Retreats can seem like pretty expensive and often cater for people with more money than sense. So here we've put a list together of  yoga and meditation retreats at a reasonable price. We try to keep the prices reasonable on the yoga, meditation and dance retreats that we run in the Sahara Desert in Morocco which cost 525 euros.. If you would like your retreat to be featured here let us know!    

Retreats in 2022


5 Day Mindfulness Meditation Retreat with Horses, South Of France

Mindfulness Meditation with Horses Retreat

1 January-31 December 2022 | Éauze, Occitanie, France

Mindfulness Meditation with Horses Retreat in the south of France, helps you to bond with the horses, improving your ability to decrease stress, connecting with these lovely animals spiritualy. A uniq ...

5 Day Private Healing Retreat - Singing Bowls & Qigong in Spain

Private Healing, Singing Bowls & Qigong Retreat

1 January-31 December 2022 | Valencia, Spain

Private Healing, Singing Bowils and Qigong Retreat in Valencia, Spain. These techniques are good for your inmune system and ilnesses such as Cancer, MS, Parkinson among others . The retreat organisers ...

Yoga, Nature & Meditation Retreat in Provence, France

Yoga, Nature & Meditation Retreat

1 January-31 December 2022 | Saint-Martin-de-Brômes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Yoga, Nature and Meditation Retreat located in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France, surrounded by beautiful nature, includes a healthy vegeterian meal, meditation and hiking. The retreat organis ...

Yoga and climbing at portugal

Exciting Yoga & Climbing Retreat

8 January-31 December 2022 | Algarve, Portugal

Exciting Yoga and Climbing Retreat at Algarve, Portugal, it’s a perfect spot to practice climbing, yoga with nice people, delicious and healthy food in the best beaches of the country. The organ ...

Yoga, Meditation, Beach, Walking & Kayaking in Greece.

Yoga, Meditation, Beach, Walking & Kayaking Retreat

8 January-21 May 2022 | Corfu, Greece.

Meditation, beach and kayaking retreat at the stunning beach in Corfu, Greece. Take this chance to heal with all these activities with an amazing view. The retreat organisers say: “We have selec ...

morocco yoga retreat

Road Junky Sahara Retreats in Morocco

16-22 January 2022 | Morocco

If you’ve ever fancied visiting the Sahara Desert and experiencing a meditation, dance and yoga retreat deep in the sand dunes then the Sahara retreat in Morocco could be for you. 20 travelers g ...

Vorarlberg, Austria

Yoga & Meditation, Gourmet, SPA & Mountains Retreat

16 January-16 September 2022 | Mellau, Vorarlberg, Austria

Yoga and Meditation, Gourmet, SPA and Mountains Retreat at Vorarlberg, Austria. Detox your whole body with a special treat in this stunning place at the magical mountains with amazing food and Yoga. T ...


Yoga nad reiki i italy

Tranquil Farm, Reiki & Yoga Holiday Retreat

16 March-31 December 2022 | Pescosolido, Lazio, Italy

Tranquil Farm, Reiki and Yoga Holiday Retreat at Pescosolido, Italy is a combination with Yoga and the Japannese healing technique Reiki will make you detox and liberate from stress in this majestic p ...



Gay Naked Yoga Retreat

5-10 April 2022 | Languedoc-Roussillon Midi-Pyrénées, France

Gay Naked Yoga Retreat at Midi-Pyrénées, France, is about connecting in a stunning, luxurious place doing yoga, wine tasting, kayaking, for couples or for singles. What the organisers say: “Th ...

'Choose You' Sensory Awakening Retreat

'Choose You' Sensory Awakening Retreat

9 April-29 October 2022 | Ibiza, Spain

‘Choose You’ Sensory Awakening Retreat at beautiful Ibiza, Spain, is perfect for women to reconnect with themselves after suffering trauma from a divorce or any other kind of grief. The or ...

"Rise in Love" Couples Intimacy Retreat

"Rise in Love" Couples Intimacy Retreat

15-19 April 2022 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Rise in Love” Couples Intimacy Retreat located in the cultural city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands it’s about increasing the chemistry with your beloved with different kinds of ritua ...


Yoga and Dance Croatia

Yoga & Dance Holiday Retreat

5 May-11 September 2022 | Ražanj, Croatia

Yoga and Dance Holiday Retreat at Ražanj, Croatia. A great combination with dancing, meditation and Yoga Asanas in one of the best spots of The Mediterranean Sea, a perfect healing for the soul. The ...


Hippocrates Fitness & Wellness Retreat

7 May-10 October 2022 | Kos, Greece

Hippocrates Fitness and Wellness Retreat at Kos Coast, Greece , includes several activities, wellness , fitness lessons surrounded by stunning nature and healthy food, The organasires say: “A bi ...

9 Day Darkness Retreat in Italy

Darkness Meditation Retreat

10 May-26 October 2022 | Tuscany, Italy

Darkness Meditation Retreat is located in Tuscany, Italy, featuring meditation in the dark, where you can inmerse within yourself and forget about mundane distractions. An experience worth living. The ...

Conscious Kink Xperience & Neo-Tantra Retreat.

Conscious Kink Xperience & Neo-Tantra Retreat.

11-17 May 2022 | Friesland, Netherlands

Conscious Kink Xperience & Neo-Tantra Retreat is a perfect place to explore the world of BDSM, kinks, tantra and the Shibari bondage technique in Friesland, The Netherlands. The retreat organisers ...

Eat, paint, love, creativity and yoga retreat

Eat, paint, love, creativity and yoga retreat

22 May-17 September 2022 | Tuscany, Italy

Eat, paint, love, creativity and yoga retreat in Tuscany, Italy.  Come and join this experiencie with many creators doing yoga, intuitive art with succulent Italian gastronomy. The retreat organisers ...



Body & Mind Detox to Reconnect with Yourself Retreat

18-25 June 2022 | Slovenia

Body and Mind Detox to Reconnect with Yourself Retreat in the stunning nature of Slovenia, the perfect place to relax with holistic treatment and to inmerse yourself in this majestic place doing all s ...


Heart & Eyes Wide Open Transformational Journey, Slovenia

Heart & Eyes Wide Open Transformational Journey Retreat

10-16 July 2022 | Velenje, Slovenia

Heart and Eyes Wide Open Transformational Journey Retreat at the breath taking nature of Velenje, Slovenia. Here they will guide you to learn about self love and gratitude with different kinds of yoga ...

yoga centre in Spain

To be confirmed: Yoga, Meditative Arts and Traditional Tantra Retreats

31-31 July 2022 | Sierra de Gredos, Spain

The Matrika Yoga Centre offers a range of yoga, meditation and tantra retreats throughout the summer. The retreat organisers say: ‘From the integration of Iyengar Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa Krama and ...


radical selflove portugal

Radical Self-Love & Organic Detox Nature Retreat

2-6 August 2022 | São Luís, Portugal

Radical Self-Love and Organic Detox Nature Retreat at São Luís, Portugal it’s a perfect therapy to attract self love, acceptance, getting rid of unnecessary thoughts and toxic relationships. T ...


Women's Wisdom" Iyengar Yoga & Surf Retreat in Portuga

Women's Wisdom Iyengar Yoga & Surf Retreat

3-9 September 2022 | Faro, Portugal

Women’s Wisdom Iyengar Yoga and Surf Retreat located close to the beautiful beaches of Faro, Portugal, is perfect for women’s connection,  their cycles and strenght. What the organisers s ...