Agape Zoe Corfu Summer Festival

The Agape Zoe Festival has all the usual yoga, ecstatic dance etc but by the sea…

The organizers say:

“We love life. A sacred and blissful community, a place to rest and breathe deeply, a peaceful space to truly connect to yourself and others. Start your day with an energizing yoga session. Connect with your inner truth and with other beautiful souls during our inspiring workshops. Look forward to Ecstatic Dancing under the Corfian moon and stars. 

“Gift yourself with this precious time for yourself and join our sweet tribe of lovers, visionaries, musicians, dancers, healers and sacred souls. Retreat from the sun in Balinese huts or in the protective shade of the wise olive trees, overseeing the ever expanding blue sky and sea. Listen to the chirping crickets while enjoying a raw cacao with new friends in the hammocks. Or take a replenishing dip into the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea at our secluded, quiet beach area – just a two minute walk a way”

Learn more about Corfu Summer Festival here.