Sun & Moon Family Wellness Festival

Sun & Moon festival began in 2015. A family wellness festival with the focus on activities and workshops for both adults and children, with a good dose of fun thrown in. Live music every day, DJ’s, poetry, talks and much more come together in this immense week of wonder and creativity.

The Sun & Moon Festival lasts over a whole week in August and is all about the workshops and activities. For adults there are some 200 activities, classes and workshops over the week-long festival period. Yoga, pilates, ecstatic dance, meditation, shamanic journeys, sound bath, tantra, self-development, and everything else you could imagine. There is live music, DJ’s, poetry readings, talks, fire shows. A huge melting pot of creativity, connection and community.

There is a huge program of activities and courses for children. Sporting pursuits include swimming (there is an indoor swimming pool in this year’s venue!), football training, cricket, tennis and more. Creative pursuits include music, singing, dance, craft workshops, den building, martial arts & circus skills

To see a list of all the amazing things on offer, go to their website here:


sun and moon festival