Psychedelic Experience Festival

What to expect from Psychedelic Experience Open Air Festival? The organisers promise severe sleep deprivation due to dance floor activities and 2033 lakes in the area. Considering the season, 2,033,033,033 mosquitoes might also decide to join the fun.

The festival organisers say:

“The gateway to dance through space and time opens up: the multidimensional intoxication of sound and vision sets in. The heartbeat rises. Everything becomes possible. From the 30th of May to the 2nd of June at the Psychedelic Experience Festival thousands of freaks will start a journey into a colorful, fantastic world of rich sounds and magical moments. Everyone is invited to dive into thrilling rhythms with top artists from around the world for more than 70 hours – and become one on the dance floor. Alive, laughing and loving.”

Learn more about the Psychedelic Experience Festival here!