Roma Tribal Meeting

Roma Tribal Meeting is a 3-day event for the lovers of Tribal Belly Dance. You will get the chance to attend workshops, explore your own creativity, create pieces and exhibit your creations afterwards. 2021 edition will be virtual.

The organizers say:

“For centuries, the gathering of community has been the driving force of evolution. We are encouraging artists to congregate in Rome with the idea of sharing and developing an international community based on traditions and innovations of Tribal Belly Dance.

Within our Tribal Belly Dance Network, individual and group expressions give light to new styles and new artistic and captivating creations. American Tribal Style® and Tribal Fusion are at the crossroads of change in the panorama of contemporary belly dance throughout the world. From this consciousness of change, we aspire to harness and nurture artistic expression during the Roma Tribal Meeting. It is the first gathering in Italy where ideas of authenticity and fusions simply provide an opportunity for growth and awareness of this dance movement; a moment where musicians and dancers can collaborate and acknowledge their own artistic research.

The Roma Tribal Meeting offers the opportunity for artists and companies to be part of a gathering through cohesive workshops and exhibitions showcasing their most recent creations.

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