Jugglers, fire dancers, acrobats, poi spinner and others in the world of visual performance and flow arts come together to practice, collaborate and learn from each other as a matter of course. So bring a few hundred of them to a juggling convention or fire spinning festival and the air is just sizzling with creativity.  

Juggling in 2023



Ab ‘in Pott Convention 2022

31 March-3 April 2023 | Grüningsweg, Dortmund, Germany

Four fun and flaming days dedicated to creativity, movement, juggling, and play, Ab ‘in Pott Convention in Germany is back for a whole lot of fun this year as well. While the dates mentioned are ...



The 27th Israel Juggling Convention (Virtual)

7-11 April 2023 | Online

Jugglers from all over the world come together every year usually around Passover time at the Gan Hashlosha National Park in Israel to share the fun and magic of juggling. With over 2000+ attendees, t ...


European Yo-Yo Meeting

28 April-2 May 2023 | Dublin, Ireland

Inspired by the long-running Yo-Yo Master’s competition in Germany, European Yo-Yo Meeting started with the intention to create a space for players from all over Europe and the world. It is a fr ...


Manchester Aerial & Acrobatics Convention 2022

28-30 April 2023 | Ordsall Leisure Centre, Manchester, UK

A glorious celebration of aerial antics including flying aerial, cloud swing, and more, Manchester Aerial & Acrobatics Convention is all about circus arts. The event has many floor workshops and p ...


Florianer Nice Jonglierfestival Austria

Florianer Nice Jonglierfestival

18-21 May 2023 | St Florian, Austria

Florianer Nice Jonglierfestival is an annual juggling festival in St Florian, Austria. The organisers say: ‘The NICE Convention 2017 was the largest juggling festival in Austria. We are very pro ...


Nederlands Jongleer Festival (Dutch Juggling Convention)

18-21 May 2023 | Goes, Netherlands

Nederlands Jongleer Festival is a long-running circus arts festival, bringing around 300-500 beginner and professional jugglers from the Netherlands and all over Europe. The discipline that is mainly ...

Bungay Balls Up England

Bungay Balls Up

19-29 May 2023 | Suffolk, England

Bungay Balls Up is a community-run festival in Suffolk, England. It’s not just juggling! Relax, unwind, catch-up with old friends, meet new ones and discover a beautiful part of the country. The ...


Artemisia Fire Gathering Italy

Artemisia Fire Gathering

1-4 June 2023 | Basilicata, Italy

Artemisia Fire Gathering is a place for fire performers and flow artists to come together to learn, share and grow. This is a playground to play with fire! The organisers say: ‘Our goal is to un ...


MYAU Circus Festival

8-11 June 2023 | Albendiego, Spain

MYAU is back in 2023 with new galas, exhibitions, concerts, and special performances planned to thrill and engage you in the circus community! Organisers have plenty of surprises in store along with t ...


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Finnish Diablo & Yoyo & Juggling Festival

21-23 July 2023 | Eräjärvi, Finland

See innovative juggling techniques and be dazzled by your fellow hobbyists and professionals at the Finnish Diablo & Yoyo & Juggling Contest and Festival (FDC). FDC features workshops and exhi ...

European Juggling Convention Spain

European Juggling Convention

29 July-6 August 2023 | Lublin, Poland

The European Juggling Convention is the largest juggling meeting in the world! Everyone is welcome with plenty on offer for jugglers and circus enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. For non-jugglers, ...


Roztoč Fest Czechia

Roztoc Fest

17-20 August 2023 | Prague, Czechia

Roztoč Fest is an international festival of new modern circus – juggling, flow arts acrobatics, contemporary dance, fire dance, shows, parties, live bands and much more! The organisers say:  ...

lighting a bonfire

Phoenix Fire Convention

24-27 August 2023 | Hildburghausen, Germany

Join a community of fire and flow artists at the Phoenix Fire Convention. Celebrate the art form with other dancing flames as you light up the night with community performances, music, and storytellin ...


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J-Fest - Turkish Juggling Convention

25 September-1 October 2023 | Turkey

Share your juggling skills or learn from the best at the 16th J-Fest in Turkey. You are in for tons of circus arts and alternative workshops teaching you juggling skills, acrobatics, and much more. If ...