Calendar of Rainbow Gatherings

Rainbow Gatherings are not festivals.

They’re intentional gatherings of all kinds of people who come together for a month somewhere in nature to cook together, sing around the fires, make workshops, share experiences and generally come together as ‘a family’.

directions to the rainbow gathering

Some people see the Rainbow Gatherings as a manifestation of a new consciousness as a tribe of many colours gathers to bring in a New Age upon the earth, fulfilling ancient Hopi Indian prophecies.

Others see it as an opportunity to hang out in nature for a month and have a great time.

Either way the Rainbow Gatherings are unique events in that there’s no commerce of any kind, no alcohol, and there’s nobody in charge. As is often heard in the Rainbow: ‘if you see a job – it’s yours!’

Rainbow Gatherings usually last for a month (a cycle of the moon) and are held all over the world and are particularly strong in Europe. There are regional Rainbows in many countries and also a European Rainbow Gathering which moves country each year.

Here is a book about the Rainbow Gatherings in Europe with some chapters online.

Rainbow Gatherings in 2024

We’ve summarised here some rumours about gatherings but make no promises for where, when, what or how they will be! You may need to register at the forums to see the info…more gatherings coming soon – check for updates!

And be aware that there are no official organisers in Rainbow Gatherings and anyone can post info on a potential gathering which might not always be accurate…


Italian Rainbow Gathering 17 March – 8 April


Portuguese Rainbow Gathering 28 March – 8 May

A popular Gathering in recent years.

Romanian Healing Gathering 9 April – 9 May

In the European Rainbow Gathering in Romania the locals wanted to know if we worshipped the moon as everyone howled when the moon arose at the circle…

UK Rainbow Pilgrimage 8 April – 8 May

You can find out where they are and join when you’re free.


English Rainbow Gathering 8 May – 6 June

Somewhere in the south-west of England.


Swiss Rainbow Gathering 6 June – 5 July [cancelled]

Central European World Peace Rainbow Gathering 6 June – 5 July

Somewhere i Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary or Slovakia…

Healing Rainbow Gathering in France 6 June – 5 July

Somewhere in the Cervennes…

Wales Rainbow Gathering 6 June – 5 July

Take your waterproofs…

Turkish Rainbow Gathering 6 June – 6 July

Ask a Turkish friend where it might be…

Polish Rainbow Gathering 14-28 June


Swiss/Italian Rainbow Gathering 5 July – 4 August

Somewhere close to the border..

Peace in the Middle East Rainbow Gathering in Armenia 5 July – 4 August

Wow, will there be some discussions around the fire this year…


European Rainbow Gathering in Germany 4 August – 3 September

The last time the European Gathering was held in Germany it only happened due to a particularly kind mayor who agreed to put the application at the bottom of his pile of paperwork while he went on holiday. When he returned to work at the end of the Rainbow Gathering permission to gather was denied…

Healing Albanian Rainbow Gathering 19 August – 18 September

From full moon to full moon…


Balkan Rainbow Gathering in Moldova 3 September – 2 October

Hopefully nowhere close to Transnistria.


And though it’s not a Rainbow Gathering we, the team behind this site, also run the Road Junky Festival of Creativity (19-28 July, 2024 in the Czech Republic) which also has loads of music around the fire, creative workshops etc

Likewise for the Sahara retreats in Morocco each winter..

Oh and here is an incomplete list of Rainbow Gatherings around the world, too.