I Festival of Shamanism & Ancestral Traditions

Welcome to the most amazing festival of the year! The 1st International Festival of Shamanism and Ancestral Traditions at our “Here and Now” center is ahead of us! During 6 days of the wonderful Festival, you will be able to take part in shamanic ceremonies, workshops, lectures, meetings, rituals, concerts and individual sessions. In the […] » read more

Alchemy of Love Festival

alchemy of love festival 2024

A Gathering of Love and Connection. Discover the Alchemy of Love Festival: A Heart-Centered Community Experience. Imagine a life where authenticity, openness, and honesty lead the way to true freedom, vitality, and connection. You are invited to join us for a 5 day transformational wonderland co-created by like-minded, open-hearted souls Join us for an unforgettable […] » read more

Corfu Tantra Festival

tantra festival in Corfu

The Corfu Tantra Festival is your gateway to a realm of sensuality, grace, and energy. Immerse yourself in a cocoon of care and experience the transformative power of tantra. Step into a world of sensorial delight and profound connection at the Corfu Tantra Festival, Europe’s most anticipated event of its kind. Join us on the […] » read more

The Festival of Big Ideas

Imagine joining 50 – 60 other interesting people for a weekend of discussions and talks about life, the universe and everything…. And now imagine that you do it in a medieval castle! The Festival of Big Ideas is a new event where we talk about a wide variety of themes in a participatory atmosphere and […] » read more

Return to Primal Innocence – Eros as Medicine for Transformation

primal innocence retreat

A 5 day shamanic journey into Eros as Medicine. Learn the necessary skills to safely work with your body, emotions & sexual energy as a profound transformative teacher and guide. Shed your shame and journey with your shadows in order to discover the ecstatic innocence at the heart of your primal nature Eros is the […] » read more

Ecstatic Dance Winter Festival

Freiburg ecstatic dance festival

Welcome, this winter we will create a heartwarming space full of dance and liveness! Program – Every morning and evening Ecstatic Dance – Yoga – Singing Circles – Cacao Ritual – Workshops – Contact Improvisation – Kids Space Since we are together in this wonderful place all weekend, we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves […] » read more

Blackforest Ecstatic Dance Festival

ecstatic dance festival in the black forest in germany

We are looking forward to getting together for 4 days this summer. 4 days with lots of ecstatic dance (every morning and every evening). There will be yoga, a cacao ritual, singing circles, live music, workshops on contact dance, meditation, dance and authentic relating. This summer we have a new festival location in the middle […] » read more

Schwelle Festival

sexuality retreat

The Schwelle Festival is a great place to explore..   The festival organisers say: ‘Lets come together again to celebrate, explore and learn in the sphere of consciousness, love and healthy sexuality. In this exclusive event we create a retreat-like atmosphere with a carefully selected event program combined with the fun elements of a festival. […] » read more

BŪTĪBA | Solstice Dance and Music Festival To Be Confirmed

Butiba festival

True Celebration is born out of joy which is born deep within and then becomes a song, dance, laughter….and some tears of Gratitude. To be true, alive, shining in joy and love.   WHERE ARE YOU INVITED? BŪTĪBA | Solstice Dance and Music Festival is a lively, joyful, healing, self-inquiry event happening during four days […] » read more

Baltic Heart Tantra Festival

baltic heart tantra festival

The Baltic Tantric Festival is now in its 8th year! The festival organisers say: ‘Open your Heart – open your summer! Join the 7th Tantra festival in Latvia! – guided by highly experienced and World renowned Tantra teachers – meditation, celebration and living from the heart – Live music concerts, Ecstatic Dance, Parties and Love […] » read more

XII International Festival of Tantra, Consciousness and Relationship For Singles and Couples

Tantra festivals are on the rise in Europe and the XII International Festival of Tantra, Consciousness and Relationship for Singles and Couples at the “Here and Now Center” in Poland is at the forefront of these. The tantra festival organisers say: ‘Dear Participants! / Dear guests! We invite you to the most exciting festival of […] » read more

Poland Tantra Festival (spring edition)

tantric Poland festival

We cordially invite you to participate in an international POLAND TANTRA FESTIVAL held in MARCH 2024 in Poland 💕 .   🫶 WHEN: 12 – 17th March 2024 🫶 WHERE: Poland, Janów Podlaski Castle (around 2 hours from Warsaw) 🫶 PROGRAM: 5 days full of tantra workshops with great international Teachers 🤲 🫶 Language: All […] » read more

Intimacy Summer Camp

intimacy camp florida

💖 Welcome to Intimacy Summer Camp 2024…💖 A relational playground dedicated to the exploration of Intimacy, Embodiment, and Community!   What would be possible if you had 2 weeks to fully experience yourself as a loving, relational being — surrounded by a supportive group of fellow intimacy adventurers? ❤️️ How many blocks to love could […] » read more

Intimacy Winter Camp

intimacy camp

After many sold out Summer Camp’s, we’re thrilled to announce in 2024 we are expanding to include our inaugural WINTER CAMP in the USA – in the warm, tropical paradise of Florida!  What would be possible if you had 2 weeks to fully experience yourself as a loving, relational being — surrounded by a supportive […] » read more

The Festival of Musicality

Would you like to play more music? Would you like to learn more about how music works, what makes a good song, to discover new rhythms and harmonies? Would you like to learn from a community of amateur musicians sharing their skills, tips and tunes under the guidance of a team of professional musicians? Would […] » read more

Caia Tribe Gathering

caia gathering

The CAIA academy invites up to 300 people to celebrate life, nature, and the joy of being together with people at the Lebensgarten Steyerberg, one of the oldest eco-villages in Germany. The ‚CAIA Tribe Gathering‘ represents holistic awareness, community, creativity, sensitivity, authenticity, self-development, presence, appreciation, and sustainability.   Amidst the beautiful flora and fauna of […] » read more

Giocosamente Playfulness Festival

festival of play

A festival of playfulness! The festival organisers say: “Find your playfulness at Giocosamente Playfulness Festival, taking place from 28 June to 2 July 2023 in the picturesque Sabina area in Italy. Immerse yourself in a meeting of creative playfulness and spontaneous kindness, set amidst the beauty of nature. This vibrant festival is dedicated to the […] » read more

The Juneteenth Festival of Sovereignty To Be Confirmed

A day to remember, honour and celebrate! The festival organisers say: “We have done tremendous work in regaining and maintaining our sovereignty. It’s time to celebrate! Join this powerful line-up of creatives, change-makers and heart-led practitioners in contemplating and embodying sovereignty through yoga asana, guided meditation, crystal sound bath and more! Read and celebrate inspired […] » read more

Soul Tribe Solstice Festival To Be Confirmed

lighting bonfire

Disconnect from the digital world for 5 days of dancing, gathering, and feasting at Soul Tribe Solstice Festival. Immerse yourself in nature and find your tribe as you explore enchanting waterfalls and crystal pools on 200 acres of wild forests and meadows. Seek your real self in enlightening workshops and celebrate the summer solstice in […] » read more

Contango Festival Freiburg

contact tango

Kick off your shoes and join your fellow tango enthusiasts at Contango Festival Freiburg. The festival merges contact improvisation and tango to form one thrilling dance style. Enjoy live music while you learn from experienced guides on an open dance floor. The festival organisers say: “Here all dancers are invited to be dancing together with […] » read more