The Festival of Sensuality

Have you ever thought about going to a tantra festival but it seemed a bit too mystical?

Have you ever thought about going to a sex-positive festival but it seemed a bit too kinky?

Would you like to go to a festival that address sexuality, body awareness and communication in relationships?

Then check out the Festival of Sensuality!

It’s a small festival, held beside a magnificent villa, with just 100 places so that we can maintain an intimate atmosphere where it’s easy to make friends and get to know each other over the week.

It’s also a participatory festival which means that, while we will be inviting some wonderful teachers, everyone is welcome to lead a workshop on anything that relates to the body, communication and healing. The workshops will take place outside, in the tipis or, in case of very bad weather, in one of the halls.

We provide all the vegan food, tea and coffee so once you’re at the Festival of Sensuality you won’t need to think about using money – everything is covered.

For accommodation, you have the choice to either camp (best if you like your privacy!) or you can sleep on a bed in a same sex dormitory. Either way, you have access to the modern bathrooms and showers.

It’s a festival without alcohol or drugs as we want to have a conscious atmosphere where we get high on the music, the nature and each other 🙂

By day we will be making workshops on anything from massage to belly dance to the wheel of sexual consent.

By night we’ll be dancing and singing around the fire.

We’ll also be holding sharing circles where we can open our hearts and hear others’ stories with presence and empathy.

There will be an equal number of men and women attending (55% of either at a maximum) and the festival is open to anyone from 18-108 and of any experience and background. Just come with an open heart and a sense of humour 🙂

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