Own Spirit Festival

Back when we were young and frying our brains on liquid LSD, trance music was all about the inner journey, turning the dance floor into one big shamanic space and seeing just how far you could push your consciousness.

Not many of us survived, unsurpisingly, and these days trance festivals often seem to blend the repetitive beats with everything New Age. Boom Festival led the way and Own Spirit Festival is starting up near Barcelona with a similar vibe.

The organisers say:

‘Own Spirit woke up in a new world where love, unity and respect coexisted in harmony with nature. Thanks to the great individual and collective experience we could feel there are no limits when we all do the same intention.

‘In this 2nd edition our mission is to feed your spirit through music, dance, senses and emotions. We have chosen an idyllic location for the development of our evolution. A natural environment where good vibration that will make you feel like you’re part of everything.

‘This year Own Spirit grows with you to expand our utopia with new spaces for deeper psychedelic and healing proposal.’

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