Green Vibrations Festival

The Green Vibrations Festival looks like one wild Saturday with all kinds of music. As the day darkens the after-party kicks off and it doesn’t stop until four in the morning. We’ll let their video from 2015 take it away.

The organizers say:

“Green Vibrations moved from its humble beginnings as a party organised by students at the campus of the University of Twente in Enschede, to a well organized festival with 3,000 visitors and multiple stages. Its blend of live acts, Djs, performance arts and beautiful decorations have evolved naturally over the course of its existence, making Green Vibrations a truly unique festival with its own distinct identity. The festival boasts four stages and an afterparty with styles as diverse as techno, psy-trance, reggae, rock, indie, drum ‘n’ bass, trap and hip hop.

Green Vibrations has a connecting and social function for the many volunteers, returning visitors and local musicians and artists. The festival has a strong local bond, but also attracts visitors from the region and far beyond.”

Check out more at Green Vibrations and on their Facebook Event Page.