Burning Mountain Festival

A chance to party high up in he Swiss Alps with Burning Mountain Festival!

The organizers say:

“As the four-day Burning Mountain Festival 2024 unfolds from the 27th to the 30th of June, Zernez becomes a mystical realm where boundaries between reality and legend blur. Attendees will find themselves drawn into the Tale of the Dragon, their curiosity and wander stoked by the mystique of Lai dal Dragun (Dragon’s Lake) in the local Romansh language.”

“At 1500m above sea level, the Burning Mountain takes place in the middle of one of Europe’s highest inhabited valleys: the Engadine! Come and enjoy the campsite next to the beautiful River Inn and relax in one of the most amazing spots along the PsyTrance circuit.”

“Flamethrowers, dozens of performance artists, fire installations, a huge central fire, some say we’re pyromaniacs”

Learn more about The Burning Mountain Festival here.