes to relax your body and mind, and a community of like-minded creative people. The organizers say ...

Yoga Sound Festival

4-7 June 2020 | Vesseaux, France

The organizers of the Yoga Sound Festival say (according to Google Translate): “Yoga and meditation festival at Domaine du Taillé in Ardèche Take advantage of an enchanted break of 4 days to d ...

Wald Healing

5-7 June 2020 | Wehdem, Germany

The Wald Healing organizers say (according to google translate): “After the last ‘Forest Healing – Growing Together’ was another special experience, it is now the seventh tim ...

World Club Dome Festival

5-7 June 2020 | Germany

World Club Dome is the biggest club in the world! Returning to the heart of Frankfurt, Germany each summer, the three-day electronic music festival will have something for everyone! The festival organ ...

8th International Taiji-Push Hands-Meeting

11-14 June 2020 | Hassfurt am Main, Germany

The 7th International Taiji-Push Hands-Meeting organizers say: “This meeting provides TAIJI – practitioners of all styles (Yang, Chen, Wu, Fu …) in a friendly and harmonious atmosphe ...

Anthropos Festival

11-15 June 2020 | Near London, UK

Billing themselves as ‘a new kind of festival’, Anthropos looks stylising, interesting and diverse. The festival organisers say: ‘With stunning visual art, diverse electronic beats a ...

EmBODYment Contact Improvisation Festival

11-14 June 2020 | Traunsee, Austria

The organizers say: “An invitation to dive deep into the body and flair awareness times quite arrive in itself. The nervous system gets space and time, deeply to regulate between the needs for r ...

Spirit Base Festival

11-14 June 2020 | Výrovice, Czech Republic

Spirit Base Festival seems to be both known and warmly recommended in their area, as the comments on their Facebook site reveal. Looks like a great place for us too. Suitably for a local secret, howev ...

Wurzel Festival

11-14 June 2020 | Niedergörsdorf, Germany

Wurzel Festival offers workshops, art events, and open airs. There will also be a marketplace for you to enjoy. Since free open airs are a tradition of the festival, you’ll surely enjoy your ti ...

Rumble dance festival in the UK

Rumble Festival

12-15 June 2020 | Chesham, England

It’s great to see more festivals going alcohol-free. It makes such a difference to the overall feeling. A dance festival with contact improv, 5 rhythms, forró , acro-yoga and more. Rumble seems ...

seedcamp, austria festival

Seedcamp Festival

12-14 June 2020 | Kautzen, Austria

Seedcamp Festival’s 2020 theme will be: “Odyssey” The organizers’ say: “The coming theme of the ‘Odyssey’ brings with it some turbulent and fundamental expans ...

Heartbeat Festival Women

18-21 June 2020 | Bad Kohlgrub, Germany

Heartbeat Festival Women is for women to come together, explore and celebrate in an environment full of art and creation. It is a good way to spend a couple of days with like-minded women and get in ...

stonehenge festival

Stonehenge Summer Solstice Gathering

18-22 June 2020 | Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England

There used to be a Stonehenge Free Festival until the famous clash with the police that resulted in the Battle of the Beanfield. Hippies, pagans, free-spirited people against the British police in rio ...

UFO Bufo Festival

18-21 June 2020 | Klokočov, Czech Republic

UFO Bufo encourages good old-fashioned face-to-face communication as their festival location provides a natural digital detox (in two words – no coverage). So why not challenge oneself? We also ...

agni yoga festival spain

Agni Spirit Festival

19-23 June 2020 | Catalonia, Spain

Run by a bunch of yoga instructors, Agni Festival is held out in the sticks of Catalonia with an impressive program featuring yoga, butoh dance, sweat lodges, circus workshops and a whole lot more ins ...

Aymon Festival

19-22 June 2020 | Koprinka, Bulgaria

Aymon Festival seems to be a small and cosy one, but the truth is that we don’t really know anything about it. The location looks sublime though and their aftermovie has some real Blair Witch mo ...

oceanfest, devon, uk


19-21 June 2020 | Croyde, North Devon, England

We know, England might not be top of your list when thinking about a festival by the beach but as little nature, as there is to find in the British isles, Devon has some of the best coastline and Ocea ...

mystic mountain festival croatia

Mystic Mountain Festival

22-28 June 2020 | Velebit Nature Park, Croatia

Mystic Mountain is a cozy, small and intimate psychedelic gathering. They are combining psytrance, goa trance, psychill, oriental house and similar styles of music with stunning natural scenery – ...

hungary contact improvisation festival

Hungarian Contact Improvisation Festival

23-28 June 2020 | Három Kincs Völgye, Hungary

A cosy contact improvisation festival in Hungary for just 60 dancers. The organisers say: “We will celebrate Contact Improvisation and deepen together into our practise during 6 days surrounded ...

sexsibility festival in sweden

Sexsibility Festival

23-28 June 2020 | Ängsbacka Kursgård, Sweden

Much as Swedes are confused why the rest of the world associates Sweden with sex (a legacy of Swedish cinema which was ahead of its time in showing female nudity and sexual pleasure), the Sexsibility ...

Tantra Spirit Festival

23-28 June 2020 | Croatia

Ever wondered what tantra is all about? Having take a look at the teachers at the Tantra Spirit Festival this could be the perfect way in. And let’s face it, you’re unlikely to find a tant ...

dance festival czech republic

Sacred Dance Gathering

24-28 June 2020 | Sklenářka, Czech Republic

A great chance to celebrate the summer solstice at a 100 year old villa in beautiful surroundings with just 150 people in attendance for an intimate atmosphere. The festival organisers say: “The ...

Where the Sheep Sleep Festival

25-29 June 2020 | landgoed Zeewolde, Netherlands

Where the Sheep Sleep is a Burning Man event. The participants make the event what it is. That means YOU are in charge of your own experience! It is an opportunity for everyone to be the most amazing ...

Defqon.1 Festival

26-28 June 2020 | Netherlands

Defqon.1 is the world’s premier hard dance festival. Uniting thousands of ‘weekend warriors’ each year, the festival is the home of the harder styles and the Mecca for all hard dance lovers. The ...

rainbow gathering festival

The Road Junky Festival of Creativity

26 June-6 July 2020 | in the hills of Czech Republic

The Festival of Creativity is a different kind of festival. There are just 125 places available and all the food is included over the week of camping in the forested hills of the Czech Republic. All d ...

Tantra festivals Poland

VIII International Festival of Tantra Consciousness, Presence and Relationship For Singles and Couples 

26 June-5 July 2020 | Nowe Kawkowo, Poland

Tantra festivals are on the rise in Europe and the VIII International Festival of Tantra Consciousness, Presence and Relationship For Singles and Couples at the “Here and Now Center” in P ...

Awakenings Festival

27-28 June 2020 | Netherlands

Awakenings is the ultimate techno experience in the heart of Amsterdam. The completely sold out event will celebrate 20 years of techno this summer. The festival organisers say: “Awakenings Festival ...

aerial dance fest, Ireland

Irish Aerial Dance Festival

27 June-12 July 2020 | Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland

The Irish Aerial Dance Festival looks amazing. It’s held in Donegal, which is the most remote and rainy part of Ireland, and along with a bunch of shows there are tons of classes in aerial dance ...

Yoga Mela

27 June-4 July 2020 | Farstorp, Sweden

The Yoga Mela organizers say: “Yoga Mela is a vivid blend of Yoga, Sacred Music and life wisdom. An inspiration to be part of a living spirituality. The 8-day festival is both grounded and celes ...

Masters Of Puppets Open Air Festival

29 June-5 July 2020 | Dolní Dvořiště, Czech Republic

Despite the sinister sci-fi sounding name, the Masters Of Puppets Open Air Festival seems to be rather benevolent creatures who go in for sustainability, charity and musical vibrations. The team behi ...

Transoceanic Contact Improvisation Festival

29 June-5 July 2020 | Bornholm, Denmark

The organizers say: “TOCIF is a dance festival for the research and practice of Contact Improvisation. It takes place on the island of Bornholm, Denmark, as the meeting point for people from all ...

Directions to the Rainbow Gathering?

Art-Labyrinth Summer Festival

30 June-5 July 2020 | Romania

Ever been to Romania? The Art-Labyrinth Festival can be your excuse to go…   The festival organisers say: “Art-Labyrinth’s Summer Festival is an annual event that takes place in the ...

ecstatic festival of dance in portugal

High On Life Ecstatic Dance Festival

30 June-5 July 2020 | Spain

You, too, can dance your way to ecstasy without any chemical enhancement – just dive deep into tribal trance dance, breathwork initiations, bioenergetics, sacred cacao ceremonies and it will all ...


Hieros Gamos Festival

1-5 July 2020 | Zeewolde, Netherlands

Hieros Gamos Festival is not just a festival. It is more like a weekend long experience in which you will become vulnerable and open to yourself and others. You will get the chance to open up and face ...

Siberian Contact Improv Festival

1-10 July 2020 | Altai Mountains, Russia

Registration for the festival will open on February 1. The Siberian Contact Improv Festival organizers say (according to Google Translate): “9 days of immersion in practice is the possibility of ...


Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival

2-5 July 2020 | Fontainebleau, France

How many musicians have a festival named after them? Django Reinhardt is held in a special kind of awe not only for being such a great guitarist despite missing a few fingers but because he made music ...

Drienok Festival

2-5 July 2020 | Mošovce, Slovakia

This is Slovakia’s leading alternative festival with a strong theme on original handicrafts, concerts, workshops, music, medicinal herbs, theater and a lot more. The festival has made great effo ...

Mandala Festival

2-5 July 2020 | Wanroij, Netherlands

Mandala Festival is a creativity festival in harmony with nature. It encourages to bring your tent and enjoy the rest. The organizers say: “There is music, art and theater, but also games, well ...

Natural High Healing Festival

2-5 July 2020 | Narvilinna, Uusikaupunki, Finland

The Natural High Healing Festival will be held in Narvilinna, Finland. As you can guess from the name, alcohol and drugs aren’t welcome; instead, you’re invited to fly high with the power ...

Chamonix Yoga Festival

3-5 July 2020 | Chamonix, France

Pre-festival 27th June – 2 July   Festival 3 – 5 July   Post-Festival 7 – 10 July The organizers say: “For the seventh year, the Chamonix Yoga festival will be the meeting ...

Palmesus Festival

3-4 July 2020 | Norway

Palmesus is Scandanavia’s biggest beach party! The annual summer beach festival attracts thousands of locals and visitors to the unique Norwegian town of Kristiansand. The festival organisers say: ...

Timber Festival

3-5 July 2020 | Feanedock, UK

Legend says there is a time in July when the trees gather in their own festival and we are all invited! Come and enjoy 3 wonderful days of magic, art, performance, and wellbeing. The organizers say: & ...

Yogafestival Haarlem

4-4 July 2020 | Haarlem, Netherlands

The Yogafestival Haarlem organizers say (according to Google Translate): “It is now official; on 4 JULY the YOGA FESTIVAL HAARLEM will be in the Kweektuin. With new yoga classes, workshops, le ...

Mantra Sommer Festival

5-10 July 2020 | Oberlahr, Germany

Mantra Sommer Festival offers mantra, acro and yin yoga classes, workshops, healing area, music, vegan food and a smoothie bar. The organizers say (according to Google Translate): “Motto of th ...

SUN Festival

6-14 July 2020 | Csobánkapuszta, Hungary

S.U.N stands for Solar Unite Natives: a project growing out of the Hungarian Goa trance scene and it uses the profits from the S.U.N Festival to invest in a sustainable community. The organizers say: ...

Netherlands Contact Improvisation Festival

7-12 July 2020 | Overveen, Netherlands

The organizers say: “A yearly festival where people and dancers from all over the Netherlands and abroad are coming together to create a dancing community that explores and play with this beauti ...

Nowhere Festival

7-12 July 2020 | Castejón de Monegros, Spain

Nowhere Festival is Spain’s answer to Burning Man and is a week of music, art installations and strangeness out in the desert of Northern Spain. Similar to Burning Man, Nowhere Festival is based ...

slot art festival, poland

Slot Art Festival

7-11 July 2020 | Lubiąż, Poland

The Slot Art Festival is held inside the compound of an old monastery giving a surreal, timeless backdrop to all the great art installations and music held over the 5 days. There are elements of punk ...

Wake Up! Experiment

7-12 July 2020 | Bulgaria

Wake Up! Experiment will give you an opportunity to learn new crafts, listen interesting lectures and get acquainted with practices of inner growth. Wake Up! has been going strong for 10 years and wel ...

Airbeat One Festival

8-12 July 2020 | Germany

Transport yourself across the world at Airbeat One Festival. North Germany’s largest electronic music festival welcomes all you and all your favourite DJ’s on a magical journey, bringing a taste o ...

Funny Moon Festival

8-13 July 2020 | Valeč, Czech Republic

Funny Moon Festival has a long list of DJs from all around the world. A good place to dance your mind away. The organizers say: “Funny Moon festival is a non commercial event. Always has been, w ...

Shankra Festival

8-12 July 2020 | Lostallo, Switzerland

The organizers say: “Music is the ultimate and fundamental core of our Festival. Get an insight of the musical journey you will experience on the three dance floors, covering the wide spectrum o ...

Awake Dance Celebration

9-12 July 2020 | Monichique, Portugal

The Awake Dance Celebration is one of many festivals and events held at the Awakeland Centre for Reforestation in South Portugal. The festival organisers say: ‘Awake Dance Celebration is a gathe ...

Electric Love Festival

9-11 July 2020 | Austria

Electric Love Festival is Austria’s premier electronic music festival. Drawing in more than 190 massive acts over three days, this festival is one of the biggest electronic music events in the world ...

Exit Festival

9-12 July 2020 | Serbia

Exit Festival is Serbia’s biggest and best event. Twice voted as ‘Best Major European Festival’, what started as a student fight for democracy and freedom has now evolved into an epic summer mus ...

Feel Festival

9-13 July 2020 | Bergheider See, Germany

Feel Festival is a music-focused festival but many other activities like yoga, guided meditations, and art workshops are being offered. They even have a half-pipe for skateboarding! The festival area ...

Flow Festival

9-12 July 2020 | Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Days of music in a nature sanctuary in the spirit of peace and love. The organizers say: “FLOW is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a fe ...

noisily elecontric music festival

Noisily Festival

9-12 July 2020 | Leicestershire, England

We’ve come a long way from the big raves of the early 90’s. The music has evolved, the decor is mindblowing and there are festivals like Noisily where you can dance to electronic music wit ...

Bodypainting festival, austria

World Bodypainting Festival

9-11 July 2020 | Klagenfurt, Austria

*Side Events on July 5th* Claiming to be the most ‘colourful festival in the world’, the World Bodypainting Festival is set by a fabulous lake in Austria and is without a doubt a visual tr ...

Brainchild Festival

10-12 July 2020 | East Sussex, England

Brainchild Festival is an independent festival that doesn’t focus on any particular genre but is instead a big splash of creativity. It really looks like a lot of fun. The organizers say: “ ...

Kosmos Festival

10-12 July 2020 | Ristiina. Finland

The organizers say: “We are all about welcoming new artists into Kosmos Festival! If you already have some gigs or shows under your belt and feel like your sounds or arts would fit into our prog ...

Tai Chi Caledonia

10-17 July 2020 | Stirling, Scotland

The Tai Chi Caledonia organizers say : “Thank you for visiting our website where you will find details of our latest event, Tai Chi Caledonia 2020, our 25th year offering high quality teaching o ...

Ultra Europe Festival

10-12 July 2020 | Croatia

Ultra Europe is Europe’s premier destination music festival. Escape to the stunning Croatian waterfront for one of the largest electronic music festivals in the world. The festival organisers say: ...

european juggling convention

European Juggling Convention

11-19 July 2020 | Hanko, Finland

You don’t have to be a juggler to go to the European Juggling Convention but it helps. Really, you only need to be interested in circus stuff and enjoy hanging out with jugglers, acrobats, hula- ...

Buddhafield festival uk

Buddhafield Festival

15-19 July 2020 | Taunton, Somerset, England

With 4000 people, Buddhafield hits a sweet spot between a small, cosy festival and an event big enough to have a lot going on. Infused with the philosophy of Buddhism, this is a very conscious festiva ...

Dour Festival

15-19 July 2020 | Belgium

Dour Festival offers five days of love and alternative music in the heart of Belgium. The multi genre festival welcomes visitors from all over the globe to one of the country’s top summer events. Th ...

Electric Castle Festival

15-19 July 2020 | Romania

Electric Castle is a five-day electronic music festival that takes place in the Transylvanian domain of Banffy Castle. Explore the unique Romanian sights by day and catch major electronic acts by nigh ...

The Living Village Festival

15-19 July 2020 | Dalfsen, Netherlands

The Living Village Festival has a very nice goal: Eventually to have its own village. How? With the profits from the festival. Meanwhile, they ask you, the future villagers, to join them, share, learn ...

G! Festival

16-18 July 2020 | Gøta, Faroe Islands

G! Festival will give you just another reason to visit the breathtaking Faroe Islands. When you combine a beautiful landscape with nice people and good music, you can only get good times. That’ ...

Shrewsbury International Comedy Festival

16-19 July 2020 | Shrewsbury, England

Shrewsbury International Comedy Festival is a cozy festival full of joy and happiness. If you want to escape from your daily life for four days, check this one out. The organizers say: “Be they ...

yiddish summer weimar

Yiddish Summer Weimar

16 July-22 August 2020 | Weimar, Germany

FESTIVAL WEEK from August 5th to 9th Yiddish culture gave us not just Woody Allen and Seinfeld but was once an integral part of Europe and the Yiddish Summer Weimar has a month of activities to keep t ...

Harmonic Festival

17-19 July 2020 | Trigance, France

There’s a strong bias among English-speaking people to go to English-speaking festivals. So jump out of your comfort zone and go to hang out with some French hippies at the Festival Harmonic in ...

Parookaville Festival

17-19 July 2020 | Germany

Parookaville is Germany’s most popular dance music event. The three-day festival welcomes more than 200,000 visitors and is one of the largest festivals in Europe! The festival organisers say: “Pa ...

Stainsby Festival

17-19 July 2020 | Stainsby, Derbyshire, England

Stainsby Festival has been going strong for 50 years! This is a live music festival that offers music, crafts stalls, entertainment for children, workshops, storytelling, theatre, film, philosophy, a ...

Tomorrowland Festival

17-26 July 2020 | Belgium

Tomorrowland is the largest and most sought out electronic music festival in the world. Spread out across two weekends each summer, the three-day event is truly an experience unlike any other. Tickets ...

valley arts festival hungary

Valley of the Arts

17-26 July 2020 | Kapolcs, Hungary

Hungary might seem to be Europe’s closest claim to a fascist state based on its treatment of refugees lately but there’s plenty of good things happening there and one of these is the Valle ...

Dominator Festival

18-18 July 2020 | Netherlands

Dominator is the world’s biggest outdoor hardcore festival. Lace up your Air Maxes and brace yourself for the best hardcore party of the year! The festival organisers say: “Dominator Festival is t ...

Festival of Contact Improvisation in Ladoga

18-25 July 2020 | Lake Ladoga, Russia

The Contact Festival of Lake Ladoga organizers say: “This is our XII festival. After the fifth year of its existence, we began to call this festival the Dancing Village. Because they decided to ...

Sadhaka Tantra Festival

18-25 July 2020 | Orsennes, France

The Sadhaka Tantra Festival is one of many interesting events happening at the Sadhaka retreat center in France this summer. The festival organizers say (according to Google Translate): “The fes ...


19-26 July 2020 | Hedehusene, Denmark

Borderland is a festival gathering sustained by co-creators rather than spectators, with a cap of 1500 people allowed this year. A place to be and basic amenities are provided, but otherwise, hugs are ...

ozora festival hungary

Ozora Psychedelic Festival

20-26 July 2020 | Dádpuszta,Hungary

Ok, Ozora is a big festival and mostly we’re about small events and gatherings on this site but as long as you don’t think psytrance music should have remained in the 20th century and woul ...


20 July-9 August 2020 | Alterode, Germany

The Sommerakademie organizers say: “The 26th Summer Academy for Taijiquan and Qigong will take place from July 20th to August 9th, 2020 in Alterode (Harz). The weeks can be booked individually. ...

Own Spirit Festival

21-26 July 2020 | Baldellou, Spain

Back when we were young and frying our brains on liquid LSD, trance music was all about the inner journey, turning the dance floor into one big shamanic space and seeing just how far you could push yo ...

biodanza festival

Biodanza Tribal Gathering

22-26 July 2020 | Winterswijk, Netherlands

We almost didn’t include the Biodanza Tribal Gathering. It sounded groovy and then we saw the price of 360 euros for the week which, though it includes food, doesn’t sound too tribal, real ...

Desert Contact Almeria

22-26 July 2020 | Almería, Spain

The organizers say (according to Google Translate): “Five days of transformation, relaxation, enjoyment in nature, meet new people, dare, eat healthy, see the stars, do different things, leave y ...

Body Love Festival

23-28 July 2020 | close to Berlin & Hamburg, Germany

Registration will open in January! The organizers say: “Music of international artists. Workshops Contact Improvisation, Tribal Shake, Urban dance, Body Mind Centering, Acro Yoga, Fluent Body, E ...

fano free folk festival

Fanø Free Folk Festival

23-25 July 2020 | Fanø, Denmark

Fanø is a little island off the south-west coast of Denmark about 12 minutes away from the mainland by boat and though the North Sea might not summon tropical vistas the west coast of the island is o ...

Sacred Earth Festival

23-26 July 2020 | Fagervik, Finland

We’re big fans of events that keep it small and beautiful, and Sacred Earth Festival does just that. The festival organisers say: ‘From the start in 2018 our vision has been to create a fe ...

Zelenkovac Jazz Festival

23-26 July 2020 | Podrašnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Zelenkovac Jazz Festival is held each year in the ecological preserves of Zelenkovac, in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The 3-day event is all about innovative jazz, instrument workshops, an ...

Les Rencontres Jasnières

24-26 July 2020 | Marçon, France

The Les Rencontres Jasnières organizers say (according to Google Translate): “You will have the opportunity to practice the forms of taiji quan, tuishou, weapons in various internal styles and ...

Masters of Calm Festival - Life changing adventure!

24 July-2 August 2020 | Lithuania

Masters of Calm is a festival held in the middle of the forest in Lithuania with a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere.  The festival organisers say: ‘Masters of Calm is an active, conscious, happy ...

Nation of Gondwana-Pyonen

24-26 July 2020 | Brandenburg, Germany

Nation of Gondwana is an outdoor electronic music festival. They have some amazing light installations and a long line-up. A “must” if you’re into electronic music and psytrance. C ...

Contact by the Sea

25-31 July 2020 | Brittany, France

Contact by the Sea will encourage you “not-doing” (wei-wu-wei in the Chinese of Lao Tzu)… Sometimes the simplest thing is the hardest. The organizers say: “Is it a whole week ...

Dance Camp East

25 July-2 August 2020 | Suffolk, England

Dance Camp East has been going strong for more than 25 years and as you may guess, some people even grew up going to this festival. It is a guaranteed family atmosphere with workshops, music, and dan ...

samsara yoga & psybient music festival

Samsara Yoga Village and Psybient Music Festival

26 July-2 August 2020 | Töreki, Hungary

In lovely Hungary will be Samsara which is a fusion of yoga and psybient music. We must be getting old because we don’t know what psybient means. The organizers say: “Samsara Festival Euro ...

ripollesdansa dance festival

Ripollesdansa Dance Festival

27 July-1 August 2020 | Ripoll, Spain

Ripollesdansa is a dance festival that offers free workshops and performances in the Catalonian town of Ripoli. It is founded by local dancers who wanted to revitalize their town with the spirit of da ...

Angsbacka Tantra Festival

28 July-2 August 2020 | Molkom, Sweden

Angsbacka is a centre for spiritual festivals and events in Sweden and it’s been running since 1996. It hosts the Sexsibility Festival and also this tantra festival. Nice work if you can get it. ...

Boom Festival

28 July-4 August 2020 | Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

The Boom Festival is a legend on the alternative festival circuit. It’s held every two years by a lake in Portugal and mixes up visual arts, street theater, psychedelic performances, fire dances ...

Camp Bestival

30 July-3 August 2020 | East Lulworth, UK

Camp Bestival is a festival of music, fancy, colorful dresses and dance. It is a family-friendly festival. There is camping on-site and many hotels around. The organizers say: “Camp Bestival 20 ...

Magnesia Festival

30 July-2 August 2020 | Helsinki, Finland

Magnesia Festival is a three-day celebration of joyful  living with yoga, meditation, music, dance, well-being workshops, nourishing food, sunsets and beautiful people. The festival organisers say: & ...

Outlook Origins

30 July-4 August 2020 | Tisno, Croatia

Outlook Origins will be a festival you will enjoy if you like sun and music. It is basically a big beach party with good music. There will be many live sets. The organizers say: “Outlook Origins ...

green gathering

The Green Gathering

30 July-2 August 2020 | Piercefield Park, Chepstow, UK

The Green Gathering is an alternative festival par excellance powered by alternative energy (wind and sun) and featuring a plethora of alternative culture with acoustic music, workshops, skill sharin ...

Untold Festival

30 July-2 August 2020 | Romania

There’s never been a more magical land than Transylvania and the heart of Romania opens up its gates to the world each summer for Untold Festival. Enjoy everything from the biggest headlining acts t ...

Wilderness Festival

30 July-2 August 2020 | Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire, England

Don’t let the name fool you, as from what we can tell this festival is set on making sure you’re entertained by far more than just falling pine cones and chattering squirrels. This seems t ...

World Yoga Festival

30 July-2 August 2020 | Reading, UK

The World Yoga Festival organizers say: “Four rejuvenating days incorporating yoga asana from many different lineages, pranayama, meditation, non-duality, Ayurveda, chanting, kirtan, wisdom tal ...

faces festival, finland

Faces Festival

31 July-2 August 2020 | Karjaalla, Finland

To be honest, we’re not really sure what Faces Festival is all about but someone wrote to us claiming it’s ‘a legendary etnofestival…very unique place in southern Finland & ...

Floating Castle Festival

31 July-2 August 2020 | Castle Snežnik, Slovenia

Floating Castle Festival has puppet shows, circus performances, street and improvisational theater, poetry readings, film projections and workshops for adults and children… and of course: Music! ...


contemporary contact dance

Contact Meets Contemporary Dance Festival

2-8 August 2020 | Göttingen, Germany

Contact Meets Contemporary offers by the looks of it everything a dancer’s heart can desire – both in theory and practice. However, if you happen to be a beginner, muster your courage and ...

Spiritual Dance Festival - Días de Luz

3-11 August 2020 | Clariana de Cardener, Spain

Let the spirit dance, they cried. And it was so. There isn’t a lot of information to be found on this festival that we can find, though this could be because it’s all in Spanish. Here̵ ...

Modem Festival (Momento Demento)

4-10 August 2020 | Primislje, Croatia

Modem Festival has been going strong for years, and still on its way towards creating an unforgettable psychedelic experience. The organizers say: “Here at MoDem Festival, we consider AudioFools ...

Impulse Festival

5-9 August 2020 | Saint-Pierre-de-Maillé, France

Impulse Festival is a gathering located in the beautiful atmosphere of the Château Anand. It is a special event for millennials, that demographic cohort famous for being lazy and spoiled for some p ...

ancient trance festival in germany

Ancient Trance Festival

6-9 August 2020 | Taucha, Germany

To be honest, we know nothing about Ancient Trance Festival except that many people seem to love it. They offer music, workshops and a family environment. The organisers say: “We kindly invite y ...

Catalonian Contact Festival

6-12 August 2020 | Cardedeu, Spain

The Catalonian Contact Festival organizers say: “7 days of contact improvisation in a quiet and cozy atmosphere. Contact Improvisation classes offer by teachers working in Spain. Jams full of da ...

Yaga Gathering

6-10 August 2020 | Varėna, Lithuania

The Yaga Gathering is a psychedelic open-air gathering held in Lithuania each year. The festival first started in 2003 and has slowly grown since then. It’s the usual New Age and pagan themes wi ...

Finkenbach Festival

7-9 August 2020 | Rothenburg, Germany

This festival looks very German and so incredibly stocked with bluesy music we can’t help but think magic mushrooms and/or acid will be available on demand. Here’s a video from 2018 to giv ...

The Qontinent Festival

7-9 August 2020 | Belgium

Belgium and Holland’s biggest event companies join forces once again to present The Qontinent. The festival is ‘Breaking Boundaries’ this summer with three-days of hard dance action in the heart ...

The Spirit Of Awen

7-16 August 2020 | Arlingham, Gloucestershire, England

The Spirit Of Awen is a druid and pagan gathering. This gathering will give you the chance to indulge yourself with workshops by the fire, get inspired and dance. The organizers say : “This year ...

punk rock holiday slovenia

Punk Rock Holiday

11-14 August 2020 | Tolmin, Slovenia

You might have noticed now this site has a bias towards hippie festivals and gatherings. So we thought we’d include at least one loud festival! Punk Rock Holiday has a pretty good line up… ...

boomtown festival, uk

Boomtown Fair

12-16 August 2020 | Winchester, Hampshire, England

Boomtown is an English festival with an anarchic creative spirit and its own mythology surrounding each year’s edition. Conceptualised as a city with its own politics and cultural evolution, tho ...

contact improvisatin festival freiburg

Freiburg Contact Improvisation Festival

13-19 August 2020 | Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg is known as one of Germany’s most alternative town and if you want to sink into the contact improvisation practice then a week in August might not be a bad bet. The organisers say: R ...

North Sea Tai Chi Festival

14-16 August 2020 | Zeewolde, Netherlands

The 2020 dates are only shared as a Facebook post so far. There should be more information coming soon. The North Sea Tai Chi Festival organizers say: “The North Sea Tai Chi Festival is a 3-day ...

New Healing Festival

17-23 August 2020 | Prignitz, Germany

New Healing Festival is a family-friendly festival. They seem to have a relaxing environment and a variety of activities to enjoy. The organizers say: “The magic continues… At the New Healing ...

wildheart gathering sussex

Wild Heart Gathering

17-21 August 2020 | Sussex, England

Wild Heart Gathering has grown enough of a following to sustain two events each summer with the first in Sussex in May, and the second in Devon in August. Taking a look at the website you feel really ...

ecstatic dance festival in Ukraine

Ecstatic Dance Fest

18 August-25 July 2020 | Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

Ecstatic Dance Fest offers sets of ecstatic dance, yoga sessions, contact improvisation classes, massage jams, breathwork, experimental theater, live music and many more. What can be better than findi ...

Beglika Festival

19-23 August 2020 | Golyam Beglik, Bulgaria

Beglika Festival is the biggest alternative festival in Bulgaria and it’s hosted at the enormous Golyam Beglik. Up high in the Rhodope Mountains it needs a hot August day to send you into the w ...

Psy-Fi Festival

19 August-23 September 2020 | Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Arts? – Check. Music? -Check. Insane laser shows? – Check. A website that looks like a love child of Art Deco and Eastern philosophy? – Got that too. Add a good splash of dedication ...

green man festival

Green Man Festival

20-23 August 2020 | Brecon Beacons, Wales, UK

Green Man is an alternative music festival set in Wales ‘where mystical ley lines meet amid ancient Welsh oak trees’. It’s primarily a place to catch great concerts and recent years ...

roztoc festival, prague

Roztoc Circus Festival

20-23 August 2020 | Prague, Czech Republic

Fire acts, juggling, eclectic musical performances and all kinds of crazy, creative people hanging out, camping for super cheap prices and in a quirky, scenic locale. Looks great. The organisers say: ...

Slovenian Hula Hoop Convention

20-23 August 2020 | ​Dvor, Žužemberk, Slovenia

Who doesn’t love hula hoops? Creative, artistic, elegant and sexy as hell. Set by a river, you can hoop all day long and learn from others. You can even rent a hula hoop if you don’t trave ...

Touch and Play Festival

20-28 August 2020 | South Germany

The organizers say: “An immersive community experience with daytime intensives, workshops and offerings and evening events exploring our relationship to ourselves and each other through movement ...


22-30 August 2020 | Bedford, UK

The Ecite for Contact Teachers organizers say: “As organisers, we are deeply considering the role of ECITE as a place for exchange, sharing and mutual learning. We believe every teacher’s acti ...

Creamfields Festival

27-30 August 2020 | United Kingdom

Creamfields is one of the largest dance music festivals in the world. Selling out each year, the event draws in the world’s biggest electronic artists for an unforgettable weekend in Northern En ...

Phoenix Fire Convention

27 August-30 September 2020 | Hildburghausen, Germany

Phoenix Fire Convention, as the name suggests, is grounded on the love of fire. Whether you want to dance with the flames, watch them twirl around or just listen or tell stories around it, it will giv ...

Shambala Festival

27-30 August 2020 | Northamptonshire, England

The Shambala Festival looks determined to be the Midlands of England’s most diverse gathering. People of all ages are welcome, families are encouraged, and young children are promised an experie ...

small world summer festival

Small World Summer Festival

27-31 August 2020 | Headcorn, Kent, England

**You can also check out Small World Spring Festival which will be held between 21 and 25 May** Small World Festival has a reputation for being a friendly event with a lot of great music ranging from ...

Yoga Dance Nature Festival

27-30 August 2020 | Feistritz im Rosental, Austria

Yoga Dance Nature Festival organizers say (according to Google Translate) : “Yoga Dance Nature combines nature, yoga, dance and music. With the handover of the festival to Julia and her team Pe ...

Exhale Festival

28-31 August 2020 | Steyning, UK

The Exhale Festival organizers say: “Exhale is a friendly, cosy boutique festival which grew from it’s foundations in yoga and expanded to embrace intelligent movement and fitness, mindfulnes ...

Into The Wild

28-31 August 2020 | East Grinstead, UK

A small beautiful festival that is drug and alcohol free, this one looks like a proper good family event for making memories both children and the grown will never forget. We’re pretty sure this ...

Mysteryland Festival

28-30 August 2020 | Netherlands

Come and embark on the journey of a lifetime at Mysteryland. This festival is one of the oldest electronic music festivals in the world and they organisers definitely know a thing or two about putting ...

Reading Festival

28-30 August 2020 | United Kingdom

Reading Festival is an annual alternative music festival that takes place each Bank Holiday Weekend in Reading, England. Sharing the same bill with Leeds Festival in the south, the pair are some of th ...

Space Safari

28-31 August 2020 | Belgian Ardennes

The Space Safari organizers say: “The space race for 2020 is on! Your next retrofuturistic, mind boggling space odyssey will launch on earth date 28th of August.” Learn more about Space Sa ...


free and real eco-fest, greece

Spiral Knights Eco-Fest

4-13 September 2020 | Mount Telethrion, Greece

Free and Real is a community on the enormous island of Evia where they have an impressive set up with huge geodesic domes and yurts and a lot going on, seemingly, if you can make sense of the endless ...

9th International Push Hands Meeting in Prague

11-13 September 2020 | Prague, Czech Republic

The 9th International Push Hands Meeting in Prague organizers say: “All fans of push hands (tui shou) and Tai Chi Chuan, who want to meet in a friendly atmos­phere and exchange their experience ...

portugal CI festival

Portugal Contact Improv Festival

14-20 September 2020 | Algarve, Portugal

The Portugal Contact Improv Festival invites you to come early to help set up with the camp and stay afterwards for a kind of after-party taking the contact improv onto the beach! The festival organis ...


17-21 September 2020 | Powys, Wales

The MicroBurn is a not-for-profit community which is inspired by Burning Man principles and wants to make events that are run with this sort of ethos accessible to the people in more Northern areas of ...

Rampage Festival

18-20 September 2020 | Belgium

Rampage is the biggest drum and bass and dubstep party in the universe! Experience two days of the best of bass music in the heart of Belgium. The festival organisers say: “More than 30 artists will ...

j-fest turksih juggling convention

J-Fest Turkish Juggling Convention

21-27 September 2020 | Antalya, Turkey

J-Fest is held at the Sundance Camp in Antalya and it’s a magical location in a kind of secret bay with warm water into October. Around 500 jugglers from Europe and Turkey come together to make ...

Silent Contact Improvisation Festival

21-27 September 2020 | Shuakhevi, Georgia

The organizers say: “We are happy to invite you again to a beautiful village of Gomarduli for a 3-d edition od Silent Contact Festival Intensives 2020 – Alicia Grayson (USA) – Tim O& ...

Tribal Gathering

24-28 September 2020 | Vernerovice, Czech Republic

Tribal Gathering is a magical celebration for the mind, body and soul. The four-day event features sacred music, dance, informative talks, meditation, yoga and much more in a sacred space within the f ...

Dancing Date Georgian Contact Improvisation Festival

28 September-4 October 2020 | Tbilsi, Georgia

In case you needed an excuse to travel to Georgia… The CI festival organisers say: ‘This is a festival of Contact Improvisation that brings together people from all over the world and unit ...


Geneva Yoga Festival

2-4 October 2020 | Geneva, Switzerland

The Geneva Yoga Festival is an event that takes you into the world of yoga with intensive workshops, live spiritual music, and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The festival organizers say: “The ...

Unsound Festival

4-11 October 2020 | Krakow, Poland

The organizers of the Unsound Festival say: “… a week of concerts, club nights, installations, talks and screenings. Once again, expect plenty of new and commissioned projects.” Mor ...

HulaHoop workshop and festival group photo


8-12 October 2020 | Bristol, UK

SWhoop organizers say: “SWhoop is the South West Hoop Conference brought to you by Hooping Mad (aka Emma Kenna).  Held in a converted church in the heart of Bristol in the UK, SWhoop is a hi ...

Sexolution Festival

Sexolution - The Sexpositive Festival

14-18 October 2020 | Zell Am See, Austria

If you want to open up your mind and explore a whole new world of sexuality you might try the Sexolution Festival in Austria. The festival is held at a four star hotel in Zell Am See with saunas, whir ...

Om Yoga Show - London

16-18 October 2020 | London, England

The Om Yoga Show organizers say: “Visitors come to the OM Yoga Show to immerse themselves in a truly yogic atmosphere for the whole weekend. Free open classes provide the opportunity to be inspi ...

Scottish International Storytelling Festival

16-31 October 2020 | Edinburgh, Scotland

It’s in the capital of Scotland and people from around the world are telling stories. What more could you possibly need to know? But yes, there is a video. Storytelling Festival 2015: Stories w ...

Halloween Adams Flight!

23-24 October 2020 | Austria

Gecko Acoustic & friends will prepare a special Halloween Event… More info about Halloween Adams Flight! will be coming soon… Learn more about the Halloween Adams Flight!

Semibreve Festival

23-25 October 2020 | Braga, Portugal

The organizers of the Semibreve Festival say: “In its nine editions, Semibreve has consistently presented a forward-thinking programme featuring some of the most revered electronic music and cro ...

Stockholm Yoga and Dance Festival

30 October-1 November 2020 | Stockholm, Sweden

The Stockholm Yoga and Dance Festival organizers say: “We invite you for the 9th year to this falls most inspiring weekend filled with Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Lectures, Wellness Bazaar, Live m ...

Pumpkin Festival

31-31 October 2020 | Germany

Pumpkin is Germany’s hardest halloween event. Dress up in your best costume and come down to Oberhausen for an epic spooky celebration featuring the best hard dance acts in the world. Be part o ...


Fall in CI

1-8 November 2020 | Fethiye, Turkey

There is not much to do during the cold November days… Fall CI saves the day. The weather is good, CI community is active and there is a lot they offer. The organizers say: “What? ‘F ...

AlgoMech Festival

13-15 November 2020 | Sheffield, England

AlgoMech Festival is an interesting one. Algorave (algorithmic rave) is kind of like electronic music in which people are coding live and generating beats from algorithms. That is the basis of the Al ...

Small Festivals in 2021


Elevate Festival

3-7 March 2021 | Graz, Austria

Elevate Festival is an annual event for music, arts and political discourse. Hosted in Graz, Austria each year, the festival features an extensive program of workshops, live performances, lectures, di ...


Mystic Garden Festival

19-19 June 2021 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mystic Garden Festival is an annual music festival in the heart of Amsterdam. The magical paradise boasts a world-class lineup of house and techno artists combined with organic food, a hippie market, ...


Pachamama Festival

21-25 July 2021 | Switzerland

Pachamama Festival is named after the earth mother goddess of the Andes and has become a rallying cry for hippies everywhere, somehow more resonant than Gaia. The organisers say: “The beautiful ...

Magnesia Festival

30 July-1 August 2021 | Helsinki, Finland

Magnesia Festival is an annual celebration of yoga, music, food and heartful living. Hosted on a UNESCO world heritage site, the three-day event combines holistic wellbeing with beautiful music, nouri ...