Mumush World

What is the Mumush World? We’ve looked at the website and still don’t really know. Someone needs to go and tell us what it’s all about 🙂

The organizers say:

“The mumus is a kind of demon that is used to incite fear in children in order to behave. It is all those old fears you need to let go of. We believe that your Mumus is what you accept it to be. It has the face you imagine; it is a creature that you create. It is all those old fears you need to let go of. As master Yoda puts it, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate.Hate leads to suffering.

“The power of Art is the power of Freedom over Fear. We live in the Anthropocene Era where people in positions of power create all kinds of demons for inciting fear in us to get us to behave. The Bogeyman is all around us, hiding behind all our decisions.

“Mumush is a community in growth. It is a vision of a word we build together with nature. It is a place for self-expression and conversation. A place for freedom and creativity.

“We aim to provide a space where each of us can find and repaint our inner Mumush and use it to promote awareness, acceptance and sustainability. A place where we can let go of our fears together to change ourselves and our future.”

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