Tai Chi and Chi Kung Festivals and Events in Europe

Doesn’t everyone secretly long to be a tai chi master, moving their arms like paint brushes, standing as rooted as a tree, moving with the grace of branches in the wind?

But for those who find tai chi a bit frenetic and stressful, there’s always chi kung, a practice which goes even slower! In some ways tai chi is like lots of chi kung moves put together to make a beautiful dance.

Here are some tai chi festivals, chi kung seminars and other opportunities to meet and practise with people who enjoy posing in the park and performing exercises with groovy names like Cloud Hands, the Three Swings and Opening Energy Gates.

And what could be groovier than a tai chi sword camp on the beach in Cyprus this 25-29 October?







  • Tai Chi Sword Camp on the Beach 25-29 October, in Cyprus
    ‘Tai Chi Sword (Taijijian) practice has all the well-known health benefits of Tai Chi hand forms. It further improves your skills, coordination, balance and focus because the movements include sword techniques that you do with a wooden or metal sword.’