Fall in CI

There is not much to do during the cold November days… Fall CI saves the day. The weather is good, CI community is active and there is a lot they offer. The organizers say: “What? ‘Fall in CI’ is an intensive gathering around Contact Improvisation (CI); a research and exchange meeting through the dance form. […] » read more

Contact by the Sea

Contact by the Sea will encourage you “not-doing” (wei-wu-wei in the Chinese of Lao Tzu)… Sometimes the simplest thing is the hardest. The organizers say: “Is it a whole week of Contact improvisation by the sea! To sum up the invitation : firsts parts of the days will be dedicated to enjoy summer & local wonders […] » read more

Dancing Date Georgian Contact Improvisation Festival

In case you needed an excuse to travel to Georgia… The CI festival organisers say: ‘This is a festival of Contact Improvisation that brings together people from all over the world and unites various types of contemporary art. ‘Sound, text, color and form are going to be embodied in us during an unforgettable week spent […] » read more

Silent Contact Improvisation Festival

The organizers say: “We are happy to invite you again to a beautiful village of Gomarduli for a 3-d edition od Silent Contact Festival Intensives 2020 – Alicia Grayson (USA) – Tim O’Donnel (USA) Classes 2020 – Asaf Bachrach (France) – Dorte Bjerre Jensen (Denmark) – Katya Basalaeva (Siberia) – Claus Springborg (Denmark) Stay tuned! […] » read more

Desert Contact Almeria

The organizers say (according to Google Translate): “Five days of transformation, relaxation, enjoyment in nature, meet new people, dare, eat healthy, see the stars, do different things, leave your comfort zone, leave shame aside, connect with your body, With your voice and your senses, … A proposal for all bodies, all ages and all levels.” […] » read more

Body Love Festival

Registration will open in January! The organizers say: “Music of international artists. Workshops Contact Improvisation, Tribal Shake, Urban dance, Body Mind Centering, Acro Yoga, Fluent Body, Ecstatic dance. Singing circles, Concerts Holistic healing area, Rap Freestyle, landart installations & Organic food. In our holisitc healing area in the magical garden you will find Fire Rituals, […] » read more

Netherlands Contact Improvisation Festival

The organizers say: “A yearly festival where people and dancers from all over the Netherlands and abroad are coming together to create a dancing community that explores and play with this beautiful art/dance form.” Learn more about Netherlands Contact Improvisation Festival.

Transoceanic Contact Improvisation Festival

The organizers say: “TOCIF is a dance festival for the research and practice of Contact Improvisation. It takes place on the island of Bornholm, Denmark, as the meeting point for people from all over the world, with emphasis on creating connection to Latinamerica. We are excited to again share this Contact Improvisation experience on the […] » read more

EmBODYment Contact Improvisation Festival

The organizers say: “An invitation to dive deep into the body and flair awareness times quite arrive in itself. The nervous system gets space and time, deeply to regulate between the needs for rest and regenerien on one, and play and celebrate on the other side. Incarnation as a gateway and base for attachment to […] » read more

Wroclaw Contact Improvisation Festival

Wroclaw Contact Improvisation Festival is one of the leading contact improvisation festivals in Poland. The organizers say: “The festival, which has been taking place in Wrocław since 2010, has grown into an important national event, which with its unique character and open formula attracts both amateurs and professionals in the field of dance and related. […] » read more

Ecstatic Dance Fest

(2020 dates to be confirmed) Ecstatic Dance Fest offers sets of ecstatic dance, yoga sessions, contact improvisation classes, massage jams, breathworks, experimental theater, live music and many more. What can be better than finding your own flow and following it across the trees at the top of the mountains? Ecstatic Dance gives a chance to express yourself spontaneously and […] » read more

In-Touch Berlin Contact Improv Festival

Berlin has tons of dance events going on and this contact improv festival features live music during the jam sessions. The festival organisers say: ‘Working with experiential somatic disciplines and Contact Improvisation in warm water and on the dance floor. The teachers offer skill building intensives, classes & labs. Discovering where movement arises, bringing it […] » read more

Leipzig Contact Improvisation

Dates To Be Announced Leipzig Contact Improvisation organizers say: “Come for 3 days of very affordable dancing in Leipzig! A straightforward little contact festival with classes and jams. A diverse group of classes will be led by Leipzig-based contact improvisation teachers during the day on Saturday and Sunday. Evening Jams on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday […] » read more

Israeli Contact Festival

(2018 dates to be confirmed) The Israeli Contact Festival organizers say: “The Israeli Contact Improvisation Festival has three different parts, each with its unique atmosphere and style: CI on the road, The GreenHouse and City Time – TLV. You can Join for one part, two parts, or all. The Greenhouse in beautiful Kibbutz Kfar Blum […] » read more

Cercanias Contact Festival

Dates To Be Announced The Cercanias Contact Festival organizers say (according to Google Translate) : “The festival of contact improvisation: Cercanías, was born with the initiative to offer an annual meeting point for practitioners, organizers and teachers of CI, who are in the area developing their work, after observing an increase in displacements among the […] » read more

Echo Echo Contact Improvisation Festival

The Echo Echo Contact Improvisation Festival organizers say: “We are interested in and appreciate the natural desire as humans to move and be moved, to celebrate the joy of simply dancing together or on your own. So we warmly invite you to come and join us in a week of dancing! This year we decided […] » read more

Shdema Contact Camp

Dates To Be Announced The Shdema Contact Camp organizers say: “Living in a 5 Acre Farm In Moshav Shdema in the South Center Israel. We use the fertile soil to grow some of our food and develop a food forest based on permaculture principles. We spend our days building, dreaming, practicing yoga, meditation, contact dance, […] » read more

Madrid Contact Improvisation Festival

The Madrid Contact Improvisation Festival organizers say: “We will work with strategies — mundane and magic — to diligently coordinate our bodies with physics as we practice being in and out of physical contact with one another in shifting constellations, configurations, and contexts. Technical skills will be central in order to activate truly improvisational dancing […] » read more

Siberian Contact Improv Festival

Registration for the festival will open on February 1. The Siberian Contact Improv Festival organizers say (according to Google Translate): “9 days of immersion in practice is the possibility of a quality reboot, through movement, through dance, through being together. This is an opportunity to leave for a while from the space of conditional connections […] » read more

Catalonian Contact Festival

The Catalonian Contact Festival organizers say: “7 days of contact improvisation in a quiet and cozy atmosphere. Contact Improvisation classes offer by teachers working in Spain. Jams full of dance with live music. Healthy and vegetarian food in a beautiful and comfortable space, made with love. Dance structures coming from the practice of contact like […] » read more