Small, cool festivals in Greece

Here’s a small list of festivals and events in Greece:

Spiral Knights Eco-Fest is an off-grid, sustainability-conscious festival where you can attend seminars and workshops on multiple topics related to environment, sustainability and health. Also art events and endless music will be present. It is held in September.

Elysia Yoga Convention is in beautiful Amorgos Island. As a result, each day you will be practicing in front of stunning views and will get the chance to explore and hike through pristine nature while advancing your knowledge of yoga. It starts on March 29th.

Sunny Hoop Fest is a good choice if your idea of a holiday includes hooping. You can combine relaxing on a stunning island with hooping and learn new tricks and meet other hoopers. We don’t know the 2019 dates yet but ‘hooping’ they will be announced soon.

5 Day Spring Celebration Ritual Yoga and Dance Retreat will be held in Seliana. It is a short retreat which offers dance, music, voice and meditation in addition to yoga. It is in May.

7 Day Wellness, Yoga, Nutrition and Mindfulness Retreat prioritize holistic wellbeing. They offer yoga, mindfulness, capoeira, balanced eating workshops, high-intensity training and massage therapy. It starts on July 28th.

4 Day Yoga & Wellness Retreat will be held in world-renowned Santorini. In addition to practicing yoga, you will get the chance to attend guided tours in which you can learn more about the island and taste local foods and wines. And who can “no” to an hour-long massage after a long island tour? It is in September.


Bigger Festivals in Greece

Other festivals and events in Greece that we can’t necessarily vouch for include:

Athens-Epidaurus Festival is an annual, two months-long arts festival. Its program consists of theatrical performances, music, visual arts and dance. It will start on June 5th.

Kalymnos Climbing Festival offers climbing workshops, day trips to explore the area and music. Greece is one of the best places for a climbing festival with its nice weather and suitable nature for climbing. Especially Kalymnian landscape offers excellent climbing spots with its rocky landscape. Its 2019 dates are still unknown.

Sani Gourmet Festival If you enjoy learning about cultures through their cuisine as well, you may find this one interesting. During this festival, best chefs around Greece will come together to create their dishes. Workshops will help you to awaken your inner chef. It will be held in May.


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