European Ecovillage Gathering

The European Ecovillage Gathering brings together everyone who has the dream of living another kind of life aligned with their own values, an appreciation of nature and the strength of community.

The organizers say:

“In a world rushing towards a destructive “progress”, slowing down is a radical act.

“The Gathering is for everyone, and we aspire to create an event that has a truly welcoming, community feel. Families, farmers, artists, activists, politicians, scientists, experienced ecovillagers and novices alike all have their place in this gathering that combines workshops,talks,music,movement,arts and plenty of time for sharing and connection.

“In 2024 we gather in Ängsbacka: a community,course and festival centre for personal and spiritual growth located in the deep forests of Värmland, Sweden. With its stunning forest location, magical spaces for workshops,dancing, yoga and ceremonies, and years of experience hosting transformational events, Ängsbacka is the perfect place to gather in community.

“Journey with us as we urgently shift gears away from the relentless pace dictated by capitalism and consumerism. This Gathering is a sanctuary to learn, to listen intently, to celebrate the beauty of connection, and to explore pathways leading out of destructive patterns.

“Immerse yourself in the intentional deceleration that defines this year’s gathering. Discover the profound sense of community that emerges when we cultivate slowness, spaciousness, and patience. Draw inspiration from ecovillages and conscious communities, tapping into the wellsprings of regenerative wisdom that fuel our collective journey.”

Learn more about the Eco Village Gathering here