To be confirmed: Winter Snowboard & Contact Festival

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event… Winter Snowboard & Contact Festival organizers say: “Hey, contact dancer! We are going to meet in a cozy wooden studio surrounded by mountains and forests to dance, to talk, to investigate and to have fun together. We will dive into open exploration […] » read more

To be confirmed: Hungarian Contact Improvisation Festival

hungary contact improvisation festival

A cosy contact improvisation festival in Hungary for just 60 dancers. The organisers say: “We will celebrate Contact Improvisation and deepen together into our practise during 6 days surrounded by nature. This is an opportunity to gather the hungarian community and to welcome international dancers. The festival is settling year by year and we are […] » read more

To be confirmed: Portugal Contact Improv Festival

portugal CI festival

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event… The Portugal Contact Improv Festival invites you to come early to help set up with the camp and stay afterwards for a kind of after-party taking the contact improv onto the beach! The festival organisers say: “The Portugal Contact Festival explores in […] » read more

To be confirmed: Berlin Contact Improv Festival

CI festival in berlin

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event… The festival organisers say: “We warmly invite you to the Contact Improvisation Festival in Berlin! This unique and warm event for the contact community gives us lots of opportunities to be together, dance, celebrate, sing, eat, share and invite the new year […] » read more

Contact Bucharest Festival

(2020 dates to be confirmed) The Contact Bucharest Festival organizers say: “Our desire is to create each year a framework for learning and practicing Contact Improvisation as an art and dance form. We invite experienced teachers and dancers to facilitate the process through intensive classes, workshops, discussions, laboratories and jam sessions structured in a detailed […] » read more

Valencia Contact Improv Festival

The Valencia Contact Improv Festival organizers say: “The IV VICI FEST. contents´ will unfold to guaranty enjoyment and learning, both at human and technical levels. We have planned a stimulating variety of teaching styles and a dynamic transit through different class formats. There will be space and time to benefit from the resources of the natural […] » read more

To be confirmed: Ukraine Contact Improvisation Festival (Dancefulness)

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event… The Ukraine Contact Improvisation Festival organizers say: “Festival is a natural way for us to become a part of the Dance, no matter how skilled in Contact Improvisation you are… Days full of dance, nature, river, sauna, singing around the fireplace,live music […] » read more

Snow Surf Contact Jam Festival

ukraine contact improv festival

We love this one. Contact improv in the Carpathian Mountains of the Ukraine. Looks like a really cosy, intimate, special CI festival at a time of year when not much else is going on! The organisers say: ‘Seven days of contact impro jams and laboratories, snowboarding, skiing, music, bodywork, sauna singing, tea ceremonies, art and […] » read more

To be confirmed: Israeli Contact Improvisation Festival

israeli contact festival

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event… When Europe has been cold and miserable for ages, Christmas is coming and it’s too early to join us in the Sahara, then you can always hop over to Israel for their December contact improvisation festival. The Israeli Contact Fest is divided […] » read more

Contact Festival Austria

Dates To Be Announced What can one say about contact festivals that hasn’t already been said? You move about, you make contact with other humans, rolling on the floor happens, smiles emerge, and everyone goes home feeling rejuvenated about dancing their name. We’ll just let their video take it away: The organizers say: “We want […] » read more

Warsaw Flow – International Contact Improvisational Festival

As far as we can tell this festival isn’t a sleepover but rather a show up each day, dance your little heart out, and then re-enter Warsaw’s streets to share what you’ve learned over a Pracownia piwa. We could be wrong. Either way, if contact dance is your thing, this festival looks set to provide […] » read more

To be confirmed: Freiburg Contact Improvisation Festival

contact improvisatin festival freiburg

Freiburg is known as one of Germany’s most alternative town and if you want to sink into the contact improvisation practice then a week in August might not be a bad bet. The organisers say: “The contactfestival freiburg is an annual event, which supports and facilitates an international exchange of the dance form Contact Improvisation. […] » read more

Budapest Contact Improvisation Festival

kontakt budapest festival

Kontakt Budapest is Hungary’s biggest contact improvisation festival though they’ve yet to give out a date for this June – they indicated on the website that they will continue this summer so let’s see. The above video was to promote last year’s contact festival and if it’s a similar affair this time round then there […] » read more

Italy Contact Festival

italy contact improvisation festival

Set in a little historical town in the heart of Italy, the Italy Contact Festival is where to go to connect with the Italian contact improvisation scene. There will be teachers from around the world with various backgrounds in dance, choreography, aerial acrobatics. Learn more about the Italy Contact Festival.

Skiing on Skin Contact Improv Festival

skiiing on skin contact improv finland

Skiing on skin isn’t the first image that comes to mind when make contact improvisation dance – for one thing there are no tracks left on you afterwards and you don’t fall over quite so much. At least not on purpose. The festival has a bunch of classes on unlocking the creative potential of the […] » read more

Valencia Contact Improvisation Festival

(2020 dates to be confirmed) The Vici Fest is a where you can roll and tumble for four days of contact improvisation dance in south-east Spain. The Vici Festival envisions contact improvisation as a symbolic, creative practice that embraces equality and respect. The festival is open to dancers of every level who come willing to […] » read more

Road Junky Sahara Retreats in Morocco

morocco yoga retreat

If you’ve ever fancied visiting the Sahara Desert and experiencing a meditation, dance and yoga retreat deep in the sand dunes then the Sahara retreat in Morocco could be for you. 20 travelers gather for a week in the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert for a week of yoga, meditation, contact improvisation dance, storytelling, […] » read more