Contact improvisation dance festivals are popping up everywhere these days. There's always a warm community feeling and there are many who go from one contact improvisation (also known as contact improv, impro or CI) event to the next. portugal CI festival Of course, you might be wondering, what is a contact improvisation dance festival anyway?

Contact Improvisation in 2023


morocco yoga retreat

Road Junky Sahara Retreats in Morocco

15 January-11 February 2023 | Morocco

If you’ve ever fancied visiting the Sahara Desert and experiencing a meditation, dance and yoga retreat deep in the sand dunes then the Sahara retreat in Morocco could be for you. 20 travelers g ...


contact improvisation dancer

Contact Improvisation Festival of Provence

15-21 April 2023 | Provence, France

Join dancers of all skill levels at the Contact Improvisation Festival of Provence in the heart of southern France. A team of contact improvisation dancers will personally lead you through dance works ...


contact improvisation dance

Contact in Paradise

17-21 May 2023 | Reichenau/Rax, Austria

Contact in Paradise is a contact improvisation festival where you can immerse yourself in a community of creative, joyful dancers exploring paradise together. The festival boasts a lineup of world-cla ...

italy contact improvisation festival

Italy Contact Festival

31 May-4 June 2023 | Rivignano (Udine), Italy

Set in a little historical town in the heart of Italy, the Italy Contact Festival is where to go to connect with the Italian contact improvisation scene. There will be teachers from around the world w ...


The Land of Thousand Contacts: Finnish CI Festival

7-11 June 2023 | Hub Feenix, Karjaa, Finland

Connect and recharge at The Land of Thousand Contacts summer festival. Immerse yourself in the contact improvisation community and nature while learning contemporary and theoretical skills with experi ...

contact dance

Italy Contact Fest

12-18 June 2023 | Gaia Terra, Northern Italy

Join the 10th-year celebration of Italy Contact Fest in Gaia, Italy. An experienced lineup of contact teachers will take you on a transformative journey of intensive dance workshops, jams, and classes ...

algarve country house

Algarve Contact Community Gathering

19-25 June 2023 | Algarve, Portugal

Dance and play with other freedom seekers at the Algarve Contact Community Gathering. This meeting of creatives celebrates local artists, dancers, and musicians in a cozy, countryside backdrop. Activi ...

hungary contact improvisation festival

Hungarian Contact Improvisation Festival

27 June-15 July 2023 | Három Kincs Völgye, Hungary

A cosy contact improvisation festival in Hungary for just 60 dancers. The organisers say: “We will celebrate Contact Improvisation and deepen together into our practise during 6 days surrounded ...

contact improv festival

Emerging Hearts Contact Improvisation Dance Camp UK

28 June-3 July 2023 | Wiltshire, UK

Where Community Matters as much as the Dance Contact Improvisation inspired gathering All sorts of amazing dance workshops (not just contact) Variety of creative, somatic and sound-based experiences S ...

contsct improv dance

Galicia Contact Festival

30 June-6 July 2023 | Lugo, Spain

Galicia Contact Festival aims to explore the possibilities of your body in motion. Reach your full potential and gain technical skills, expanding your creativity and joining daily jams to broaden your ...



Festival of Contact Improvisation and Tango Beichlingen

4-9 July 2023 | Germany

Spend 5 days dancing in an enchanting castle at the Festival of Contact Improvisation and Tango Beichlingen. Learn, romp, and exchange ideas with a talented lineup of international ContacTango teacher ...

Warsaw Flow Contact Improv Festival

6-12 July 2023 | Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw Flow is Poland’s main contact improvisation festival and is one of the most dynamic CI events in Europe. The Warsaw Flow organizers say : “In our festival  we want to: – use ...

Netherlands Contact Improvisation Festival

11-16 July 2023 | Overveen, Netherlands

The festival organizers say: “A yearly festival where people and dancers from all over the Netherlands and abroad are coming together to create a dancing community that explores and play with th ...

contact tango

Contango Festival Freiburg

14-16 July 2023 | Freiburg, Germany

Kick off your shoes and join your fellow tango enthusiasts at Contango Festival Freiburg. The festival merges contact improvisation and tango to form one thrilling dance style. Enjoy live music while ...

contact improv dance

Festival de Danse Contact Improvisation

15-21 July 2023 | Rustrel, France

Enjoy 7 days in one of the most beautiful villages in France, participating in intimate workshops, jams, and live performances at Festival Contact Improvisation. Delicious vegetarian delights will be ...


Cardedeu Contact Festival

28 July-3 August 2023 | Cardedeu, Spain

Expand your contact improvisation practice in a serene, intimate environment at Cardedeu Contact Festival. You will enjoy 7 days of jams, dance, live music, and delicious vegetarian treats. Study and ...

Contact Improvisation Festival: Summer in the City

31 July-6 August 2023 | Stuttgart, Germany

If you are looking for an intimate experience, focused on community building and connection, Isabelle Guidi’s Contact Improvisation Festival is the event for you. Split into two sections; an int ...


contact improvisation

Solo & CI Tirol Festival

27 August-3 September 2023 | Austria

Immerse yourself in the deep antiwar history of contact improvisation at the Solo & CI Tirol Festival. Join workshops, lectures, and public talks with artists from Ukraine, as they discuss the cur ...



Vesuvius Contact Festival

4-10 September 2023 | (Pompeii) Naples, Italy

Jam every night at Vesuvius Contact Festival! You will cultivate a greater connection to your body with workshops teaching floorwork, communication, transition, and falling, amongst other contemporary ...

Georgian Contact Improvisation Festival

18-24 September 2023 | Tbilsi, Georgia

In case you needed an excuse to travel to Georgia… The CI festival organisers say: ‘This is a festival of Contact Improvisation that brings together people from all over the world and unit ...