Floating Castle Festival

This year Floating Castle Festival will take its magical world to the road. The festival has puppet shows, circus performances, street and improvisational theater, poetry readings, film projections and workshops for adults and children… and of course: Music!

The organizers say:

“This year festival is going to be more intimate and mostly acoustic. On courtyards, behind stone garden walls, on the terraces or in between vineyards… On squares of istrian villages and streets of Koper. And finally, only for one day, on Castle Snežnik. Huge puppets will welcome you as the dancers and the street performers will navigate you through through hidden site corners, where intimate puppet performances, or folk and alternative music concerts will take place.

With engagement of local inhabitants, that will open their houses, offer their courtyards or gardens for musicians, performers, puppeteers or acrobats, we will create an unique artistic, social and cultural experience.

We will sleep on Cat’s hill, in tents. We will provide also rooms in Koper for some of you. For now, we can only offer travel-costs and hat for chosen bands.”

Learn more about the Floating Castle Festival.