Tantra festivals are growing in Europe as people increasingly look to expand their sexual horizons and embrace a deeper sensuality in their relationships. But what is a tantra festival? If you're just looking to get laid then Tantra events probably aren't for you. There's nothing wrong with that but you're better off getting drunk and lucky at a bigger festival if that's what you're after. Tantra festivals instead emphasise presence, connection and intimacy through sex. Some require you to come with a partner while others are open to individuals but make sure there's an equal balance of women and men. And if that's not enough for you, here is a list of some international tantra festivals going on around the world.  

Tantra Festivals in 2021


conscious tantra sexuality festival israel

International School of Temple Arts Festival

28-31 January 2021 | Online

We don’t know what sexual shamanism is but it seems to fit into the buzzwords of sacred sexuality, conscious sexuality etc that envelop tantra festivals like…like..an aura! The festival or ...

sweden tantra festival

Stockholm Tantra Festival

29 January-2 February 2021 | Online

The Stockholm Tantra Festival features a wide range of international teachers who all look suitably ecstatic, wise and otherwise sexually enlightened, going by their profile photos. But then all tantr ...


Amsterdam Tantra Festival

2-4 April 2021 | Amsterdam, Holland

The Amsterdam Tantra Festival is a 3 day festival with live music, workshops and apparently lots of exotic colours. They are planning to do the festival this year but give a warning, “This is a ...


polish tantra festival

IX International Festival of Tantra, Consciousness, Shamanism and Relationship For Singles and Couples 

25 June-4 July 2021 | Nowe Kawkowo, Poland

Tantra festivals are on the rise in Europe and the IX International Festival of Tantra, Consciousness, Shamanism and Relationship for Singles and Couples at the “Here and Now Center” in Po ...

To be confirmed: Tantra Spirit Festival

30-30 June 2021 | Croatia

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event… Ever wondered what tantra is all about? Having take a look at the teachers at the Tantra Spirit Festival this could be the ...


Czech Tantra Festival

2-6 July 2021 | Vysočina, Czech Republic

They offer 15 presenters and 75 hours of workshops… a lot to learn. Don’t forget to take advantage of a discount of 40 euros with early bird tickets. The organisers say: “We invite y ...

baltic tantra festival 2021

Baltic Tantra Festival

15-18 July 2021 | Ratnieki, Latvia

We invite you to Latvia for 4 Days that will transform your Life www.baltictantrafestival.com The 4th Baltic Tantra Festival in Latvia gathers hundreds of people from all over the World to join 4 days ...

tantra festival estonia

High On Life Tantra Festival in Estonia

15-18 July 2021 | Tallinn, Estonia

Of all the things you can get high on, life must be the most addictive. You can get your next fix at the Estonian Tantra Festival. The High On Life Tantra Festival organizers say: “Nowadays an i ...

Sacred Earth Festival

22-25 July 2021 | Fagervik, Finland

We’re big fans of events that keep it small and beautiful, and Sacred Earth Festival does just that. The festival organisers say: “From the start in 2018 our vision has been to create a fe ...

Denmark tantra festival

The Tribal Vibe Village Retreat Tantra festival 2021

24 July-1 August 2021 | Møn Retreat Center, Denmark

The Tribal Vibe Village Retreat looks like a gorgeous way to come together in an intimate little tantra festival with a strong community feeling. The organisers say: ‘Join us this summer for the ...

Angsbacka Tantra Festival

26-31 July 2021 | Molkom, Sweden

Angsbacka is a centre for spiritual festivals and events in Sweden and it’s been running since 1996. It hosts the Sexsibility Festival and also this tantra festival. Nice work if you can get it. ...


Yoga, Spiritual Arts and Traditional Tantra Retreat in Sierra de Gredos

10-15 August 2021 | Sierra de Gredos, Spain

Kashmiri tantra in the Spanish mountains! The tantra retreat organisers say: ‘One of the jewels that yoga offers us is to open our gaze to the beauty of life. Through the organic practice of Iye ...

tantra festival

Sacred Tribal Gathering - A Journey of Soulful Embodiment

11-15 August 2021 | near Berlin, Germany

Here’s a gathering from Power of Eros that invites you to go on a journey deeper into yourself. The festival organisers say: ‘Welcome to a sacred sexuality journey into centeredness and in ...

tantra in the netherlands

Awaken As Love Tantra Festival

14-19 August 2021 | Meeuwenveen, Netherlands

The Awaken As Love Tantra Festival includes biodanza, ecstatic dance, yoga, live music and a great line up of teachers. The Awaken As Love Tantra Festival organisers say: “Imagine a group of won ...

tantra festival in France

Sadhaka Tantra Festival

15-22 August 2021 | Orsennes, France

The Sadhaka Tantra Festival is one of many interesting events happening at the Sadhaka retreat center in France this summer. The festival organizers say: “In the middle France, hidden among natu ...

Impulse Festival

18-22 August 2021 | Saint-Pierre-de-Maillé, France

Impulse Festival is a gathering located in the beautiful atmosphere of the Château Anand. It is a special event mainly for millennials, that demographic cohort famous for being lazy and spoiled for ...

Awaken As Love Training in Holland - Stage 1: Initiation

20-26 August 2021 | Holland

The Awaken As Love trainings in Holland are an opportunity to go deeper into yourself. The retreat organisers say: ‘The Awaken as Love Initiation is a journey open to everyone – it begins with ...

Tantra 4 Gay Men TantraLove Festival

28 August-1 September 2021 | Glastonbury, UK

Why should tantra be only for heterosexuals? The festival organisers say: “Everyone needs a place where they can freely express themselves. The TantraLove Festival is an annual event where gay a ...


Portugal Tantra Festival

7-12 September 2021 | Awakeland, Portugal

Awakeland, in South Portugal, hosts in an incredible location the Portugal Tantra Festival. Just check out the video to get a feel for what it’s all about:  The organizers say: “The bea ...

Awaken As Love Training in Portugal - Stage 1: the Initiation

14-20 September 2021 | Portugal

The Awaken As Love trainings at Awakeland in Portugal  are an opportunity to grow and learn. The retreat organisers say: ‘The Awaken as Love Initiation is a journey open to everyone – it begi ...


Ibiza Tantra Festival 

25-30 October 2021 | Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza Tantra Festival has a lot to offer (more than 45 workshops and 35 teachers!) and of course, an excellent location. The organizers say: “Enjoy the experience at a luxury resort exclusively ...


yoga tantra arts

Immersion retreat to yoga, meditative arts and traditional tantra

26-28 November 2021 | Sierra de Gredos, Spain

This tantra and yoga course repeats in March 2022. The retreat organisers say: ’12 hours of continuous training YACEP, Continuing Education Provider by Yoga Alliance. The retreats take place in ...