Space Safari

space safari festival

Space Safari almost certainly involves exploring your inner space in the Ardennes Foret with the help of some friendly chemicals. The festival organisers say: ‘Dance through dimensions & explore the magic of mind expanding psytrance. We are set for a multi dimensional journey through expansive music, expressive dance, explosive good vibes and visual delight!’ Learn […] » read more

To be Confirmed: Shankra Festival

Shankra Festival is an opportunity to party high up in Switzerland. The festival organizers say: “Music is the ultimate and fundamental core of our Festival. Get an insight of the musical journey you will experience on the three dance floors, covering the wide spectrum of Psychedelic Trance Music.” “Our festival is not exclusively about music. […] » read more

Kosmos Festival

Kosmos Festival is an extremely popular electronic music fest in the Finnish nature. The festival organizers say: “Kosmos Festival is a gathering of a wide variety of people. The program offers anything from wild drum’n’bass and techno to all kinds of psytrance and, of course, our national heritage – suomisaundi. The newly organized Oasis area […] » read more

Outlook Origins

Outlook Origins will be a festival you will enjoy if you like sun and music. It is basically a big beach party with good music. There will be many live sets. The organizers say: “Now situated just down the coast, The Garden Resort sits in its own private bay with an amazing beachfront, hosting a […] » read more

Modem Festival (Momento Demento)

Modem Festival has been going strong for years, and still on its way towards creating an unforgettable psychedelic experience. The organizers say: “A positive, festive and persevering spirit was the thing that kept us pushing. Let’s keep it that way! In cooperation with our DeltaProcess collective, we prepared special visuals for our last V/A compilation. […] » read more

Dakini Festival

(2020 dates to be confirmed) If you are partial to frolicking around on virgin beaches, dancing, music and company of like-minded souls, seasoned with a spiritual undercurrent, Dakini Festival might just be the gathering you’d consider visiting. See for yourself: The arrangers say: “Our mission is to create a memorable event on the Black Sea […] » read more

Masters Of Puppets Open Air Festival

Despite the sinister sci-fi sounding name, the Masters Of Puppets Open Air Festival seems to be rather benevolent creatures who go in for sustainability, charity and musical vibrations. The team behind the festival consists of three Viennese event and music labels – Kodama, Psygsichta and Masters Of Puppets. The organisers say: “Masters of Puppets is a […] » read more

UFO Bufo Festival

UFO Bufo encourages good old-fashioned face-to-face communication as their festival location provides a natural digital detox (in two words – no coverage). So why not challenge oneself? We also find their theme song rather charming. The festival organizers say: “Since 2013, we participate in an event, which became one of the biggest Czech psytrance festivals […] » read more

Psychedelic Experience Festival

What to expect from Psychedelic Experience Open Air Festival? The organisers promise severe sleep deprivation due to dance floor activities and 2033 lakes in the area. Considering the season, 2,033,033,033 mosquitoes might also decide to join the fun. The festival organisers say: “For more than 70 hours on two stages, we will stretch the boundaries […] » read more

Hai in den Mai Festival

Magic forest, magic creatures and judging by the photographs always sunny weather – admittedly Hai in den Mai seems like great fun. Also, on an unrelated note – they have the most beautiful Miyazaki-inspired website we’ve seen for quite a while. For 2021, 2020’s tickets will be valid as well. The festival organizers say: “In […] » read more

Own Spirit Festival

Back when we were young and frying our brains on liquid LSD, trance music was all about the inner journey, turning the dance floor into one big shamanic space and seeing just how far you could push your consciousness. Not many of us survived, unsurprisingly, and these days trance festivals often seem to blend the […] » read more

Ozora Psychedelic Festival

ozora festival hungary

Ok, Ozora is a big festival and mostly we’re about small events and gatherings on this site but as long as you don’t think psytrance music should have remained in the 20th century and would rather listen to music that sounds good even when you’re not on drugs, then you might enjoy the acts at […] » read more

Goadupa Psytrance Festival

Dates To Be Announced The Goadupa Festival lacks a website of its own and that points towards more of a party than a festival in this spectacular mountain setting. The word Goa in the title hints at the predominance of psytrance music and we suspect that’s the main draw. Here’s a slightly shaky and blurred video […] » read more

To be confirmed: Freekuency Festival

freekuency festival portugal

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event… Freekuency Festival is a springtime festival in Portugal on a pay-as-you-like entry system. So you can imagine there are some pretty free-spirited people behind this festival and it’s amazing they pull it off each year. There are various stages featuring live music, […] » read more

Yaga Gathering

The Yaga Gathering is a psychedelic open-air gathering held in Lithuania each year. The festival first started in 2003 and has slowly grown since then. It’s the usual New Age and pagan themes with a total absence of advertisement or brand names. The Yaga Gathering is a combination of alternative lifestyle, music and arts. Events […] » read more