To be confirmed: Angsbacka Tantra Festival

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event…

Angsbacka is a centre for spiritual festivals and events in Sweden and it’s been running since 1996. It hosts the Sexsibility Festival and also this tantra festival. Nice work if you can get it.

The organizers of the tantra festival say:

“In the very center of the festival is you, and your relation to your energy! Can you embrace and affirm all sides of yourself? What do you need to feel safe enough to truly dare to meet? Both yourself and others.

People of all ages come from all corners of the world come to Ängsbacka Tantra Festival, to explore the various tantric techniques that the program offers. It is a unique experience and we have collected tantra teachers from all branches and traditions. From the classic tantra, to shamanic sexuality and neo tantra. You meet the world’s foremost teachers and it’s easy to choose the intensity and challenges you want from the workshops by consulting the codes in the schedule. It does not matter if you come to the festival completely without experience or with your own tantric practice. There is something here for everyone.”

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