Slot Art Festival

The Slot Art Festival is held inside the compound of an old monastery giving a surreal, timeless backdrop to all the great art installations and music held over the 5 days.

There are elements of punk rock, Christian spirituality and alternative culture in this festival.

The organisers say:

“The Slot Art Festival is one of the largest alternative culture festivals in Poland. It’s five days filled with dozens of workshops, concerts, parties, films, and seminars. It’s also something much more- five days away from the daily rat race, battles and rush.

We’re intrigued by fresh, new, seeking ideas in culture which are often missing in popular media forms. We value independent, authentic artists who create because of an inner need to express themselves and not because of the dictates of specialists who want more profit and sales.

For many that means realizing one’s ideas based on the philosophy of DIY (Do It Yourself). We look for artists/performers who treat the public and their message seriously, and who are not so self-absorbed in themselves or their art. We also look for a public who is not interested in a one-sided view of things or in just consuming, but who are interactive, willing to dialog, cooperate, and experience something together with others.”

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