Intimacy Summer Camp

πŸ’– Welcome to Intimacy Summer Camp 2024…πŸ’–

A relational playground dedicated to the exploration of Intimacy, Embodiment, and Community!


What would be possible if you had 2 weeks to fully experience yourself as a loving, relational being β€” surrounded by a supportive group of fellow intimacy adventurers?
❀️️ How many blocks to love could you remove?
🧑 How dramatically could you strengthen your relationship to boundaries?
πŸ’› How much could you open yourself to the kind of love you truly long for and deserve?
πŸ’œ How drastically could you learn to accept and befriend the discomfort of being fully seen in your vulnerability?
πŸ’™ How many lives could you impact with your gifts of listening, witnessing and honoring another’s self-expression?
πŸ’š How fully could you receive being showered with love and affection?
🀍 How much fun could you have?!?

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