Borderland is a festival gathering sustained by co-creators rather than spectators, with a cap of 1500 people allowed this year. A place to be and basic amenities are provided, but otherwise, hugs are the only currency.

borderland festival

Hugs light up the world.

It’s on every co-creator to arrive with all that they need for sleeping and eating, with an eager readiness on hand to be a part of our entertainment of inner growth and generous giving of hugs.

Borderland encourages people to create as their whimsy dictates, so long as one’s whimsy is not about trashing the place. There are no tickets. You just register for a membership, pay a small fee, and that’s it. The festival runs strictly on a volunteer basis with no sponsorship. Capitalism has no place at Borderland. Indeed, the buying or selling of goods on the premises is strictly verboten. Rather the entire week is for focusing on a world inside ourselves, sustaining our chi on hugs, community, and the giving of gifts over all else.

The organizers say:

“The Borderland is an event and community of people who create together. It’s the liminal space between dreams and realities, it’s borders delimited only by your fancy and fantasies. It’s a growing community of people of different backgrounds, interests, outlooks and skills.

Borderland is made by its participants and everyone’s involved. That’s why we have memberships instead of tickets. No preconditions exists for being a member since capacity at the event is limited they’re sold by lottery.”

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