Space of Love Festival

Space of Love Festival features a whole cast of teachers running workshops from family constellation to yoga to African dance.

‘Every year since 2003, people gather on the white-sanded shore of the Swedish island called Öland. There we celebrate and create, meet new and old friends, and try new paths to discover more about ourselves, one another and how we can live more beautifully on our planet. We are blessed with many expressions of nature; forest, meadows, sand and sea, sunrise and birdsong and an often cloudless blue sky. We all get a chance to slow down and ground, go deeper and allow our hearts to open. We make new connections and find new doors to open. The Space of Love we create within and around us, and take it on home when we leave the island.

‘Each year we compose a rich program of a variety of healing movement modalities, including many forms of yoga, dance, meditation, self- development, laughter and fun. It’s kind of like a summer camp for the whole family. Kids can have a great time joining the children’s workshops or just playing in this very human-friendly environment.’

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