Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs Festival

Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs Festival is a colorful, fun festival full of live music, art, dance and creativity. They offer amazing workshops, community artwork, and performances. This is the perfect summer festival to make genuine long-lasting connections with like-minded people and express your known and budding creative talents.

The organizers say:

“Visitors at Mitäs are active and creative self-expressionists and makers of the festival. You can take part in various workshops, community artworks, and participatory performances.

We encourage our visitors to perform at the festival area, hold their workshops, and express themselves freely.

A communal celebration of creativity in the natural beauty of Mitäs land is born out of the versatile programme of multidisciplinary arts full of surprises, the mystical and inspiring setting, and the people’s warm hearted interactions.”

Learn more about the Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs Festival here.