Storytelling has had something of a renaissance in recent years. Perhaps it's due to living in an age where we're assaulted by updates, messages and media on multiple devices - we long for something simple where we can focus on a single narrative. Storytelling festivals are a chance for storytellers, bards and performers to come together and share their work to appreciative audiences who know to turn off their phones before they come in.

Storytelling in 2024


Austrian International Storytelling Festival

15 May-2 June 2024 |

Austria opens like a book presenting the best stories of the region and around the world. Come, listen and let your imagination fly. What the organizers say: “For more than 30 years now, our festiva ...


Festival at the Edge England

Festival at the Edge

19-21 July 2024 | Kidderminster, England

Festival at the Edge is the oldest storytelling festival in England. There’s plenty to get involved with – workshops and informal music sessions, as well as all the fantastic storytelling ...


To be confirmed: The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival

30-30 November 2024 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

An interesting festival that presents the best of the growing storytelling scene in the Netherlands and that has carefully curated the best performances of the year around the world. What the organize ...