Impulse Festival

Impulse Festival is a gathering located in the beautiful atmosphere of the Château Anand. It is a special event for millennials, that demographic cohort famous for being lazy and spoiled for some people and open-minded and creative for others. Impulse Festival believes in the latter and encourages 18 to 35 year-olds to join them in the journey of […] » read more

Ecstatic Dance Fest

Ecstatic Dance Fest offers sets of ecstatic dance, yoga sessions, contact improvisation classes, massage jams, breathworks, experimental theater, live music and many more. What can be better than finding your own flow and following it across the trees at the top of the mountains? Ecstatic Dance gives a chance to express yourself spontaneously and without a limitation through dance. […] » read more

Living Tantra Retreat

A great opportunity to dive into the world of Tantra in Spain this August. The retreat organisers say: ‘The living Tantra Retreat is essentially about living Tantra at every level of the human experience, so that it can be integrated into everyday life, rather than a 1 week “peak” experience that that doesn’t translate back […] » read more

Sunflower Retreats

Sunflower Retreat has a rich and wide range of activities to offer, such as yoga and meditation classes suitable for all levels, a variety of holistic therapies with organic products and a visit to the wild springs. You can also take your time to swim in the pool, cycle through the villages and hills, join a free […] » read more

Sacred Dance Gathering

dance festival czech republic

A great chance to celebrate the summer solstice at a 100 year old villa in beautiful surroundings with just 150 people in attendance for an intimate atmosphere. The festival organisers say: ‘This festival is the first five-day international meeting of spontaneous dance in the Czech Republic. Spontaneous dance is the connection of the authentic energy […] » read more

Unleash Retreat – Empowerment Intensive

Who wouldn’t want to unleash their orgasmic potential? The retreat organisers say: ‘Why attend an Unleash event? ‘The stress, fear, and trauma we experience individually, and collectively, create blocks within our body’s physical and energetic systems. Long after a situation has passed, they live on within us. ‘The effects of these blockages can suppress our […] » read more

Mystic Mountain Festival

mystic mountain festival croatia

Mystic Mountain is a cozy, small and intimate psychedelic gathering. We are combining psytrance, goa trance, psychill, oriental house and similar styles of music with stunning natural scenery – Croatia’s most magnificent mountain with the view on Adriatic sea and countless islands. 7 days of beautiful music, enlightening workshops, organized hiking tours, tandem paragliding rides […] » read more

Awake Dance Celebration 2019 – 9 masterful expressions of Dance

The festival organisers say: ‘A collection of dance let your soul sing through your body with movement workshops including 5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Biodanza, Trance Dance, Somatic Dance, Open Floor, African Dance, Medicine Dance Ceremony, Tantra Dance, Tribal Meditation, Osho Active Meditation, Yoga, healing and more… ‘Recent research at the University of Hertfordshire has shown that you get […] » read more

ISTA – Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Experience in the Hills of the Algarve

The retreat organisers say: ‘On the 24th May Awakeland will host the International Schools of Temple Arts – ISTA – Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Experience, a powerful retreat that will reconnect you with life force, the healthy sexual energy that has been suppressed in us for centuries. As you journey, allowing all the conditioning to fall […] » read more

Mantra Sommer Festival

Mantra Sommer Festival offers mantra, acro and yin yoga classes, workshops, healing area, music, vegan food and a smoothie bar. The organizers say (according to Google Translate): “The Mantra Summer Festival is a spiritual uplifting experience that matches the character of the house, in harmony with nature, where you can experience silence as well as abundance and […] » read more

Wurzel Festival

Wurzel Festival offers workshops, art events and open airs. There will also be a marketplace for you to enjoy. Since free open airs are a tradition of the festival, you’ll surely enjoy your time if you play an instrument or sing. The organizers say (according to Google Translate): “Your fabulous root children, it’s time again – […] » read more

New Healing Festival

New Healing Festival is a family friendly festival. They seem to have a relaxing environment and variety of activities to enjoy. The organizers say: “The magic continues… At the New Healing Festival, you can expect a week full of music, art and inspiration. In a unique atmosphere, a varied program of meditation, yoga, philosophy, wellness […] » read more

Sadhaka Yoga Festival

sadhaka yoga festival

The Sadhaka Yoga Festival is one of many interesting events held at the Sadhaka retreat centre in France. The festival organisers say: ‘A very exclusive Yoga gathering in the heart of France where you choose your personal program from no less than 9 different workshops every day! The festival is unique in its kind with […] » read more

Sadhaka Tantra Festival

tantra festival in france

The Sadhaka Tantra Festival is one of many interesting events happening at the Sadhaka retreat center in France this summer. The festival organisers say: ‘Unique in the world! An intimate festival accepting just 50 like-minded participants, facilitated by 10 Tantra teachers and healers. ‘Throughout this exclusive festival we will be diving deep! You can expect […] » read more

Chiron Transformational Retreats – Reconnecting with the Self Through Ancient Greek Wisdom

The Golden Verses. A Manual on Wellbeing by Pythagoras. With most retreats out there offering the same rehashing of yoga, mindfulness and tantra, it’s great to see Chiron Retreats offering something different and insightful.  Based in the gorgeous Peloponnese peninsula in Southern Greece, they’re using ancient Greek texts – in this case the Golden Verses […] » read more

Hieros Gamos Festival

Hieros Gamos Festival is not just a festival. It is more like a weekend long experience in which you will become vulnerable and open to yourself and others. You will get the chance to open up and face your deep emotions but more importantly you will remember to face whatever comes to the surface with […] » read more

Phoenix Fire Convention

Phoenix Fire Convention, as the name suggests, is grounded on the love of fire. Whether you want to dance with the flames, watch them twirl around or just listen or tell stories around it, it will give you a chance to become a “fire person” for a couple of days. The organizers say: “The concept […] » read more

The Living Village Festival

The Living Village Festival has a very nice goal: Eventually to have its own village. How? With the profits from the festival. Meanwhile they ask you, the future villagers, to join them, share, learn, dance and enjoy the music. The organizers think that, “Living Tree Architecture has the potential to solve many problems the world […] » read more

AlgoMech Festival

AlgoMech Festival is an interesting one. Algorave (algorithmic rave) is kind of like electronic music in which people are coding live and generating beats from algorithms. That is the basis of the AlgoMech. Many technology and music related events will be present during the festival and most of them are unique to the AlgoMech. Definitely worth […] » read more


We don’t know much about Psylocibin since it is still new. This year will be their 3rd event. The last year’s organization looks fun, reviews seem exciting and they have a good line-up. The organizers say: “Psylocibin 2019 is the third chapter of our story! • ORIGINALS • HOMMEGA RECORDS • [ISR] • […] » read more