Roztoč Fest – a Circus and Fire Dancing Festival

circus festival

The Roztoč Fest brings together fire dancers, jugglers, acrobats, hula-hoopers, poi spinners and other visual circus performance artists to share their skills and learn from one another. With plenty of live music. The festival organisers say: ‘Our vision is based on sharing skills and joy of flow arts. Everybody is welcome to teach, share and express […] » read more

Tantra 4 Gay Men Tantra Love Festival

Why should tantra be only for hetrosexuals? The festival organisers say: ‘The Tantra Love Festivals are all about love, exploration, connection, and shared ecstatic experiences. Come and indulge, be yourself, be loved exactly as you are, forge deep friendship with like-minded guys, explore together, and do just as much Tantra as you like. ‘The Tantra […] » read more

Sexolution, the Sex-Positive Festival

Sexolution Festival

If you want to open up your mind and explore a whole new world of sexuality you might try the Sexolution Festival in Austria. The festival organisers say: ‘Immerse yourself in an unprejudiced world of creativity, emotions and self-awareness and look forward to five inspiring days full of vitality, openness and diversity! Nature, talks, play […] » read more

Big Burn Istanbul

Big Burn Istanbul is a new one and it looks like a fun one. The festival organizers say: “The newest and the biggest electronic music festival of Istanbul, Turkey. Follow us to stay updated for the upcoming Big Burn Istanbul taking place at Suma Beach from 20 to 22nd of July and other nights around the […] » read more

What is Tantra? What is a Tantra Festival?

tantra festival in white

Tantra, as all the tantra festivals will fall over themselves to tell you, isn’t just about sex.  It’s an ancient spiritual tradition with Hinduism that has been widely practiced across India and its origins are buried in the mists of time. Of course, anything New Age needs an ancient origin story to validate it but […] » read more

What is a contact improvisation dance festival?

You might be wondering what on earth contact improvisation (or contact improv or CI) is all about? And what happens at a contact improv festival? Wikipedia has a good history of contact improvisation as a dance form though what contact improv is today depends on who you ask. Many would struggle to put it into words […] » read more

Drachen und Tiger – Open Air Pushing Hands Meeting

Dates To Be Announced Drachen und Tiger – Open Air Pushing Hands Meeting organizers say (according to Google Translate): “For our usual Pushing Hands meeting under the open sky at Wildeshausen on the campsite Aschenbeck, 27801 Dötlingen, (Tel .: 04433/333) we cordially invite you. A large practice tent makes us more independent of the weather. […] » read more

Czech Tantra Festival

festival of tantra in the Czech Republic

Whatever else the merits of the Czech Tantra Festival might be it must be one of the cheapest tanra festivals in Europe with the whole weekend costing just 100 euros… The organisers of the tantra festival say: ‘Tantra Festival is a celebration of Tantra in all of its facets. For one weekend, the best practitioners […] » read more

Temple Arts Sexual Shamanism Festival

conscious tantra sexuality festival israel

We don’t know what sexual shamanism is but it seems to fit into the buzzwords of sacred sexuality, conscious sexuality etc that envelop tantra festivals like… aura! The festival organisers say: ‘A long weekend of workshops, lectures, parties, live music shows, temples, and meaningful community experiences. Come celebrate, explore, learn, grow, laugh, and cry. Come […] » read more


Angsbacka is a centre for spiritual festivals and events in Sweden and it’s been running since 1996. It hosts the Sexsibility Festival and also this tantra festival. Nice work if you can get it. The organisers of the tantra festival say: ‘People of all ages come from all corners of the world come to Ängsbacka […] » read more

Holland Tantra Festival

tantra in the netherlands

The Holland Tantra Festival includes biodanza, ecstatic dance and a cacao ceremony…which we assume is something more than just eating chocolate together. Though that actually doesn’t sound so bad.. The tantra festival organisers say: ‘Imagine a group of wonderful people in a place surrounded by beautiful nature, tasty organic food and some of the best […] » read more

High On Life Tantra Festival in Estonia

tantra festival estonia

Of all the things you can get high on, life must be the most addictive. You can get your next fix at the Estonian Tantra Festival. The tantra festival organisers say: ‘Nowadays an increasing number of people are looking to connect with oneself, their surroundings and with nature. Estonia is unique and unique in Europe, […] » read more

Baltic Tantra Festival in Latvia

baltic tantra festival in latvia

The Baltic Tantra Festival is held in Latvia and the opening image of the website refreshingly shows an older couple sharing harmony and bliss rather than the usual sex gods and goddesses. The tantra festival organisers say: ‘Meet the Beloved – start your summer with the right energy! Four transforming days of meditation, dance and […] » read more

Stockholm Tantra Festival

sweden tantra festival

The Stockholm Tantra Festival features a wide range of international teachers who all look suitably ecstatic, wise and otherwise sexually enlightened, going by their profile photos. But then all tantra festivals do that. Here you have an interview with one of them: The tantra festival organisers say: ‘It is about yoga, meditation, health and self-love. It […] » read more

Amsterdam Tantra Festival

The Amsterdam Tantra Festival is a 3 day festival with live music, workshops and apparently lots of exotic colours. The tantra festival organisers say: ‘Let tantra enrich your life! It expands consciousness and brings color in your life. This ancient teaching helps you connect with yourself and others. No matter what your experience is with […] » read more

Tantra Spirit Festival

tantra spirit festival

Ever wondered what tantra is all about? Having take a look at the teachers at the Tantra Spirit Festival this could be the perfect way in. And let’s face it, you’re unlikely to find a tantra festival in such a gorgeous setting as  on the shore of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia… The Tantra Spirit Festival […] » read more

High On Life Ecstatic Dance Festival

ecstatic festival of dance in portugal

You, too, can dance your way to ecstasy without any chemical enhancement – just dive deep into tribal trance dance, breathwork initiations, bioenergetics, sacred cacao ceremonies and it will all come naturally. Just don’t ask us to explain what any of those things are. The festival organisers say: ‘An experiential playground for co-creating transformational existence.  A life-affirming retreat […] » read more

Portugal Tantra Festival

What do healing temples, cacao ceremonies and biodanza have to do with tantra? We don’t know. Perhaps you should go to the festival to find out! It’s hosted at the Awakeland venue in the Algarve, Portugal. The tantra festival organisers say: ‘The beautiful hillsides of Awakeland in Portugal will be transformed into a vibrant festival […] » read more

In-Touch Berlin Contact Improv Festival

Berlin has tons of dance events going on and this contact improv festival features live music during the jam sessions. The festival organisers say: ‘Working with experiential somatic disciplines and Contact Improvisation in warm water and on the dance floor. The teachers offer skill building intensives, classes & labs. Discovering where movement arises, bringing it […] » read more

Awake Yoga Festival

Dates To Be Announced Awake Yoga Festival organizers say: “We have a rich & diverse program with many different styles of yoga and music from all over the world. We will be sharing healing music and come together to sing mantras. We have dance facilitators, meditation teachers and experts in various fields of body work to […] » read more