Small, cool festivals in Slovakia

Drienok Festival

A great child-friendly alternative festival bringing together everyone that loves handcrafted items, would love to learn more about natural products, herb based remedies and such. Visitors are treated with great concerts, theater and fire shows as well as facilities for water sports.

Floating Castle festival

A 4-day long party in and around a castle, enchanting kids and adults alike with improvised theater performances, jam sessions, circus shows, constant live music and all the good vibes you can wish for.

Slovenian Hula Hoop Convention

This event offers playtime and study opportunities for beginner and advanced hoopers alike on a gorgeous riverside. Bring along your hula hoop or rent one on sight and join the fun!



A festival of Rastafarian colors, capoeira workshops, wide variety of music (reggae, latino, ska, hiphop, dub music and beyond), sports, exotic cuisine, street art and sunshine.


Free summer festival

If you are more for dance and electronic music, Free summer festival might be for you. As you have guessed is free to enter, so young folks flock over there to enjoy a selection of domestic and international musicians, mainly in the genres of electronic pop and dance.

Festival Nasuti

A 2-day event at Nová Cvernovka that aims to raise public awareness of the waste management problem through attractive art ( installations, sculptures, performances) and educational programs (lectures, discussions and workshops). If you are in for learning and discuss things about environmental matters you’ll find the right forum for that here.

Ultimate freedom

For those that are passionate about yoga, Bratislava hosts a three-day international Yoga festival, bringing yogis and teachers from all over the globe


If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, check out this site for big, great summer festivals in Slovakia.