Selected meditation and yoga retreats in Europe (and nearby) 2021

Retreats can seem like pretty expensive and often cater for people with more money than sense. So here we’ve put a list together of  yoga and meditation retreats at a reasonable price.

We try to keep the prices reasonable on the yoga, meditation and dance retreats that we run in the Sahara Desert in Morocco which cost 495 euros..

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Retreats in 2021

[the calendar is currently a work in progress but here are a few events that really stand out]













More about our retreats

The Road Junky Sahara Retreat
14-20 November, 2021 in Morocco (and 16-22 January & 13-19 February 2022)

We organise our own retreats in the Sahara Desert each winter. The retreat variously include yoga, meditation, dance therapy, contact improv dance and freeing the voice.  All retreats feature storytelling, music and singing around the fire as we camp in traditional Berber tents under the full moon deep inside the sand dunes.

Learn more about our meditation and yoga retreats in Morocco.


The Festival of Creativity 
7-15 August, 2021 in the Czech Republic

The Festival of Creativity is small enough that it feels like a retreat with just 100 people, no phones and loads of creative workshops on and acoustic music around the fire. There are classes on meditation, dance, yoga, singing, theatre, art, music and many, many more things to experience and learn.

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