Soria Gathering

Soria Gathering is an electronic dance music festival with workshops to renew your energy source whether you decide on yoga, breath work, and sound healing or all three to unwind and renew your energy. There are chill-out areas, sun ceremonies significant to the Nordic traditions, and hike options in this stunning location. This festival is immersed in the wild landscape of Værøy.

soria gatheing festival

The organizers say:

“A pilgrimage to the north,where the sun never sets”.

“We consider our dance floors as core elements of the festival journey. There will be fire, there will be art, there will be movement – there will be bass! And in the Center of it, you!”

“Replenish your energy levels. Join us for yoga,breath work or wind down with a sound-healing session”.

Being at Værøy  is an immersive experience with raw nordic nature. The site an art piece in itself, go for an adventure, wander about and explore.All there to bring your attention to the present moment”

Learn more about the Soria Gathering here.