Wurzel Festival

Wurzel Festival offers workshops, art events, and open airs. There will also be a marketplace for you to enjoy. Since free open airs are a tradition of the festival, you’ll surely enjoy your time if you play an instrument or sing.

For 2021, they will have 4 small festivals instead of one big festival. The dates are 10-13 June, 24-27 June, 29 July-1 August, and 26-29 August.

The organizers say (according to Google Translate):

“The name says it all: We are committed to preserving the original Berlin celebration culture, which is still legendary today. Together with our guests, we are a ‘root family’ and our guests are involved in the planning and implementation from the very beginning according to the ‘participatory principle’. The suggestions of our guests for decoration, the line-up, the supporting program and the gastronomic offer are part of the joint implementation and firmly anchored in our root concept. Decisions are made jointly via our various social media channels. This closeness to the guest creates a deep group membership between us and our visitors. Together we form the ‘root family'”.

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