Hula hoop festivals are where you really feel free to become as a child again, learning great new tricks and performing with others at the hooping gatherings.


Hula Hoop in 2023


Hoopscotch (Scottish Hula Hoop Festival) Scotland

Hoopscotch (Scottish Hula Hoop Festival)

13-14 April 2023 | Perthshire, Scotland (dates to be confirmed)

Hoopscotch (Scottish Hula Hoop Festival) is a celebration of the hula hooping community with world-class performances and workshops. The organisers say: ‘An intimate weekend of hooping, cabaret, ...


TADAH Hoop Intensive Turkey

TADAH Hoop Intensive

25-28 May 2023 | Antalya, Turkey

TADAH Hoop Intensive is a hooping holiday in the beautiful surroundings of Antalya, Turkey. Hoop and relax at this all-inclusive week-long event. The organisers say: ‘Come and learn from two of ...


Get the Ring Hulahoop Convention Switzerland

Get the Ring: Hulahoop Convention Switzerland

22-24 September 2023 | Wetzikon, Switzerland

Get the Ring: Hulahoop Convention Switzerland is a gathering of hula hoopers close to Zurich. Join the adventure! The organisers say: ‘Hula Hoop Dance gives your life that extra spark! 1000 poss ...