The MicroBurn is a not-for-profit community which is inspired by Burning Man principles and wants to make events that are run with this sort of ethos accessible to the people in more Northern areas of England and the UK. We began in 2014 and have now built together several events forging a growing community across […] » read more

Burning Nest Festival

A Burning Man event, a celebration of human creativity, a spontaneous community and a place for radical self expression. The theme for 2020 is… The patterns of chaos! The festival organisers say: “At Nest we have no visitors, no spectators. We only have participants. Our Nest is determined by the participants who create it. And […] » read more

Nowhere Festival

A Burning Man event. What happens at Nowhere? A lot of things! Basically, what happens and what is there is what you bring with YOU, what YOU want to share. And, what the others participants want to share. This can be an art project, performance project, innovation project, workshop, event, art-car, barrio.. The festival organisers […] » read more

Where the Sheep Sleep Festival

Where the Sheep Sleep is a Burning Man event. The participants make the event what it is. That means YOU are in charge of your own experience! It is an opportunity for everyone to be the most amazing and unexpected version they can be! The festival organisers say: “Where The Sheep Sleep is more than just […] » read more

Barcelona Burning Bash

The Barcelona Burning Bash (BBB) is a yearly co-created event inspired by the ethos of Burning Man and Nowhere. This event is organized by the Barcelona Burning Man Community. The festival organisers say: “ Set on a beautiful piece of land in southern Catalonia, BBB is a place to explore, connect, and play with old friends and […] » read more

Big Burn Istanbul

Big Burn Istanbul is a new one and it looks like a fun one. The festival organizers say: “The newest and the biggest electronic music festival of Istanbul, Turkey. Follow us to stay updated for the upcoming Big Burn Istanbul taking place at Suma Beach from 20 to 22nd of July and other nights around the […] » read more

Irish Decompression (Burning Man)

irish decompression burning man festival

Dates To Be Announced From what we can make out, this is an Irish version of Burning Man with the chance for artists and performers to come as participants and infused with Celtic spirit. The organisers say: ‘Ladies and gentiles, boys and girls, people and persons, lads and lassies. We are go for launch! We […] » read more

Spark Liberosis

For many of us the original Burning Man in the US is just a bit too far away and perhaps there’s a feeling that we wish we’d gone 20 years ago… Much of the founder Burning spirit might be found however in the regional Burns which now reach as far even as Austria where the […] » read more


midburn -israel's burning man

(2020 dates to be confirmed) Midburn is another Burning Man offshoot set in the desert in Israel and as you can see in the video it looks like a lot of fun. It’s another event with the spirit of everyone attending being a participant rather than a spectator and so it you want to get […] » read more

Burning Nest, A Celebration of Human Creativity

Nest is another gathering inspired by Burning Man, but they go their own way and sell ‘memberships’ rather than tickets to help everyone understand that it’s not about coming along and staring at a stage. The organisers say: “At Nest we have no visitors, no spectators. We only have participants. Our Nest is determined by […] » read more

Nowhere Festival

Nowhere Festival is Spain’s answer to Burning Man and is a week of music, art installations and strangeness out in the desert of Northern Spain. Similar to Burning Man, Nowhere Festival is based on the core principles of self-expression, nature, love and self-reliance. Nowhere is set in an amazing location but conditions can be tough. […] » read more