Rumble Festival

It’s great to see more festivals going alcohol-free. It makes such a difference to the overall feeling.

A dance festival with contact improv, 5 rhythms, forró , acro-yoga and more. Rumble seems like one of the most interesting events on the UK festival calendar.

The festival organisers say:

Imagine a festival where movement and dance is the focus.

Centred around a beautiful hall with a smooth floor, where we can roll and weep, tickle and leap.. Where the music calls and the silence has its own melody.

From dawn until dusk, there’ll be spaces to mingle, to relax and to play, to stretch and to scream, to stroke and to tingle.

Then a campfire by moonlight to sing us to sleep, the sounds of nature to massage our feet, to rest our heads, ready for when, we are called to dance as the sun rises again.”

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Check out their Facebook event page.