Green Vibrations

The Green Vibrations Festival looks like one wild Saturday with four stages and all manner of music. As the day darkens the after party kicks off and it don’t stop until four in the morning. We’ll let their video from 2015 take it away.

The organizers say (Google translate style):

“The festival program consists of DJs, live music and a touch of theater and dance. We do our best to make the festival special for the necessary art and decoration.  The festival does not have one big main stage where it all just has to happen, but four smaller festival’s area. Here you can party, enjoy, tasty beers and chill drinking. For the implementation of the program, try our programmers to create a healthy mix of local heroes, talents and touring acts. Genres include: Techno, Psy-Trance, Reggae, Rock, Pop, Indie, Drum n Bass, stairs, Dub Step, Future, singer-songwriter and folk.”

Check out more at Green Vibrations and on their Facebook page.