The original Burning Man Festival in Nevada is such a cultural phenomenon that it has inspired similar Burns around the world, including a few in Europe and nearby. Sure, we all wish we could have gone to Burning Man in the 80's when it was small, cool and groovy but hey, maybe 20 years from now people will say that about these smaller Burning Man Festivals... nowhere festival spain There are also some semi-regular burns around Europe. Check out the Swiss Burner's  Facebook page for their events for instance. Or check out Milano Burning Thursdays. Or you may be interested in London Burning Pub if covid let's us get together again...

Burning Man in 2022



Kiez Burn 2022

17-21 January 2022 | Berlin, Germany

Celebrating beauty and life in accordance with the Burning Man principles, Kiez Burn takes place every year around the summer solstice in a beautiful and serene forest space near Berlin. The Symphony ...



Холодок 2022: Kaleidoscope

25 February-27 January 2022 | Moscow, Russia

Холодок is a unique take on the Burning Man culture by the Russian Burners community. It is an event that unreservedly celebrates Russian art, culture, and cold winter weather that is an inhere ...


vienna burning ball

To Be Confirmed: Vienna Burning Ball

31-31 March 2022 | Nordbahnhalle (Leystraße 157, 1020 Vienna)

Organized by the Austrian Burner community, this exciting and colorful event is a true reflection of the Burning Man ethos and culture. Burners from all over the world are invited to come and celebrat ...



To Be Confirmed: CRÈME BRÛLÉE 2022

18-22 May 2022 | Creuse, France

Just as delightful and thrilling as the name suggests, CRÈME BRÛLÉE is a coveted event in France’s festival calendar. It is organized by French Burners, the official representation of Burning ...

Burning Nest

30 May-5 June 2022 | Exeter, England

The Burning Nest is another gathering inspired by Burning Man, but they go their own way and sell ‘memberships’ rather than tickets to help everyone understand that it’s not about co ...



The Sheep 2022: Where the Sheep Sleep

23-27 June 2022 | Scouting landgoed Zeewolde, Netherlands

The Sheep is an annual summer event organized by the Dutch Burner community, bringing awe-inspiring and joyful experiences to those who are guided by the Ten Principles of Burning Man. The event celeb ...

The Sheep Festival

23-27 June 2022 | landgoed Zeewolde, Netherlands

The Sheep is a Burning Man event. The participants make the event what it is. That means YOU are in charge of your own experience! It is an opportunity for everyone to be the most amazing and unexpect ...


To Be Confirmed: Burning Berg 2022

30-30 June 2022 | Lutter am Barenberge, Germany

Started in 2008, Burning Berg happens in the picturesque castle ground of Lutter am Baranberge. In true Burning Man fashion, the event consists of workshops, art installations, singing, dancing, and m ...


To Be Confirmed: Urban Burn Stockholm 2022

30-30 June 2022 | Blivande, Stockholm, Sweden

“For one weekend, we build a universe” — Urban Burn Stockholm is a Burning Man-inspired celebration that focuses on radical self-expression. It encourages the participants to turn themse ...


Nowhere Festival

5-10 July 2022 | Castejón de Monegros, Spain

A Burning Man event. What happens at Nowhere? A lot of things! Basically, what happens and what is there is what you bring with YOU, what YOU want to share. And, what the other participants want to sh ...



15-19 September 2022 | Powys, Wales

The MicroBurn is a not-for-profit community that is inspired by Burning Man principles. The festival organisers say: “We MicroBurners like to enjoy ourselves. We cannot deny that we have loads o ...


To Be Confirmed: Schloss Schönburn 2022

30-30 September 2022 | Ferienschloss Wetzlas, Austria

This Austrian Burning Man-inspired event is held at Ferienschloss Wetzlas. It is a lovely castle surrounded by the stunning Austrian countryside turned into a Burner’s paradise and a magical gro ...

To Be Confirmted: Juhé Burn 2022

30-30 September 2022 | Nyim, Hungary

Bringing together the Burning Man community in Hungary, Juhé Burn is an annual event dedicated to celebrating arts, culture, humanity, and team building. The community-led event helps connect those w ...



To Be Confirmed: London Decompression 2022

30-30 November 2022 | Fire, Vauxhall, London, UK

Bringing the magic of Burning Man to London, London Decom is an event focused on art, self-expression, and community. Filled with all kinds of dance, music, and a variety of art installations, this ma ...