Tantra festivals are growing in Europe as people increasingly look to expand their sexual horizons and embrace a deeper sensuality in their relationships. After all, who isn't interested in learning how to have better sex, how to feel more at home in their bodies, how to learn what it really is to be intimate with their partners? That's why we're running the Festival of Sensuality (21-28 August, 2022 in the Czech Republic) Sensuality Festival Set beside a glorious villa with a beautiful forest all around, the Festival of Sensuality will bring together 100 people for a week of workshops to do with sexuality, consent, dance, intimate expression, gender, communicating emotion, body awareness and authentic relationships, as well as yoga, freeing the voice, contact improv and whatever workshops the participants also choose to make. There will be discussion circles at night in the big tipis and music and dance around the fire as we go wild without any alcohol or drugs, just getting high on the communal spirit! The festival will take place in nature but with the support of the comfort of the villa for bathrooms and showers :) Check out www.sensualityfestival.com to learn more!   Anyway you may be wondering  what is a tantra festival? If you're just looking to get laid then Tantra events probably aren't for you. There's nothing wrong with that but you're better off getting drunk and lucky at a bigger festival if that's what you're after. Tantra festivals instead emphasise presence, connection and intimacy through sex. Some require you to come with a partner while others are open to individuals but make sure there's an equal balance of women and men. And if that's not enough for you, here is a list of some international tantra festivals going on around the world.  

Tantra Festivals in 2022


tantra retreat i portugal

Tantra consciousness with Homa and Mukto

10-15 May 2022 | Awakeland, Portugal

This May internationally renowned meditation and tantra teachers, Homa and Mukto, will visit Awakeland, for the first time. It will be a great opportunity to work with them. They will take you on a jo ...


portugal tantra retreat

Portugal Tantra Experience

3-8 June 2022 | Portugal

An opportunity to dive into the world of tantra at the Awakeland centre in the beautiful Portuguese countryside. In June 2022, the beautiful European hillsides of Awakeland Portugal will be transforme ...

Portugal Tantra Festival

3-8 June 2022 | Awakeland, Portugal

Awakeland, in South Portugal, hosts in an incredible location the Portugal Tantra Festival. Just check out the video to get a feel for what it’s all about:  The organizers say: “The bea ...

tantra and surf retreat

So Life Method - Sacred Orgastic Life | Tantra & Surf Retreat

4-11 June 2022 | Loulé, Portugal

Who wouldn’t want to surf the sensual waves of their being – as well as the waves on a Portuguese beach? The tantra retreat organisers say: ‘Are you curious about Tantra and do you l ...

tantra retreat portugal

Awaken as Love Stage 1 in Portugal

10-17 June 2022 | Awakeland, Portugal

An opportunity to delve deeper into the world of Tantra at the Awakeland centre in Portugal. The tantra retreat organisers say: ‘The Awaken as Love Initiation is a journey open to everyone – i ...

polish tantra festival

X International Festival of Tantra, Consciousness, Shamanism and Relationship For Singles and Couples 

24 June-3 July 2022 | Nowe Kawkowo, Poland

Tantra festivals are on the rise in Europe and the X International Festival of Tantra, Consciousness, Shamanism and Relationship for Singles and Couples at the “Here and Now Center” in Pol ...


Czech Tantra Festival

1-6 July 2022 | Vysočina, Czech Republic

They offer 15 presenters and 75 hours of workshops… a lot to learn. Don’t forget to take advantage of a discount of 40 euros with early bird tickets. The organisers say: “We invite y ...

tantric bliss festival in amsterdam

The Odessa Amsterdam Tantric Bliss Festival

13-17 July 2022 | Amsterdam, Holland

The Odessa Amsterdam Tantric Bliss Festival www.amsterdamtantricblissfestival.com In Amsterdam, Holland from 13 July to 17 July 2022 ★ Are you open to discover new dimensions within yourself? ★ wi ...

yoga teaching

Iyengar Yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Tantra Retreat 50h Yacep

18-24 July 2022 | Hospedería del Silencio, Sierra de Gredos in the Mountains of Spain

The way you live daily life is the key factor in determining the health and quality of your experience. It is also the factor over which you have the most control. You can’t control the weather ...

Sacred Earth Festival

21-24 July 2022 | Fagervik, Finland

We’re big fans of events that keep it small and beautiful, and Sacred Earth Festival does just that. The festival organisers say: “From the start in 2018 our vision has been to create a fe ...

Angsbacka Tantra Festival

26-31 July 2022 | Molkom, Sweden

Angsbacka is a centre for spiritual festivals and events in Sweden and it’s been running since 1996. It hosts the Sexsibility Festival and also this tantra festival. Nice work if you can get it. ...

tantric love with Margot Anand

The secrets of tantric love with Margot Anand

26-31 July 2022 | Awakeland, Portugal

The retreat organisers say: ‘We are delighted to share with you another internationally acclaimed tantra teacher who will be joining in at Awakeland this summer. In July, Margot Anand will be he ...


Tantra Yacht

6-13 August 2022 | Croatia

Tantra on…a yacht 🙂 The tantra retreat organizers say: ‘We are taking you to the Mediterranean cruise where we are not only able to infuse you into the astounding beauty of the Adriatic ...

tantra festival in France

Tantra Festival France – Natural High

14-21 August 2022 | France

Unique in the world! An intimate festival accepting just 65 like-minded participants, facilitated by 10 Tantra teachers offering more then 8 workshops daily for you to choose from.  Throughout this e ...

tantra in Holland

Awaken as Love Stage 1 in Holland

19-25 August 2022 | Holland

In case Portugal is too far for you to travel, there’s also Tantra training in Holland this summer. The tantra retreat organisers say: ‘The Awaken as Love Initiation is a journey open to e ...

sensuality festival

The Festival of Sensuality

21-28 August 2022 | Czech Republic

Have you ever thought about going to a tantra festival but it seemed a bit too mystical? Have you ever thought about going to a sex-positive festival but it seemed a bit too kinky? Would you like to g ...

Tantra 4 Gay Men TantraLove Festival

27-31 August 2022 | Glastonbury, UK

Why should tantra be only for heterosexuals? The festival organisers say: “Everyone needs a place where they can freely express themselves. The TantraLove Festival is an annual event where gay a ...


tantra and yoga retreat

7 Day Integral Yoga, Tantra, and Breathwork Retreat

19-25 September 2022 | near Barcelona, Spain

An opportunity to dive deeper into the essence of tantra and yoga through breath in Catalonia. The retreat organisers say: ‘Take this time to awaken your connection to self, other, and nature. W ...

Tantra festival spain

Creative Spirituality: Festival of Devotional Arts

28 September-2 October 2022 | Barcelona, Spain

Connect to self, other, and spirit through creativity, community, and embodiment. This gathering is about being active and creative participants in the mystery of life. Anyone with an interest in art ...


To be confirmed: Tantra Festival

22-23 October 2022 | Prague, Czech Republic

The 2021 edition is planned to be in August but the exact dates are not announced yet.  Whatever else the merits of the Tantra Festival might be it must be one of the cheapest tanra festivals in Euro ...

To be confirmed: Ibiza Tantra Festival 

24-29 October 2022 | Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza Tantra Festival has a lot to offer (more than 45 workshops and 35 teachers!) and of course, an excellent location. The organizers say: “Enjoy the experience at a luxury resort exclusively ...


tantra retreat in Holland

Desire & Intimacy Retreat

18-20 November 2022 | Holland

At the heart of our relationships is the desire for intimacy and authenticity. This retreat in Holland opens those doors. The retreat organisers say: ‘During this retreat we will learn what inti ...

sweden tantra festival

To be confirmed: Stockholm Tantra Festival

30-30 November 2022 | Online

The Stockholm Tantra Festival features a wide range of international teachers who all look suitably ecstatic, wise and otherwise sexually enlightened, going by their profile photos. But then all tantr ...