Tantric Joy Festival

tantra festival

Join us to explore different types of tantra practices with 30 international facilitators, 40 workshops, 3 Temple Nights, Concerts, Performances, Ecstatic Dance! We will share, learn, dance and grow together in the beautiful city venue of Odessa Muiderpoort in Amsterdam. Enjoy those images of love and connection in the festival celebrated in the Summer of […] » read more

Tantric Joy Festival Winter Edition

tantra festival in holland

The festival organisers say: Join us to explore different types of tantra practices with 25 international facilitators, 35 workshops, 2 Temple Nights, Concerts, Performances & Ecstatic Dance! We will share, learn, dance and grow together in the beautiful city venue of Odessa Muiderpoort in Amsterdam. The theme of the Winter edition is Abundance. Enjoy those […] » read more

7 Day Integral Yoga, Tantra, and Breathwork Retreat

tantra and yoga retreat

An opportunity to dive deeper into the essence of tantra and yoga through breath in Catalonia. The retreat organisers say: ‘Take this time to awaken your connection to self, other, and nature. What to expect? • Time-tested and evidenced-based Yoga and Tantra practices that are accessible and powerful, and that can benefit novices and more […] » read more

Tantra Yacht

Tantra on…a yacht 🙂 The tantra retreat organizers say: ‘We are taking you to the Mediterranean cruise where we are not only able to infuse you into the astounding beauty of the Adriatic Sea, but at the same time hold space for you to explore your own POWER by inviting PLEASURE into your life… ‘We […] » read more

Creative Spirituality: Festival of Devotional Arts

Tantra festival spain

Connect to self, other, and spirit through creativity, community, and embodiment. This gathering is about being active and creative participants in the mystery of life. Anyone with an interest in art and/or spiritualty is most welcome. Daily workshops offered by 12 internationally renowned teachers in a unique modernist castle 1.5 hours away from Barcelona. Find […] » read more

Istvan Sky Healing Music Retreat

music therapy retreat in Hungary

‘My dear Friends! Welcome to this special gathering! This is the time to come together, to find health, to settle in nature, to share love and create a community. During the five days we are going to be working with the elements of fire, water, air and earth, singing mantras, breathing as long as the […] » read more

Awake Dance Celebration

dance festival in portugal

Awakeland is a spiritual centre in Portugal which hosts all kinds of interesting festivals and retreats and the Awake Dance Celebration is one of the most vibrant of their events. The festival organisers say: “It is with great excitement that we announce the 5th magical edition of the Awake Dance Celebration!   Awake Dance Celebration […] » read more

Sahara yoga retreat in Morocco with creative voice & movement workshops

We run yoga retreats in the Sahara Desert in Morocco and people come along expecting it to be a holiday in the sand dunes. A few days into the retreat they find their hearts opening, their faces softening and a sense of wonder falling on the group as we share our stories, sing together, help […] » read more

The secrets of tantric love with Margot Anand

tantric love with Margot Anand

The retreat organisers say: ‘We are delighted to share with you another internationally acclaimed tantra teacher who will be joining in at Awakeland this summer. In July, Margot Anand will be here with Gopal, to share with us the Secrets of tantric love. Margot is the founder of the oldest tantric school in the west. […] » read more

Tantra consciousness with Homa and Mukto

tantra retreat i portugal

This May internationally renowned meditation and tantra teachers, Homa and Mukto, will visit Awakeland, for the first time. It will be a great opportunity to work with them. They will take you on a journey from the endless thinking that our minds constantly provide us with, into our bodies and connect with our hearts and […] » read more

Iyengar Yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Tantra Retreat 50h Yacep

yoga teaching

The way you live daily life is the key factor in determining the health and quality of your experience. It is also the factor over which you have the most control. You can’t control the weather or genetic makeup, but what you do every day increases your health, vitality, and resistance to disease, or wears […] » read more

Art of Touch Festival France

healing massage festival france

We want to boost you, in the most efficient way: massage! HEALING TOUCH How can we best contribute to your well-being, during this time of new challenges? Holding this wish in our minds, the Sadhaka ‘Art of Touch’ Festival was born. A week full of massage and connection through touch, to create healing and general […] » read more

Tantra Festival France – Natural High

tantra festival in France

Unique in the world! An intimate festival accepting just 65 like-minded participants, facilitated by 10 Tantra teachers offering more then 8 workshops daily for you to choose from.  Throughout this exclusive festival in the green heart of France we will be diving deep! You can expect full spirit, meaningful interactions, connectivity, loving and sharing experiences. […] » read more

SUMMER MOVES – Conscious Dance Festival France

ecstatic dance festival in france

SUMMER MOVES welcomes you to this joyful, nourishing and uplifting festival, to celebrate life in all its forms, with all its challenges. A wild, tender, yummy mix of dance, movement and voice workshops, time in nature, time together and time for yourself. 65 participants, 6 teachers, more then 8 workshops daily to choose from, 7 […] » read more

Awaken as Love Stage 1 in Holland

tantra in Holland

In case Portugal is too far for you to travel, there’s also Tantra training in Holland this summer. The tantra retreat organisers say: ‘The Awaken as Love Initiation is a journey open to everyone – it begins with a choice to go on an adventure that will expand you beyond the boundaries of your current […] » read more

Awaken as Love Stage 1 in Portugal

tantra retreat portugal

An opportunity to delve deeper into the world of Tantra at the Awakeland centre in Portugal. The tantra retreat organisers say: ‘The Awaken as Love Initiation is a journey open to everyone – it begins with a choice to go on an adventure that will expand you beyond the boundaries of your current existence. What […] » read more

Portugal Tantra Experience

portugal tantra retreat

An opportunity to dive into the world of tantra at the Awakeland centre in the beautiful Portuguese countryside. In June 2022, the beautiful European hillsides of Awakeland Portugal will be transformed into a vibrant celebration of the best of Tantra and free natural living. You will be part of a group of wonderful people, surrounded […] » read more

Emerging Hearts Contact Improvisation Dance Camp UK

contact improv festival

Where Community Matters as much as the Dance Contact Improvisation inspired gathering All sorts of amazing dance workshops (not just contact) Variety of creative, somatic and sound-based experiences Small, Intimate and Great Value Nestled within green fields, wild meadows, natural woodlands, lakes, amazing skylines and the rolling hills of the Wiltshire countryside. Learn more about Emerging Hearts Contact […] » read more

Desire & Intimacy Retreat

tantra retreat in Holland

At the heart of our relationships is the desire for intimacy and authenticity. This retreat in Holland opens those doors. The retreat organisers say: ‘During this retreat we will learn what intimacy is, so that it can transform every relationship in your life. Are you honest with yourself and others? Do you recognize your feelings? […] » read more

So Life Method – Sacred Orgastic Life | Tantra & Surf Retreat

tantra and surf retreat

Who wouldn’t want to surf the sensual waves of their being – as well as the waves on a Portuguese beach? The tantra retreat organisers say: ‘Are you curious about Tantra and do you love Beachlife & Surfing? Or do you want to learn to Surf? Then this is the right retreat for you! We […] » read more