Vesuvius Contact Festival

Jam every night at Vesuvius Contact Festival! You will cultivate a greater connection to your body with workshops teaching floorwork, communication, transition, and falling, amongst other contemporary contact improvisation practices. Celebrate the 50th anniversary of contact improvisation with a community of like-minded dance lovers close to the archaeological park of Pompeii.


The festival organisers say:

Vesuvius Contact Fest , 6 days of Contact Improvisation on the slopes of Vesuvius, days  of study, sharing, research and fun just a stone’s throw from the archaeological park of Pompeii and the sea.

In this first edition the morning intensive will be held by Itay Yatuv , while the afternoons will be dedicated to the classes of teachers of the Italian community and to the proposals of the participants that we will collect together. And every night… JAM !

The event will be hosted by the Sharing Art association in a brand new space surrounded by nature, equipped with two platforms, a bar and space for tents ; the kitchen will be vegetarian.”

“We will start by exploring the fundamentals of our movement by looking for an organic organization of our body ; bringing into our movement the idea of ​​the body as a universe made up of parts in communication with each other.

We will focus on the extremities , exploring different qualities and possibilities of movement; analyzing hands, arms and legs we will aim for fluidity , exploring rhythm, dynamics, weight shift and reversibility.

We will bring this material into partner dance by exploring the relationships and communication between bodies, seeking a clear and interdependent dialogue.”

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