Small, cool festivals in Czech Republic

Here’s a small list of festivals and events in Czech Republic:

The Road Junky Festival of Creativity provides a cosy and entertaining atmosphere for you to share your skills and learn from others while making new friends. It is in June.


AllFestival offers workshops, talks and seminars on healthy living. It is in May.


Meander Festival is a great festival for music lovers. In addition to live music acts, there will be theatrical workshops, fire dancing, art installations and many more… It is by the end of June.


Funny Moon Festival is a psy & arts gathering, in which international artists meet up in nature and make art. It is in July.


Roztoc Circus Festival offers multiple circus art workshops. The festival is usually held in August.


7th International Push Hands Meeting in Prague gives you a chance to practice (or learn) tui shou (push hands) and Tai Chi Chuan. It is held in September.


Spirit Base Festival offers many DJ sets. If you’re into electronic and trance music, you can check it out in June.


UFO Bufo is a psychedelic music and art festival. It is held in June.


Masters Of Puppets Open Air offers more then 250 hours of psychedelic music. It is also in June.


Bigger Festivals in Czech Republic

Other festivals and events in Czech Republic that worth mentioning:

Telč Vacations Festival is known for its rich scene of Czech folk music. In addition to music, there are theater and movies. It usually starts by the end of July and continues until mid August.

Slunce ve Skle Beer Festival welcomes multiple international breweries every September.

Signal Festival is a light art festival. Every October, you will be surrounded by lighting installations in streets. Good time to be in Prague..


Other festival lists for Czech Republic

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