Emerging Hearts Contact Improvisation Dance Camp UK

Where Community Matters as much as the Dance
  • Contact Improvisation inspired gathering
  • All sorts of amazing dance workshops (not just contact)
  • Variety of creative, somatic and sound-based experiences
  • Small, Intimate and Great Value
Nestled within green fields, wild meadows, natural woodlands, lakes, amazing skylines and the rolling hills of the Wiltshire countryside.

The festival organisers say:

‘A Deep Human Experience
There is a surging, vibrant and creative world living inside of us that just loves to be expressed. Dance is a means by which we can explore, share and communicate that expression. Where we can co-create an embodied experience that brings closeness and connection on a deep human level.  That offers us a creative medium for learning about the relationships we have in life.  Awakening our hearts and bringing us to a place of natural rest.

Coming Together Once More
Many of us have this innate desire to dance and be together. To sit around warm fires under starry skies. To be curious about life that can be explored through our bodies, and to appreciate the simple pleasures of eating, laughing, and playing together as friends.

A Safe Space to Explore
Emerging Hearts CI Dance Camp is a space to come together for this experience. An intimate Contact Improvisation gathering to explore this amazing embodied practice along with a variety of creative, somatic and sound-based workshops all within a safe and held environment.

Our Emerging Community
We will eat together, gather around the fire together, look after the camp together, and of course dance together – living in community, with space, with holding and with support.  Being a place where we can soften, expand and re-define ourselves, to emerge within this ever-evolving space.

Curious, New & Seasoned Dancers
Whether you’re curious and new to Contact Improvisation or a seasoned dancer, the structure of the workshops and programme will give you every opportunity to engage in the somatic wonders of these practices.

Meeting Your Needs
The camp is designed for you to create your own flow through the workshops & experiences.  Everything will be in full support of your boundaries and needs.  We are offering you a full range of experiences from intimate connections to spacious wanderings, where you can dance inside marquees, amongst the trees or perhaps even around the fire.’

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