Retreats can seem like pretty expensive and often cater for people with more money than sense. So here we've put a list together of  yoga and meditation retreats at a reasonable price. We try to keep the prices reasonable on the yoga, meditation and dance retreats that we run in the Sahara Desert in Morocco which cost 525 euros.. If you would like your retreat to be featured here let us know!    

Retreats in 2024


8 Day 'Reconnect With Inner Truth' Yoga & Mindfulness in Tenerife

28 January-4 February 2024 | Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

If you wish to explore your Inner Truth, this Retreat is designed for you. The focus is on using meditation to deepen your understanding of health, happiness, and success.  The organisers say: ‘ ...

Sahara yoga retreat in Morocco with creative voice & movement workshops

28 January-3 February 2024 | Morocco

We run yoga retreats in the Sahara Desert in Morocco and people come along expecting it to be a holiday in the sand dunes. A few days into the retreat they find their hearts opening, their faces softe ...


4 Day Meditation with Yoga Retreat in Hessen, Germany

8-11 February 2024 | Hessen, Germany

Have you ever tried out gaia meditation? You will be taking a walk in the forest in the morning and you will enjoy yoga, meditation and winding down in the sauna. This technique is a good way to conne ...

8 Day Reflect & Explore, Self-Guided New Year Retreat in Italy

10-17 February 2024 | Province of Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

This winter getaway is designed to have people explore and reflect while dealing with little light. Located in Tuscany, this self-guided retreat is a good place for you to work on your projects surrou ...

morocco yoga retreat

Road Junky Sahara Retreats in Morocco

18-24 February 2024 | Morocco

If you’ve ever fancied visiting the Sahara Desert and experiencing a meditation, dance and yoga retreat deep in the sand dunes then the Sahara retreat in Morocco could be for you. 20 travelers g ...

8 Day Yoga & Outdoor Adventure Retreat in Algarve, Portugal

24 February-2 March 2024 | Budens, Faro District, Portugal

If you wish to go on a nice yoga and outdoor adventure retreat in Portugal and make new friends, this retreat is for you. The focus is to eat healthy and nutritious food with open-minded people in a b ...


Georgia retrrats

Gomarduli Dao Space

1 March-31 December 2024 |

Discover the Magic of Dao Space Retreat Centre in Georgia!  Are you looking for the perfect location to host your next retreat, meeting, or gathering? Look no further! We warmly invite you to expl ...

3 Day Boost and Refill Days: Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Sitges, Barcelona

8-10 March 2024 | Sitges, Barcelona

If you need a weekend of yoga and meditation to give you a boost this retreat is for you. The focus is on silence in a calm atmosphere. The organiser says, “Get yourself a boost and refill! Join ...

10 Day Yoga Detox Retreat in Healing Nature, Germany

15-24 March 2024 | Hessen, Germany

We all need to take the time to detox and reenergize. This 10 day Yoga detox Retreat will keep you away from  the hecticness of everyday life with daily yoga and hikes in nature. The focus of this re ...

6 Day Hiking and Yoga Holiday in Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

21-26 March 2024 | Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

If you need a hiking and yoga holiday this retreat is for you. The focus is to learn Wanderlust yoga in an atmosphere surrounded by beauty, nature, and a volcanic island. The organisers say: “Ne ...

sahara men's retreat

Desert Vision Quest

23-31 March 2024 | Morocco

A retreat for men in the Sahara Desert! The retreat organisers say: “Are you ready to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary? Join us on a transformational desert quest designed exc ...

7 Day Energy & Healing Retreat for 2 in South Tyrol, Italy

24-31 March 2024 | South Tryol, Italy

If you and your loved one need a healing retreat, this retreat is for you. The retreat, specifically for couples focuses on harmonizing their guests through shared messages, sensorial training, and be ...

yoga tantra retreat in Spain

Easter yoga, meditation and tantra retreat in the mountains of Spain

26-31 March 2024 | Spain

Dive into the essence of Yoga and meditation with Pablo Ferrero!  Join us from March 26 to March 31, 2024, to experience a unique retreat at the idyllic Casa Rural El Pagano, nestled in the majest ...

5 Day Rest, Renew & Rediscover You Retreat on Hvar Island, Split-Dalmatia

29 March-3 April 2024 | Hvar Island, Croatia

If you need to take some time out to go on a paradise island this trip is for you. The focus is on boosting your well-being through yoga and nutritious meals.       The organiser says, ...


5 Day Yoga & Self-Reflection Retreat in Magical Paleros, Greece

6-10 April 2024 | Palairos, Greece

If you wish to do yoga & self-reflect in Greece, this retreat takes place at a lovely hostel surrounded by a unique scenery. The focus of this retreat is for you to relax with fellow travellers an ...

3 Day Solo Retreat for Men to Reconnect with Masculinity, Spain

7 April 2024-9 April 2023 | Spain

This brief, but amazing 3-day solo retreat for men will give you time alone in nature. The focus is on being alone without phones while getting guidance from the host. Raymond, the organizer of this t ...

5 Day Yoga, Pilates & Wellness Retreat in Larnaca, Cyprus

15-19 April 2024 | Kiti, Larnaca, Cyprus

Enjoy Pilates? Well, you can enjoy a 5 day retreat in Cyprus! You will have Pilates every morning and every evening with free time during the day. A healthy breakfast and supper are also included. The ...

primal innocence retreat

Return to Primal Innocence - Eros as Medicine for Transformation

19-24 April 2024 | Glastonbury, UK

A 5 day shamanic journey into Eros as Medicine. Learn the necessary skills to safely work with your body, emotions & sexual energy as a profound transformative teacher and guide. Shed your shame a ...

8 Day 70 HR Yoga As Healing Modality TTC in Mallorca, Spain

29 April-2 May 2024 | Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

If you are interested in deep detoxification, this is for you. The focus is on recharging by cleaning your body with juice and ayurvedic herbs. The organiser says: “Staying healthy in today’s ...


ayurveda retreat

Spring break yoga and ayurveda retreat in Spain

1-5 May 2024 | Sierra de Gredos, Spain

In this Spring Break Retreat, you will immerse yourself in an enriching experience that combines deep yoga practice with self-inquiry, exploring the psychological foundations, habits, and nutrition of ...

Women's retreat in Tenerife

2-5 May 2024 | Tenerife, Spain

Awaken your feminine power! The retreat organisers say: ‘In our women’s circle, we will create a safe space where each women is free to express her uniqueness and connect with the stories of o ...

6 Day Relaxing & Rejuvenating Yoga Holiday, Costa del Sol, Spain

4-10 May 2024 | Andalusia, Spain

This 6-day relaxing and rejuvenating holiday will give you the Vitamin C you deserve. With an annual average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, you will enjoy the scenery and charming towns. You will ...

6 Day Mind, Body & Spirit Detox Retreat in Cote d'Azur, France

18-24 May 2024 | Cote d'Azur, France

Imagine being surrounded by tranquillity in the south of France. Spend 6 days in Cote d’Azur as you will detox, and meet like-minded people. The focus of this retreat is to refresh your mind, body a ...

8 Day Women's All Inclusive Fitness Retreat in Portugal

18-25 May 2024 | Faro District, Portugal

This women’s retreat is an all-inclusive boot camp where you can relax. Although it is a boot camp, it focuses on various yoga styles. The workshops that are offered focus on lifestyle, nutritio ...

7 Day ASCEND: Yoga Immersion Retreat in Mallorca

19-25 May 2024 | Mallorca, Balearic, Spain

If you need a week of yoga immersion this retreat is for you. The focus is to give you the time to connect with your emotions, your spirit, and your physical self. You will be in a 16th-century Finca ...

8 Day Fasting for Total Recharge in a Nature Reserve in Hungary

24-31 May 2024 | Szentbekkalla, Hungary

If you are looking to fast for 8 days, this retreat will help guide you through fasting by consuming only liquids like vegetable soup, tea, and water. It focuses on eliminating normal foods to help cl ...

7 Day Yoga and Dark Retreat Abruzzi National Park, Italy

25-31 May 2024 | Abruzzi National Park, Italy

If you want to experience a yoga treat on an organic farm, then this retreat is for you. It specializes in practicing in a dark retreat where you can practice mindfulness with no light. The organisers ...


8 Day Surf & Yoga "ON FIRE" Retreat in Fuerteventura, Spain

8-15 June 2024 | Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

If you like yoga and surfing, the this retreat is for you. Set in a surf yoga villa, this retreat will awaken you and leave in a desert and volcanic landscape. There are daily surfing and yoga classes ...

6 Day The Art of Slow Living in Lefkada, Greece

13-18 June 2024 | Lefaka, Greece

If you need an escape and experience slow living this retreat is for you. The focus is to unplug and get in touch with yourself. You will enjoy 6 days of being cut off from the outside world.   A ...

Evolve the Journey

16-22 June 2024 | Corfu, Greece

Evolve is a journey of personal discovery wrapped in the ease, relaxation and warmth of a Greek holiday. It is designed to bring us home to our hearts and more than that guide us to manifest it in the ...

Midsummer Gathering

20-23 June 2024 | Czech Republic

We invite you to gather together for a special occasion. Celebration of the light – the summer solstice accompanied by the full moon in the beautiful mountains of southern Czechia. This gatherin ...

Tantric Yoga Intensive Retreats with Satyama of Open to Bliss

26 June-2 July 2024 | Aljezur, Portugal

Ever thought of going quite deeply into Tantra through the lense of yoga and meditation? According to Osho, it’s the only way! There is no short cut to the liberation of the mind (body or spirit ...


4 Day Yoga Retreat in the Scottish Highlands

5-8 July 2024 | Pitlochry, Perth And Kinross, Scotland

If you like to do yoga in the Scottish Highlands this retreat is for you. The focus is to practice daily yoga surrounded by the Scottish Mountains and forests.   Tanya the organiser says: “ ...

Radiant Being Retreat

6-11 July 2024 | Catalunya, Spain

Yoga, Meditation, Continuum & Hiking. Over the 6 days, be guided in morning & evening practices for your discovery of inner ease, & awakening vitality. Lead by a teacher with over 20 years ...

7 Day Holistic Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda Retreat in Hereford

15-21 July 2024 | Herefordshire, England, UK

If you are looking for an Ayurveda retreat this is for you. The focus is on practicing mindfulness in an Ayureda setting. You will have daily yoga and meditation sessions as well as nutritious and del ...

Summer yoga retreats in the mountains of Spain

21 July-4 August 2024 | Sierra de Gredos, Spain

Retreats are conducted in Spanish with English translation. Daily entries are allowed, except on Saturdays and Sundays. The duration varies: 7 nights, 5 nights, or 2 nights. For other dates or prefe ...

tantra in greece

Greek Heart Tantra Holidays

24-30 July 2024 | Lesvos, Greece

SEVEN DAYS OF MEDITATION, DANCE AND CELEBRATION!   Heart Tantra invites you to rejoice and recharge your batteries, combining Tantra practice and meditation with just chilling out on the most mag ...

6 Day Revitalizing Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Zakynthos, Greece

29 July-3 August 2024 | Zakynthos, Greece

Imagine practicing daily yoga on an island in Greece. This retreat focuses on daily yoga exercises that you will be doing in an environment surrounded by the beautiful sea.     The organizer ...


Medicine Festival

14-19 August 2024 | Berkshire, UK

Medicine is a registered Community Interest Company (C.I.C). All profits from this event will go to help empower indigenous peoples to preserve and protect their land, traditions, and wisdom. The fest ...

tantra yoga teacher training

28 Day Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course

25 August-21 September 2024 | Southern Italy

An opportunity to become a Tantra Yoga teacher! The teacher training organisers say: ‘JOIN US FOR A PROFOUND, LIFE-CHANGING, TANTRA YOGA TEACHER TRAINING EXPERIENCE. This 240 hour Teacher Traini ...

awaken as love

Awaken as Love Stage 1 Training

28 August-2 September 2024 | The Netherlands

Awaken as Love in the Netherlands this summer! The retreat organisers say: ‘The Awaken as Love Initiation is a journey open to everyone – it begins with a choice to go on an adventure that wil ...


18 Day Pottery Retreat on Island Vis in Croatia

4-21 September 2024 | Vis, Croatia

If you love pottery, imagine being able to make pottery in an isnad in Croatia. It focuses on cerating pottery in a enviornemtn surrounded by nature and in silence. You will be spending the day doing ...

The Art of Re:Connective Loving

6-12 September 2024 | Tavira, Portugal

Part I Embodying Love Explorations into Love, Authenticity & Re:Connection An intensive 6 day seminar and experiential space Re:Connective Spaces and Circles – Dialogue and Presentations – Sel ...

Relaxing Women's Only Yoga Retreat in Kefalonia, Greece

7-14 September 2024 | Kefalonia, Greece

If you wish to go on a women’s only retreat this retreat is designed for you. The focus of this retreat is to help women relax through yoga, pilates, healthy meals, and more. You will experience ...


8 Day A Peaceful Nature Retreat in Turkey

12-19 October 2024 | Gocek, Mugla, Turkey

If you are into immersive yoga, this resort invites you to explore and go deeper through yoga. It focuses on going deeper into your presence and honouring your soul. The organiser says, ‘Immersi ...

sardinia retreat

Amerta-Movement Retreat

12-24 October 2024 | Sardinia, Italy

Dear friends! For the second year Lars is starting a retreat with Amerta-movement, a movement art, in a very special place: In Sardinia, in the village of Ovilo, where Angela Göser has created the pe ...

6 Day Autumn Yoga & Hiking Retreat in North Iceland

13-18 October 2024 | Akureyki, Iceland

If you are looking for a colorful autumn getaway this retreat is for you. The focus is to enjoy the senses of autumn such as the colors of the plants, and the clean crisp air. You will be doing daily ...


6 Day Re-Energizing Writer's Retreat in Beautiful Cyprus

3-8 November 2024 | Cyprus

If you are a writer or interested in writing this retreat is for you. It focuses on writing workshops while having leisure time by the pool, exploring the beaches or walking by the sea caves.   T ...


5 Day New Year - Tantric Path Retreat in Tenerife, Spain

29 December 2024-2 January 2025 | Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

If you want to start the new year on a Tantric Path this retreat is for you. It focuses on applying Tantric principles in your daily life through yoga, meditation, and Tantric teachings.   The or ...