Sacred Tribal Gathering – A Journey of Soulful Embodiment

tantra festival

Here’s a gathering from Power of Eros that invites you to go on a journey deeper into yourself. The festival organisers say: ‘Welcome to a sacred sexuality journey into centeredness and intimacy. This is an invitation to show yourself & be seen, to share embodied presence, ritual spaces of transformation & inner alchemy, and wild ecstatic […] » read more

Dutch Acro-Yoga Festival

The Dutch Acro-Yoga Festival lets you fly high with other lovers of yoga and acrobatics. The festival organisers say: ‘Jai! We’ve set up a brand new AcroYoga festival: the Dutch AcroYoga Festival Autumn 2021. It’s a cozy 2 days festival followed by a post-festival. We start Saturday with a part of the venue and during the evening […] » read more

Ecstatic Dance Forest Gathering

The Ecstatic Dance Forest Gathering is a festival focusing on ecstatic dance with yoga, meditation, sound healing and more! The festival organisers say: ‘We believe that Ecstatic Dance can create a loving, peaceful, supporting and safe environment where people can really feel their freedom of expression without judgement and drive them to connect with each […] » read more

7 Day Meditation Summer Retreat

An intriguing event by a lake with Tantric Energetics, Osho Active Meditations and Silent Meditations as part of a varied week-long program. The retreat organisers say: ‘This meditation retreat allows us to step out of the complexity of our life, to listen deeply to our body, heart and mind. Some of the retreat will be […] » read more

Schwelle Festival Rretreat

sexuality retreat

Join a maximum of 100 people at a beautiful monastery in Austria for a week of workshops around conscious sexuality. The organisers say: ‘Lets come together again to celebrate, explore and learn in the sphere of consciousness, love and healthy sexuality. In this exclusive event we create a retreat-like atmosphere with a carefully selected event […] » read more

Emerging Hearts Contact Improvisation Dance Camp UK

A great opportunity to discover the magic of contact improv!  The contact improv camp organisers say: ‘Many of us have this innate desire to dance and be together, especially at this time where we may have missed or longed for these connections.  To sit around warm fires under starry skies. To be curious about […] » read more

The Tribal Vibe Village Retreat Tantra festival 2021

Denmark tantra festival

The Tribal Vibe Village Retreat looks like a gorgeous way to come together in an intimate little tantra festival with a strong community feeling. The organisers say: ‘Join us this summer for the perhaps sweetest, most juicy and expanding time of your life. We gather as a tribe to explore ourselves and each other with […] » read more

Yoga, Spiritual Arts and Traditional Tantra Retreat in Sierra de Gredos

Kashmiri tantra in the Spanish mountains! The tantra retreat organisers say: ‘One of the jewels that yoga offers us is to open our gaze to the beauty of life. Through the organic practice of Iyengar Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa Krama and the meditative arts, we delve into the mysteries of the body and mind. We enjoy […] » read more

Yoga, Meditative Arts and Traditional Tantra Retreats

yoga centre in Spain

The Matrika Yoga Centre offers a range of yoga, meditation and tantra retreats throughout the summer. The retreat organisers say: ‘From the integration of Iyengar Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa Krama and Kashmir Shaivism. Meditative arts such as Sound Healing and Spiritual Dances accompany us in our journey as a path for self discovery.  An opportunity to […] » read more

Awaken As Love Training in Portugal – Stage 1: the Initiation

The Awaken As Love trainings at Awakeland in Portugal  are an opportunity to grow and learn. The retreat organisers say: ‘The Awaken as Love Initiation is a journey open to everyone – it begins with a choice to go on an adventure that will expand you beyond the boundaries of your current existence. What will […] » read more

Awaken As Love Training in Holland – Stage 1: Initiation

The Awaken As Love trainings in Holland are an opportunity to go deeper into yourself. The retreat organisers say: ‘The Awaken as Love Initiation is a journey open to everyone – it begins with a choice to go on an adventure that will expand you beyond the boundaries of your current existence. What will it […] » read more

IX International Festival of Tantra, Consciousness, Shamanism and Relationship For Singles and Couples 

polish tantra festival

Tantra festivals are on the rise in Europe and the IX International Festival of Tantra, Consciousness, Shamanism and Relationship for Singles and Couples at the “Here and Now Center” in Poland is at the forefront of these. The festival organisers say: ‘Do you want to: learn to feel true closeness to your loved one? find […] » read more

Sadhaka Conscious Dance Festival

ecstatic dance festival

The Conscious Dance Festival will take place at the Sadhaka Centre in France this summer and it looks like an inspiring event. The festival organisers say: ‘The past year has been a period of complete change. Worldwide, and for many also personally. Sometimes we welcome change, but often we fear or fight against it. Dance […] » read more

Sadhaka Tantra Festival

tantra festival in France

The Sadhaka Tantra Festival is one of many interesting events happening at the Sadhaka retreat center in France this summer. The festival organizers say: “In the middle France, hidden among nature, removed from the hustle and bustle of city life you will find our exclusive Tantra festival. This intimate festival is accepting just 65 like-minded […] » read more

Bio Dynamic Rebalancing Massage Training

osho centre, greece

Become  a professional massage therapist on the beautiful island of Lesvos, Greece at the Osho Afroz Centre. The retreat organisers say: ‘A golden opportunity to learn thorough and effective therapeutic Rebalancing massage skills in a meditative atmosphere and become a freelance professional healer/massage therapist.. ‘In this training you can discover, experience, and learn the art […] » read more

Baltic Tantra Festival

baltic tantra festival 2021

We invite you to Latvia for 4 Days that will transform your Life The 4th Baltic Tantra Festival in Latvia gathers hundreds of people from all over the World to join 4 days of Sexuality, Meditation, Dance and Celebration. The journey will be guided by World renown and highly experienced Tantra teachers. The international […] » read more

Elevate Festival

Elevate Festival is an annual event for music, arts and political discourse. Hosted in Graz, Austria each year, the festival features an extensive program of workshops, live performances, lectures, discussions, film presentations and more. The festival organisers say: “Elevate  is an annual interdisciplinary festival held in various central venues  around the Schlossberg in Graz, Austria. […] » read more

Mystic Garden Festival

Mystic Garden Festival is an annual music festival in the heart of Amsterdam. The magical paradise boasts a world-class lineup of house and techno artists combined with organic food, a hippie market, interactive games, street theatre and more. The festival organisers say: “It begins as the sound of far-off music echoing throughout the woods, the […] » read more

Transylvania Calling

Transylvania Calling is a unique tribal gathering in the heart of Romania. The annual event brings together people from all over the world through music, art and sacred movement in one of the most stunning natural settings in the world. The festival organisers say: “Transylvania Calling is one of Romania’s first outdoor alternative lifestyle, music […] » read more

Magnesia Festival

Magnesia Festival is an annual celebration of yoga, music, food and heartful living. Hosted on a UNESCO world heritage site, the three-day event combines holistic wellbeing with beautiful music, nourishing food and more. The festival organisers say: “Magnesia Festival’s atmosphere has been described as very warm, even magical! Everyone is welcomed exactly as they are. […] » read more