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Cool Retreats in Europe

Here’s a selection of  yoga retreats, meditation retreats and dance workshops plus some retreat centres in Europe.

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The Road Junky Sahara Retreat
20-26 January and 17-23 February, 2019, in Morocco

We organise our own retreats in the Sahara Desert each winter. One is a meditation and joy of dance retreat, while the other is a contact improv and yoga retreat. Both retreats feature storytelling, music and singing around the fire as we camp in traditional Berber tents under the full moon deep inside the sand dunes.

Learn more about our meditation and yoga retreats in Morocco.

The Festival of Creativity 
21 June – 1 July, 2019 in the Czech Republic

The Festival of Creativity is small enough that it feels like a retreat with just 100 people, no phones and loads of creative workshops on and acoustic music around the fire. There are classes on meditation, dance, yoga, singing, theatre, art, music and many, many more things to experience and learn.

Learn more about the Road Junky Festival of Creativity! 


Retreat Centres

Still looking for inspiration?
We’re slowly putting together a list of permanent retreat centres where you can take courses, visit or volunteer.

The Lumi Association in the Postignano Castle, Perugia, Italy

In a setting amid pristine nature and historic architecture, the Lumi Association has its home in the Postignano Castle where it runs diverse  courses, seminars and events directed to an international audience.

Founded by professionals from the fields of music, literature, photography, film, journalism, visual arts, teaching, publishing, performing arts, green architecture, new technologies, international cooperation, the Lumi Association at once attracts people from all over the world to take part in its inspiring program, and also breathes life into the forgotten village.

Learn more about the Lumi Asssociation!


Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

In their words:

The Findhorn Foundation and surrounding community at The Park, Findhorn and at Cluny Hill in Forres, is a vibrant, creative home to more than 400 people from all over the world. Together, and with the thousands of people who visit each year, we are exploring the challenge and task of creating new ways of living to promote:

              • inner listening and self-knowledge
              • peaceful relationships
              • cooperation with nature
              • sustainability on all levels’

Learn more about the Findhorn Foundation.


Ängsbacka Course Center, Sweden

Angsbacka is, in their own words: ‘Ängsbacka is among the most important meeting places in Scandinavia for people who want to live a more conscious life, live from the heart and care for our planet.’

angsbacka tantra center sweden

There are courses, workshops and festivals going on throughout the year at this rural location in Sweden with a strong focus on tantra, sensuality and dance (they even have a tantra festival) and while it’s run as a limited company you can actually join it and become part of the center. Or run your own course there. Or just go and volunteer.

Learn more about Angsbacka!

2 Wheels 4 Change and Jonglirium

These Berlin circus and art collectives have been making inspiring projects for years now, riding their way through Eastern Europe and Mongolia, making circus shows in orphanages, refugee camps, small villages and anywhere they can find an audience.

They have many projects on the go and are open for you to get involved!

Learn more about 2Wheels4Change and Jonglirium!

Gaga Dance Workshops

Gaga is a dance movement originating in Israel and now they make gaga workshops across Europe.

It’s a little hard to define what separates it from ecstatic dance or aspects of contemporary dance but what’s apparent is how it has inspired thousands of people to explore the joy of movement and unlock an innate desire and ability to dance.

Learn more about Gaga dance and movement workshops.


Tanzfabrik, Berlin

The Tanzfabrik (“dance factory” is a creative centre in Berlin offering ongoing workshops, courses and performances. In particular they offer the chance to immerse yourself for a concentrated period in the world of dance.

tanzfabrik berlin dance

They say: ‘Tanzfabrik offers four intensive workshop seasons each year: Oster-, Sommer-, Herbst- und Winter Tanz. Each season has their own particular atmosphere and features a unique combination of experienced and international teachers engaging in current topics of the dance world. Suitable for all levels from complete beginner to professional and with both participants and teachers ranging across several generations, our intensive workshop programmes welcome anyone curious to actively engage with the range of dance forms, bodywork and performance techniques available today within contemporary dance.’

Learn more about the Tanzfabrik in Berlin!

Bont’s Clown School

bonts clown schoolEric de Bont has been teaching the art of clowning for decades and has established his own school on the island of Menorca where, along with other teachers of music and dance, he offers intensive clown seminars exploring the arts of improvisation and spontaneous humour through transparency and vulnerability.

There are also from time to time clown courses offered in different locations in Europe.

They say: ‘BONT’s is a small but professional International Center fully focused and dedicated to the beautiful art of clowning, a place where people from all continents meet, work together, attend classes and develop their own authentic Clown and show their work in an atmosphere full of humanity and with a very big heart.’

Learn more about the Bont’s Clown School



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