Promote your festival!

We know how hard it is to organise and promote a festival. You make a nice website, send out newsletters, post in Facebook groups, put up posters and hand out flyers and then wait for the bookings to come in.

But what about all the people who have never heard of your festival? They can’t search for you in Google because they don’t know the name of your event!

They are, however, searching for small festivals in Europe and features near the top of most related Google searches:

We get around 15,000 visits a month.

Our newsletter reaches 17,000 people who have signed up to hear about festivals in Europe.

Our Facebook group has 15,000+ members.

Let us send these people to you!

Bronze package – 125 euros

Silver package – 150 euros

Gold package – 175 euros

Prices are per event but we can arrange a discount for several events.

If you’re interested write to us below to start a conversation:

If for some reason you don’t hear from us then there might be a technical glitch – find Tom on Facebook instead.