Burning Nest, A Celebration of Human Creativity

Nest is another gathering inspired by Burning Man, but they go their own way and sell ‘memberships’ rather than tickets to help everyone understand that it’s not about coming along and staring at a stage.

burning nest wales gathering

We think it’s bigger than this…

The organisers say:

Theme 2019: Primordial Wonderland

Nest is inviting you to come frolic in a co-created wonderland, across an ancient valley ready to be turned into the magic garden of your dreams.

Think giant plants and fungi, lush primeval jungles, primitive magical creatures, roaming herds of feral beasts, cocoon camps, ancient stone circles and land art.

This is your chance to lead a primal workshop, cuddle in a dinosaur nest, teach rewilding to wildlings, bond with your bioregion, go on a date with the Green Man, forage some botanical elixirs, rebirth extinct species, build an all-natural forest lair, dance with the elements, discover missing evolutionary links, or catalogue lost bestiaries..”

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