Small, cool festivals in Austria

If you’re in Austria and want to find a small festival or interesting event this is what we’ve come up with:

The Mayfeast  is usually held in…May! A chance to meet some creative, entertaining folk.

The Klagenfort Body Painting Festival takes place in July and is by a lake which is always a bonus in summer. More creative uses of bodies and paints you won’t find at any other festival in Austria or beyond..

Heart Culture Festival is one of the friendliest hippie events you’ll find in Europe. It’s normally in August and we just wish the festival lasted a bit longer.

The Free Tree Open Air Festival gets our open-hearted support. All together now: free the trees!

Austria did have a contact improv festival but they went a bit quiet…maybe it will be back.

Bigger Festivals in Austria

Other Austrian music festivals and events that we can’t necessarily vouch for include:

The Danube Island Festival – held on an island in the Danube! It bills itself as the biggest open-air music festival in the world.

Held over a month in the summer, the Impulstanz Dance Festival has a variety of shows and even some free workshops in the park.

Or how about an operetta festival (operetta means ‘little opera) with the Seefestspiele?

Other festival lists

Here you can find a summary of Austrian classical music festivals and events.

Or perhaps you’re looking for big music festivals in Austria?