Tantra festivals are growing in Europe as people increasingly look to expand their sexual horizons and embrace a deeper sensuality in their relationships. After all, who isn't interested in learning how to have better sex, how to feel more at home in their bodies, how to learn what it really is to be intimate with their partners? That's why we're running the Festival of Sensuality (19-26 August, 2023 in the Czech Republic) not a tantra festival Set in a Yurt camp an hour south of Prague, the Festival of Sensuality will bring together 100 people for a week of workshops to do with sexuality, consent, dance, intimate expression, gender, communicating emotion, body awareness and authentic relationships, as well as yoga, freeing the voice, contact improv and whatever workshops the participants also choose to make. There will be discussion circles at night in the big tipis and music and dance around the fire as we go wild without any alcohol or drugs, just getting high on the communal spirit! Check out www.sensualityfestival.com to learn more!   Anyway you may be wondering  what is a tantra festival? If you're just looking to get laid then Tantra events probably aren't for you. There's nothing wrong with that but you're better off getting drunk and lucky at a bigger festival if that's what you're after. Tantra festivals instead emphasise presence, connection and intimacy through sex. Some require you to come with a partner while others are open to individuals but make sure there's an equal balance of women and men. And if that's not enough for you, here is a list of some international tantra festivals going on around the world.  

Tantra Festivals in 2024


tantric Poland festival

Poland Tantra Festival (spring edition)

12-17 March 2024 | Poland

We cordially invite you to participate in an international POLAND TANTRA FESTIVAL held in MARCH 2024 in Poland 💕 .   🫶 WHEN: 12 – 17th March 2024 🫶 WHERE: Poland, Janów Podlaski C ...


primal innocence retreat

Return to Primal Innocence - Eros as Medicine for Transformation

19-24 April 2024 | Glastonbury, UK

A 5 day shamanic journey into Eros as Medicine. Learn the necessary skills to safely work with your body, emotions & sexual energy as a profound transformative teacher and guide. Shed your shame a ...


sweden tantra festival

To be confirmed: Stockholm Tantra Festival

3-5 May 2024 | Online

The Stockholm Tantra Festival features a wide range of international teachers who all look suitably ecstatic, wise and otherwise sexually enlightened, going by their profile photos. But then all tantr ...

tantra festival in Corfu

Corfu Tantra Festival

26-31 May 2024 | Corfu, Greece

The Corfu Tantra Festival is your gateway to a realm of sensuality, grace, and energy. Immerse yourself in a cocoon of care and experience the transformative power of tantra. Step into a world of sens ...

baltic heart tantra festival

Baltic Heart Tantra Festival

30 May-2 June 2024 | Ratnieki, Latvia

The Baltic Tantric Festival is now in its 8th year! The festival organisers say: ‘Open your Heart – open your summer! Join the 7th Tantra festival in Latvia! – guided by highly ex ...


tantric joy festival

Tantric Joy Festival

12-16 June 2024 | Amsterdam, Holland

After three joyful festivals in the city of Amsterdam we were flirting with nature… feeling the grass at our feet, waking up with the tribe, jumping in the lake, taking an ice bath, lying at the bea ...

XII International Festival of Tantra, Consciousness and Relationship For Singles and Couples

24-30 June 2024 | Nowe Kawkowo, Poland

Tantra festivals are on the rise in Europe and the XII International Festival of Tantra, Consciousness and Relationship for Singles and Couples at the “Here and Now Center” in Poland is at ...

Tantric Yoga Intensive Retreats with Satyama of Open to Bliss

26 June-2 July 2024 | Aljezur, Portugal

Ever thought of going quite deeply into Tantra through the lense of yoga and meditation? According to Osho, it’s the only way! There is no short cut to the liberation of the mind (body or spirit ...


Czech Tantra Festival

2-7 July 2024 | Vysočina, Czech Republic

They offer 15 presenters and 75 hours of workshops… a lot to learn. Don’t forget to take advantage of a discount of 40 euros with early bird tickets. The organisers say: “We invite y ...

Portugal Tantra Festival

3-7 July 2024 | Portugal

No better way to explore tantra this summer than with the Portugal Tantra Festival. The festival organisers say: ‘In July 2024, the beautiful European hillsides of Quinta São José dos Montes w ...

intimacy camp florida

Intimacy Summer Camp

8-21 July 2024 | Sweden

💖 Welcome to Intimacy Summer Camp 2024…💖 A relational playground dedicated to the exploration of Intimacy, Embodiment, and Community!   What would be possible if you had 2 weeks to fu ...

alchemy of love festival 2024

Alchemy of Love Festival

13-17 July 2024 | Glastonbury, UK

A Gathering of Love and Connection. Discover the Alchemy of Love Festival: A Heart-Centered Community Experience. Imagine a life where authenticity, openness, and honesty lead the way to true freedom, ...

Angsbacka Tantra Festival

16-22 July 2024 | Molkom, Sweden

Angsbacka is a centre for spiritual festivals and events in Sweden and it’s been running since 1996. It hosts the Sexsibility Festival and also this tantra festival. Nice work if you can get it. ...

tantra in greece

Greek Heart Tantra Holidays

24-30 July 2024 | Lesvos, Greece

SEVEN DAYS OF MEDITATION, DANCE AND CELEBRATION!   Heart Tantra invites you to rejoice and recharge your batteries, combining Tantra practice and meditation with just chilling out on the most mag ...

intimate revolution festival

The Intimate Revolution

24-28 July 2024 | Berlin

The Intimate Revolution is a sex-positive festival focused on consent, empathy and connection. They declare their is ‘to end loneliness and bad sex.’ Much like the Festival of Sensuality&# ...

Sacred Earth Festival To Be Confirmed

31-31 July 2024 | Fagervik, Finland

We’re big fans of events that keep it small and beautiful, and Sacred Earth Festival does just that. The festival organisers say: “From the start in 2018 our vision has been to create a fe ...


The Festival of Sensuality

17-24 August 2024 | Czech Republic

Have you ever thought about going to a tantra festival but it seemed a bit too mystical? Have you ever thought about going to a sex-positive festival but it seemed a bit too kinky? Would you like to g ...

Netherlands Tantra Festival

21-25 August 2024 | The Netherlands

The Netherlands Tantra Festival is a staple of the European tantra scene. The festival organisers say: ‘Imagine a group of wonderful people in a place surrounded by beautiful nature, tasty organ ...

tantra yoga teacher training

28 Day Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course

25 August-21 September 2024 | Southern Italy

An opportunity to become a Tantra Yoga teacher! The teacher training organisers say: ‘JOIN US FOR A PROFOUND, LIFE-CHANGING, TANTRA YOGA TEACHER TRAINING EXPERIENCE. This 240 hour Teacher Traini ...

awaken as love

Awaken as Love Stage 1 Training

28 August-2 September 2024 | The Netherlands

Awaken as Love in the Netherlands this summer! The retreat organisers say: ‘The Awaken as Love Initiation is a journey open to everyone – it begins with a choice to go on an adventure that wil ...


sexuality retreat

Schwelle Festival

9-13 October 2024 | Zell am See, Austria

The Schwelle Festival is a great place to explore..   The festival organisers say: ‘Lets come together again to celebrate, explore and learn in the sphere of consciousness, love and healthy ...