Small Festivals in Belgium

Belgium is packed with amazing festivals and events to attend throughout the year, making it really hard to choose between them. Here are a few for You to consider:

On the first signs of spring they kick off the Welcome Spring Festival, which is a free event held on the university campus, welcoming students as well as adults and children.

They have a lineup of great musicians as well as show of fire eaters, jugglers and dance performances.


If you feel like the everyday grind has turned your life grey head over to Liege in May to get soaked in vibrant colors at the  Indian tradition-inspired event of  United Holi Colors.


Gentse Feesten – the music and theatre festival of Gent originating from about 175 years ago. It’s an amazing 10-day international festival in July with  cost-free music, children activities and hundreds of indoor and outdoor activities.


If you want to enjoy an electronic music festival that believes it’s everyone responsibility to protect our planet and does not compromise on creating a green, sustainable way to party,  ParadiseCity is the place to go. 



Couleur Cafe festival not only does it have great line up of music performers, but it’s has a space for everyone’s interest, may that be dance, acrobatics, meditation, slackline or graffiti…

“From June 29th to July 1st, the park by the Atomium turns into a green haven of flavors, smells and experiences. Apart from countless concerts and DJ-sets on  7 stages, you’ll discover colorful bars, interactive animations, swinging brass bands, amazing acrobats and unique encounters behind every tree. “


Every two year  the last Sunday of July Beselare turns into a parade of witches, with more than 1,000 participants getting into their costumes showcasing well-known witch figures of fairytales to to commemorate the witches trial that apparently took place in the town. At Beselare Witch Parade there’s dance and music and all night long as well as the recreation of a witch trial as the highlight of the event.
Next up: 28 July 2019

Speaking of historical roots and reenactment, The Ommegang pageant turns back the clock in Brussels and fascinates visitors with reenactment parades, medieval jousting tournaments, barbers, blacksmiths and much more!



And in August it’s time to vitis Dranouter a belgian village, that hosts a yearly folk and world music festival, recently bringing in more and more popular names to their line up.

2-3-4 August 2019


To make decisions harder Cirque Magique, overlaps with this, luring us to Ledegem where we may join not only an electronic music festival but step into a world of magic and splendor, where everyone gets to leave their everyday self out the door, putting on costumes, dancing, playing and showing off their skills of all kind.

“Be funny & creative, like a clown, put a smile on people’s faces. Be the magician, amaze, pull your very best trick out of your hat… Forget for a moment who you are… Connect with your most pure, expressive self! The possibilities are infinite.”



In the Fall it’s time to head over to Heer-Sur-Meuse for the Deep In the Woods for a Grass Roots music festival, this music festival, that welcomes music lovers from any generation, encouraging people to come together in an atmosphere that encourages artistic expression and ecological awareness.

Aaand another fun event to keep an eye out for in September is  Studio Brussel’s Car Free Festival when  the country’s best bands pop up on public transport to deliver surprise performances.


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