Giocosamente Playfulness Festival

festival of play

A festival of playfulness! The festival organisers say: “Find your playfulness at Giocosamente Playfulness Festival, taking place from 28 June to 2 July 2023 in the picturesque Sabina area in Italy. Immerse yourself in a meeting of creative playfulness and spontaneous kindness, set amidst the beauty of nature. This vibrant festival is dedicated to the […] » read more

Wild Love Festival

wild love festival iceland

In the pure wilds of the north, close to the arctic circle WILD LOVE emerges! Iceland welcomes you to join a growing heart centred family, in the 4th year of its vibrant Festival birthing, We celebrate the authentic expression that is YOU. This is co-creation vibrating with conscious transformative energy. Our team of 25 experienced […] » read more

Awaken as Love Stage 1 in Holland

Awaken as love in Holland this summer.   “Join James Stevenson, Taina Ixchel and Afke Lotus Reijenga right after the tantra festival in the signature Awaken as Love training that offers a deep immersion into Tantra, Shamanism, Biodanza and Integral theory. Designed to help awaken your personal and evolutionary potential at a new level of consciousness. […] » read more

Awaken as Love Stage 1 in Sweden

Awaken as love in Sweden this summer.   “Join Monique Darling, David Taurel and Peter Petersen in the signature Awaken as Love training that offers a deep immersion into Tantra, Shamanism, Biodanza and Integral theory. Designed to help awaken your personal and evolutionary potential at a new level of consciousness. Finding yourself awakened at the […] » read more

Awaken as Love Stage 1 in Poland

Who wouldn’t want to awaken as love?   “Join James Stevenson, Taina Ixchel and Violetta Labela in the signature Awaken as Love training that offers a deep immersion into Tantra, Shamanism, Biodanza and Integral theory. Designed to help awaken your personal and evolutionary potential at a new level of consciousness. Finding yourself awakened at the centre […] » read more

Yoga retreat in Albania

yoga retreat in Albania

w The yoga retreat organisers say: “We’re passionate about helping individuals ground themselves and re-educating them on the importance of relaxation that’s why we are doing this retreat. Our contagious enthusiasm inspires others who seek peace of mind to overcome anxiety and expectations. We are dedicated to create a safe and welcoming environment that encourages […] » read more

The Juneteenth Festival of Sovereignty

A day to remember, honour and celebrate! The festival organisers say: “We have done tremendous work in regaining and maintaining our sovereignty. It’s time to celebrate! Join this powerful line-up of creatives, change-makers and heart-led practitioners in contemplating and embodying sovereignty through yoga asana, guided meditation, crystal sound bath and more! Read and celebrate inspired […] » read more

Finnish Diablo & Yoyo & Juggling Festival

yoyo sport

See innovative juggling techniques and be dazzled by your fellow hobbyists and professionals at the Finnish Diablo & Yoyo & Juggling Contest and Festival (FDC). FDC features workshops and exhibitions as well as opportunities to share tricks and tips with the best jugglers in the world! Learn from the pros or compete in the juggling […] » read more

MYAU Circus Festival


MYAU is back in 2023 with new galas, exhibitions, concerts, and special performances planned to thrill and engage you in the circus community! Organisers have plenty of surprises in store along with the sensational programming you expect from the Myaumetana family. Join your fellow performers under the tent for what is bound to be a […] » read more

Solo & CI Tirol Festival

contact improvisation

Immerse yourself in the deep antiwar history of contact improvisation at the Solo & CI Tirol Festival. Join workshops, lectures, and public talks with artists from Ukraine, as they discuss the current war from an artistic angle. Participate in daily jams to explore your body in motion and be part of innovation in the contact […] » read more

Osterimpro Contact Improvisaton Dance Festival

contact impro festival

The website for the Osterimpro Contact Improv festival is in German but they’ll speak English for sure – anyway who needs to talk during contact improv?   Learn more about Osterimpro contact improvisation festival!

Muzika Organika – Cacao Dance Festival

Muzika Organika – Cacao Dance Festival take cacao ceremonies to the next level – now you can dance while drinking hot chocolate! The festival organizers say: “The festival is so much more than just music! We have curated an embodied conscious program so we can offer a wholesome and joyful experience for the whole family. […] » read more

Blue Monkey Festival

Blue Monkey Festival has the usual mix of dance and yoga, healing and fun. If you’ve been to this festival let us know what it’s like 🙂 The festival organizers say: “What happens if a tribe of crazy dancers, dreamers, and believers comes together for 5 days each summer to reunite and celebrate life as […] » read more

Spiritual Realms Festival

Spiritual Realms Festival sounds a bit holier-than-thou but hey, even awakened spirits need to gather together.. The festival organizers say: “We felt we needed to offer an opportunity where people who have truly excelled in the path can offer knowledge and guidance to anybody considering a spiritual path. Along with a place where you are […] » read more

Just So Festival

Just So Festival looks pretty cool. Creative, innovative, open-hearted, subversive – just the kind of festival we like! The festival organizers say: “Step into Just So Festival for an unforgettable weekend of mischief and mayhem. Ever been on a fly cycle, or discovered a whole world of theatre from one small suitcase? Tried your hand […] » read more

Just Love Festival

 Just Love Festival is a 10-day event that offers everything from music, yoga, meditation, holi, dance, inspiring talks and so much more. The festival is purely vegan, alcohol-free, drug-free, and children-friendly.  The festival organizers say: “Just Love Festival aims to bring together people from all over the world.It’s a unique place and opportunity to share, […] » read more

Beat-Herder Festival

Beat-Herder is an annual summer festival, which has been running since 2006. The festival covers several musical genres including breakbeat, dub, reggae, dubstep, techno, house, drum and bass, folk, dance-punk, and psychedelic rock.  The festival organizers say: “Beat-Herder is different from other festivals; it is built on unconditional love and the tireless efforts of many. […] » read more

Burning Woman Festival

Burning Woman Festival is a festival run by women and for women. It is a beautiful heart space for women to relax, rejuvenate, celebrate, connect, flourish, transform, and take time for themselves. And probably more fun than Burning Man… The festival organizers say: “A Burning Woman is ready to let her flames burn higher and […] » read more

LoveJam Campout

The LoveJam Campout community describes themselves as a nationwide family on a mission to inspire creativity, sobriety & positive transformation for people, community & planet. This festival is dedicated to music and creative expression. The festival organizers say:  “For over half a decade we have been bringing like-minded humans together in the ceremony of celebration. […] » read more

All About Love Festival

All About Love sees itself more as a movement than a festival. Who says you can’t have fun while saving the world? The festival organizers say: “Personal relationships and connectivity, service to others, and loving-kindness are what we stand for. Of course, its good to party together, this is a very healing and helpful part […] » read more