Small Music Festivals in Hungary

Music festivals in Hungary bring in people from all around Europe each summer. Maybe you, too..

Everness Festival

Everness Festival in June is all about learning, self-discovery, dance, meditation, spiritual treatments and forming connection with others.
Though many of the lectures are in Hungarian, they also have international speakers, and the language of dance, movement, and singing bowls is universal, so you sure would have a great experience.

Ozora Festival  is the biggest psyhedelic tribal gathering of Hungary, one, you might have heard about already as it is one of the country’s bigger festivals.
With their open call for artists, they make sure to board creators that transform the space for this week-long colorful party where you are ought to let your mind loose and be enchanted.

Devil’s Cauldron (Ördögkatlan) is a multi-cultural event in four small villages in the county of Baranya, Villany Wine region with their borderline-official slogan being ‘we are not sane’.  From circus performances to classical music, from literature to mediawave workshops, crafting lessons and art performances – you can find everything here.  The festival culture includes hitchiking from one village to the other to catch the next concert, and the heat to be battled with spritzer as well as local people handing out bags of ice cubes. It’s all very friendly and slightly surreal in it’s cosiness.


S.U.N Festival is the summer gathering in Csobankapuszta of the Solar United Natives that is a formed by like-minded people online as well as a growing community in a green valley of Northern Hungary. The festival a nature-caring and dog-friendly event on a beautiful location with a ‘new consciousness’ community, more than 150 artists, unique visuals and decor, lectures, workshops, kid’s corner.


In July, Veszprém city hosts the most popular Street Music Festival of the country, bringing in street performers from all around the globe. Just stroll around and be amazed by all the talented musicians flooding the old tow.


The Valley of Arts (Művészetek völgye) is a 10-day event spread across several villages around Kapolcs, bringing everyone together who loves arts, crafts, literature, theatre and live music. You can easily stumble upon a workshops of folk art in a farm house’s open garden on your way to a small pub that hosts a theatre performance. You may hitch around to other villages just to later decide you can’t be bothered to get back to your tent but instead, sleep under the stars by a haystack… It is a home of every creative soul, a place to find new friends, to learn and to just step out of the everyday rush.


Samsara , the psybient music festival,land art space and yoga village aims to bring people together for a week and unite the mind-expanding experience of listening and dancing to psychedelic music with yoga traditions and other methods of heightening awareness. There around 150 yoga workshop and over 140 music artist treating you with chill, trance and world music to help you change your pace. is usually considered a closing spectacle of the summer’s festival season, taking place by the ‘Hungarian sea’, lake Balaton and features contemporary techno, tech-house, minimal and house music, supported by unique visual and sound elements. They say it’s also referred to as ‘Mecca of electronic music’ and it’s been awarded to be Best New European Festival as well as nominated for best small festival in Europe, so that sure sounds like you should check it out if this is your genre.


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