Alafresca Festival. Festival de cuentos, formas y colores

Amazing festival for the whole family, where you can let your emotions run free because everything here…. Counts! What the organizers say: “ Alafresca festival is a unique event for everybody, young and old, that mixes storytelling and a little bit of circus.” More information about Alafresca Festival here.

The Magic Word Festival

Come to a festival of narrative arts and engage in stories from different genres, in unusual formats and from unusual perspectives. This festival is organized every two years during epiphany time. What the organizers say: “Every two years on Epiphany, narrators from all over German-speaking countries and beyond come to Nuremberg and put their young […] » read more

Festival Interculturel du Conte de Chiny

The craziest tellers, as well as young talents come to put their stool in Chiny to the delight of greedy ears. Visit Chiny, which is called The City of Tales for a very good reason! What the organizers say: “Since 1990, the story is in the spotlight in the small rural town of Chiny. Every […] » read more

The New festival of Stories in Winter

Austria story lovers gather in this winter festival edition to warm up their spirits, join them and bring your own warm stories to share! What the organizers say: “Together with the Tourismusverband Region Bad Gleichenberg, high-quality narrative art will be presented in Bad Gleichenberg, Gnas, Kornberg Castle, and Straden: 16 artists from 11 nations will […] » read more

Austrian International Storytelling Festival

Austria opens like a book presenting the best stories of the region and around the world. Come, listen and let your imagination fly. What the organizers say: “For more than 30 years now, our festival has always been about telling stories, and in all the years of copying, expanding and, as a result, of constant […] » read more

The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival

An interesting festival that presents the best of the growing storytelling scene in the Netherlands and that has carefully curated the best performances of the year around the world. What the organizers say: “Whether you are addicted to love, alcohol, your own reflection or your smartphone… During The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival, you can confess it […] » read more

Settle Stories Festival

Come and join this wonderful event and help to change the world one story at a time. What the organizers say: “Expect a lot of magic and a good dash of mayhem! The Settle Stories Festival is returning to the idyllic Yorkshire Dales Market town of Settle. Be part of the story. “ Read more about […] » read more

Sting in the Tale, A Festival of Stories

A biennial festival of wonder and imagination, suitable for the young and the old, the small and the tall, the… well for those who yearn for a life full of adventures and magic. What the organizers say: “Audiences of all ages enjoyed a variety of storytelling events and performances, from encounters with dragons to shapeshifting […] » read more

Stealing Thunder Storytelling Festival

Come an enjoy of myths, fables, folktales, wonder tales, fairytales, poetry, songs all of it at no better place to enjoy a story; around a campfire. What the organizers say: “Fairytales for grown-ups, myths for kids, puppetry shows, music, workshops and campfire. Welcome to the brand new Stealing Thunder Storytelling Festival… …A single field in […] » read more

The Fifth East Anglian Storytelling Festival

A festival that encourages curiosity and creativity in kids and adults alike. What the organizers say: “The festival has something for everyone whether they be lifelong fans of storytelling or completely new to this wonderful art form.” More:

Festival at the Edge

A festival that can happen physically or virtually, organized by one of the oldest storytelling clubs in England, is here to share its story with you. What the organizers say: “At Festival at the Edge, we believe that storytelling is the most accessible of all art forms, both at an audience and at a participatory […] » read more

Oxford Storytelling Festival

A festival full of history and wonder, stories and magic, poetry and relaxing therapies.   What the organizers say: “We are creating a beautiful space where a community of people can come together and connect to each other and the stories of our lands. The theme of this year’s Oxford Storytelling Festival is ‘home and […] » read more

Beyond the Border Festival

Every two years, the Castle of St. Donats opens its doors to magic and imagination in a family-friendly festival, participate in workshops, attend to circus acts, puppet performances and much more! What the organizers say: “Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival is a magnificent weekend festival of stories and music from Wales and across the […] » read more

Mixed Reality Storytelling Festival

An experimental storytelling festival that mixes music, performance, and virtual reality, see how emerging artists combine old and new ways to tell their stories. What the organizers say: “The Festival is a variety of storytelling and mixed reality performances, workshops and talks with a focus on happiness in relation to identity, freedom and work.12 April […] » read more

Orkney Storytelling Festival

In Scotland when people congregate, they tend to argue, and discuss and reason; in Orkney, they tell stories. – George Mackay Brown. What a better place to tell your stories this October than Orkney. What the organizers say: “The Orkney Storytelling Festival is a celebration of the oral tradition in Orkney, with tales focusing on […] » read more

Samovafest Helsinki

A magical festival that promotes the art of storytelling in its many forms! What the organizers say: “International storytelling festival in Helsinki! The festival program consists of presentations, workshops and artists’ meetings from different angles. There is a program for adults and children. Some events are free and tickets can be purchased separately for each show […] » read more

Scottish International Storytelling Festival

This fall, come to Edinburgh and experience a festival beyond words where Scottish and Canadian storytellers will take your imagination into a journey of tradition, dance, and music. What the organizers say: “The 31st Scottish International Storytelling Festival features 60 events in Edinburgh and 22 throughout Scotland, with 20 international guests joining 60 Scottish artists to share old traditions and new connections, […] » read more

Hastings Storytelling Festival

Don’t miss a festival that is all about the spoken word, dance, puppetry, parades, theatre, talks, talks, and more talks. What the organizers say: “Since 2011 we’ve been on a mission to open the wonderful world of storytelling to everyone.” More about the festival here

Chimères, Braine-le-Comte

The art of narration will never stop taking us far, far away to worlds yet to invent! Come and enjoy 4 days of fantastic stories. Will you dare to tell your tale? What the organizers say: “A new festival to show the diversity and creativity of our storytellers: from traditional tales to contemporary creation. What […] » read more