Floating Castle Festival

Dates To Be Announced

Floating Castle Festival will take you to a magical world. The festival has puppet shows, circus performances, street and improvisational theater, poetry readings, film projections and workshops for adults and children… and of course: Music! During the festival, scenographers will revive the castle and its surroundings. “Spiritus Mundi”, which is a paraphrase of the forgotten castle spirits, will be this year’s theme.

The organizers say:

“Within four days, the castle and its surroundings will feature a wide variety of music and concert experiences that will be performed by both, established international artists and local enthusiasts. The great attraction of the festival is Ethno Histeria World Orchestra, an international music group of 80 members, which constantly surprises visitors with a unique spectacle of ethno music from all over the world.”

“During the festival, the Snežnik castle, cultural and natural pearl, comes to life in a completely new dimensions and connects foreign artists and locals in a unique way. Locals enrich the festival with interesting cultural and ethnological contents of Loška dolina, they cook local home-made food for performers and visitors, and enrich market place of the festival with interesting home-made crafts and food products.”

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