Solstice Dance and Music Festival

A group of people, adorned with traditional laurel wreaths, gather around a warm fire to celebrate the solstice.

The Solstice Dance and Music Festival is a celebration of Life, Joy, Healing, and Self inquiry occurring during four days of Summer Solstice. Get ready for a wild time in the forests of Latvia, by the beautiful banks of the Daugava river. This year it’s time for the 8th annual Puduri, Ķegums Summer Solstice Festival. […] » read more

Château Perché Festival

A music festival stage set up on a castle's lawn, surrounded by trees and a a tranquil pond in the foreground

The Château Perché Festival is a techno-loving fairy tale come to life. Ravers dance the night away in an enchanted old castle, surrounded by lush greenery and a mystical pond. Deep house beats echo off the castle walls, while love, art, and culture are in the air. Summer has never been so magical, as freedom […] » read more

New Year’s Retreat: Umnani, No Mind in the Mountains of Spain

New Year’s Eve Retreat 𝐔𝐍𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐈, means that intimate encounter with your true self. 𝐔𝐍𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐈 means beyond the mind. It is that state that is between wakefulness and sleep. In this state the Yogi is neither awake nor asleep. This year-end and New Year’s Eve retreat is taught from the integration of Iyengar Yoga, hatha Yoga, […] » read more

Above Below Festival

above below festival

Above Below Festival is one of those events that started off as friends getting together to have a good time and then realising that others would love to join it and they turned it into a festival. The festival organisers say: ‘Above Below is an intimate and independent electronic music and arts festival, set within […] » read more

Bhumi Fest

bhumi festival in Spain

Bhumi Fest bridges the gap between celebratory festivals and sitting in peaceful silence in a transformational retreat to bring you the experience of a festival! You will be amongst a conscious community of passionate individuals who share a deep commitment to personal growth and learning. During the retreat, you will unlock the innate wisdom of […] » read more

Climbing and Yoga Retreat in Portugal

A determined man scales the towering red rocks with the vast blue sea as his backdrop

Located in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais, above Praia Grande beach, and surrounded by steep forests, Star Pine Lodge is a getaway for outdoor sports aficionados. Yoga, surfing, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding are just a few of the activities available. “The lodge features a warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes it simple […] » read more

Greece Writing Retreat

A group of friends and colleagues gather around a table on a terrace with a stunning view of the Peloponnese in the background.

Are you sick of being surrounded by noise and distractions all the time? Do you need some quiet time to let your inner Shakespeare or Picasso out? So, my friend, stop looking because a 8 Day Yoga Holiday and Writer’s Retreat is coming in Peloponnese, Greece. At Limnisa the only sounds you’ll hear are the […] » read more

Osho Festival of Music and Meditation

A group of people stand in a circle, crossing their arms and facing each other while standing under a tent. Buddhist flags can be seen in the background

The Osho Festival of Music and Meditation is an event for every age group. Participants can immerse themselves in an enchanted world of sounds and stillness that is filled with joy and laughter. You will be gathering to soak in the beauty of nature in the Alentejo hills during full moon. an opportunity to act […] » read more

Yoga Mela

A girl cycling in front of a yurts camping site at the Yoga Mela in Sweden

Yoga Mela is a festival that celebrates the spirit of Yoga and Sacred Music. It offers a unique experience with over 200 programs, including Satsang, authentic yoga, sacred music, thought-provoking workshops, and a children’s festival. The festival features world-renowned artists and teachers and aims to provide serenity and a spiritual atmosphere. Yoga Mela takes place […] » read more

Yoga & Arts Festival

People gathering sitting on the grass, in front of a castle

The Yoga & Arts Festival is a three-day event dedicated to yoga, art, and nature. The beautiful setting of the Schwante Castle Estate provides a chance to deepen yoga and meditation techniques, as well as attend concerts and performances. The festival encourages you to experience the different forms of art with heightened senses and an […] » read more

New Healing Festival

A serene and dreamy landscape, featuring a tranquil lake with a beautiful lotus flower in the center. Surrounding the lake, a group of women are joyfully celebrating and connecting with nature

The New Healing Festival is a festival of development, relaxation, personal growth, a wellness oasis for body, mind, and soul and – the most central and important – for participation, exchange, and sharing. The New Healing Festival is a festival where individuals can be themselves and participate in activities that promote personal growth, relaxation, and […] » read more

Medicine Festival

A group of people gathering at the Medicine Festival

In August 2023 the Medicine Festival will be a healing gathering. All profits will go in favor of the indigenous people. The vision of the Medicine Community is to preserve their land, traditions and wisdom. The participants will cherish nature, they will revere peace, and celebrate the difference! In their words: “Medicine is about interweaving […] » read more

Hedoné Festival

An oriental dancer in front of a group of people celebrating, and taking pictures of her

Hedoné is like a wild party for your body, mind, and soul. An Art Movement about Ethical Hedonism, which basically means that true personal growth and societal change can only come from actively participating in pleasure. Their mission is to break down the misconceptions surrounding hedonism by highlighting its ethical aspects. They want to empower […] » read more

Wild Forest Awaking Retreat

A meditating woman facing a tree in the middle of a forest, with sunlight sparkling through her

The Rising Soul Community is organizing a rewilding Yoga and Nature immersion in May 2023! “We are offering a five-night, six-day retreat upgrade, in addition to our Earth & Spirit Retreat. The upgrade costs 50 euros per day and includes free access to all workshops and special sessions during the retreat. The price for rooms varies.” […] » read more

Ecstatic Dance Spring Festival

A singing gathering of people sitting in circle around a an ensemble of four musicians

The Ecstatic Dance Spring Festival is the reflection of a beautifully grown community. The Nature Community is located in Schönsee, in the Bavarian Forest. In May 2023 its energetic and laughing people are opening a space for Dj and Live music, Contact Improvisation, Yoga, Singing Circle, Radical Flow, Sauna and more engaging activities! The ticket […] » read more

Impulse Festival

A group of people gathering and celebrating under a circus tent

The Impulse Festival is a gathering created with love, with talented and dedicated artists and facilitator. A really unique and avant-gardist International festival dedicated to the 18-35 generation. All workshops are categorized so that you know how advanced or challenging the exercises you will encounter. The practices are done in many forms: individually, in groups […] » read more

Yoga Mela Festival

Rejoice in togetherness! Welcome to join for this 8-day celebration in the spirit of yoga and sacred music. Singing the glory of life and sharing a magical togetherness – full of authentic joy, devotion and freedom. This year’s message is “Together for peace and unity”.   The Yoga Mela festival is filled with over 200 […] » read more

Acronia / Acronyx

A group of people doing acrobatic poses during the Acronix Festival in 2021, forest trees in the background

The Acronyx festival, now called ACRONIA, will take place in a mystical grove this summer. It promises to be 10 days of excitement and beauty! While this year the organizers aim to have a larger team, it is also worth mentioning that the association operates on a non-profit basis… The festival will offer a wide […] » read more

Spring Cleanse & Rebirth Detox Yoga Retreat

A beautiful yoga retreat setting in the Italian countryside

Elemental Yoga Retreat is a week-long program that offers daily yoga classes for people of all skill levels, even those with no previous yoga or meditation experience. “This retreat aims to provide a relaxing and nurturing environment for attendees to reconnect with themselves and nature. We offer a rustic, authentic experience with Italian hospitality, healthy […] » read more

Hiking & Yoga Retreat

A beautiful swimming pool nestled in the stunning Masca Valley in Tenerife

In September 2023 you can go experience the beauty and serenity of the Teno mountains with Wanderlust Yoga at Mandala de Masca. “Each day, you’ll have the chance to participate in yoga and breathwork sessions. You’ll enjoy invigorating hikes, taking part in guided meditations. And when you’re not out exploring the great outdoors, you’ll be […] » read more