Manchester Aerial & Acrobatics Convention 2022


A glorious celebration of aerial antics including flying aerial, cloud swing, and more, Manchester Aerial & Acrobatics Convention is all about circus arts. The event has many floor workshops and performances of every possible circus discipline you can think of including and not limited to juggling, contortion, dancing, parkour, and acrobatic arts. The dates and […] » read more

Bigoud’n’Jongle (French Juggling Convention)

An epic gathering of jugglers from all walks of life, Bigoud’n’Jongle, the much-awaited French Juggling Convention is scheduled to happen this May after two years of silence due to the pandemic. As always, the event will have many amazing performances by professional jugglers, and plenty of workshops and spaces to practice for beginners. The festival […] » read more

Nederlands Jongleer Festival (Dutch Juggling Convention)


Nederlands Jongleer Festival is a long-running circus arts festival, bringing around 300-500 beginner and professional jugglers from the Netherlands and all over Europe. The discipline that is mainly featured is juggling, but the festival organizers have provided plenty of space for other circus disciplines as well. The 30th Juggling Convention is set to be taking […] » read more

To Be Confirmed: Oldenburger Jonglier und Akrobatikconvention


An extraordinary event of multiple fun feats including juggling and acrobatic arts, the Oldenburg Juggling and Acrobatics Convention is here for another year. The convention attracts close to 500 participants every year, and it is filled with plenty of entertainment and workshops. Since the 2020 and 2021 events had to be postponed, the organizers are […] » read more

To Be Confirmed: Convention di Giocoleria della Brianza

Held in a lovely coastal village not too far from Milan, this conversion attracts hundreds of jugglers from all over Italy and abroad every year. The Brianza Juggling Convention is a space where the juggling enthusiasts can meet the professionals, and spend 4 days sharing knowledge and having fun. Due to the pandemic situation, the […] » read more

To Be Confirmed: Ignite Flow Arts Gathering


This full immersion flow arts festival is a much-awaited event in the annual festival calendar in all of Europe. The location of the event is a stunning terrain nicknamed “The Star”, creating a magical space for the flow arts community to camp, train, dance, and share skills and talent with fellow artists. IGNITE, the community […] » read more

To Be Confirmed: Lancaster Magic and Circus Convention

A spectacular event happening at the premises of Lancaster Univerity, this magical convention features an array of circus performances including fire, aerial hoop and skills, unicycling, workshops, shows, and more! Organizers at the Lancaster University Magic and Circus Society are yet to announce information on this year’s edition of the event. The festival organizers say: […] » read more

To Be Confirmed: Karlsruhe Acrobatic Festival

Celebrating the entire spectrum of circus arts and skills, the Karlsruhe Acrobatic Festival (Karlsruher Akrobatikfestival) is a four-day acrobatic festival that happens annually around Easter. The festival features a variety of skilled performers including aerial silk, trapeze, juggling, tightrope walking, and other acrobatic performances from all over Germany and Europe. The coveted annual event was […] » read more

To Be Confirmed: Swedish Juggling Convention


Bringing together the best performers in all of Sweden together, the Swedish Juggling Convention is an annual 4-day event organized by Swedish Juggling Association. The event is an open space for many circus disciplines apart from juggling as well. It is filled with plenty of games, workshops, and other shows as well. SJC 2020 was […] » read more

To Be Confirmed: Festiv’Arts


A festive event rich in joy, culture, community, and artistic discoveries, Festiv’arts comes to the streets of France every Spring with renewed vigor every single year. The purpose of the event is to promote street art as well as performances by local artists including music, dancing, juggling, theatre, and more. The event is organized by […] » read more

European Yo-Yo Meeting


Inspired by the long-running Yo-Yo Master’s competition in Germany, European Yo-Yo Meeting started with the intention to create a space for players from all over Europe and the world. It is a free-spirited and fun gathering of players without the pressure of a contest. This annual event was not held in the past 2 years, […] » read more

C’Koi ce Cirque


C’Koi ce Cirque is a juggling convention as well as a street art and music festival that graces Ploéven, France. The festival brings together French artists and juggling enthusiasts for three whole days of fun, entertainment and learning. The 2021 edition of the event was canceled due to the prevailing situation in the world, and […] » read more

Thomas Dietz Jonglier-Convention


Headed by the Juggling World Champion Tomas Dietz, this convention is a part of Traumfabrik-Erlebnistagen, the largest workshop event in Germany for theatre, artistry, dance & rhythm. It is a truly unique experience for jugglers of all kinds, whether you are a mere enthusiast, one with little to moderate skill or someone with years of […] » read more

Aichtaler Jonglierconvention 2022 (Virtual)


The juggling community in Aichtal, Germany invites everyone to join them online to witness and participate in their fun-filled festivities this year at Aichtaler Jonglierconvention 2022. This annual event happens every year around Easter at Mehrzweckhalle Grötzingen-Aichtal. This year, however, the organizers have moved the event online to make it safer for everyone, and also […] » read more

The 27th Israel Juggling Convention (Virtual)


Jugglers from all over the world come together every year usually around Passover time at the Gan Hashlosha National Park in Israel to share the fun and magic of juggling. With over 2000+ attendees, this is the second-largest juggling event in the world. This huge event in the Juggling Festival calendar is scheduled to be […] » read more

Ab ‘in Pott Convention 2022


Four fun and flaming days dedicated to creativity, movement, juggling, and play, Ab ‘in Pott Convention in Germany is back for a whole lot of fun this year as well. While the dates mentioned are currently confirmed, the organisers request the participants to contact them from the 1st of March onward to check any updates […] » read more

To Be Confirmed: London Decompression 2022


Bringing the magic of Burning Man to London, London Decom is an event focused on art, self-expression, and community. Filled with all kinds of dance, music, and a variety of art installations, this magical event is run entirely by the participants and volunteers, following the 10 core principles of Burning Man. As of now, the […] » read more

To Be Confirmted: Juhé Burn 2022

Bringing together the Burning Man community in Hungary, Juhé Burn is an annual event dedicated to celebrating arts, culture, humanity, and team building. The community-led event helps connect those who share the Burning Man ethos to explore their inner selves together. Organisers have not yet confirmed the dates and location of this year’s event. The […] » read more

To Be Confirmed: Schloss Schönburn 2022


This Austrian Burning Man-inspired event is held at Ferienschloss Wetzlas. It is a lovely castle surrounded by the stunning Austrian countryside turned into a Burner’s paradise and a magical ground filled with lots of creative energy and love. It is different every year and filled with art, workshops, and other performances. The dates of this […] » read more

Холодок 2022: Kaleidoscope


Холодок is a unique take on the Burning Man culture by the Russian Burners community. It is an event that unreservedly celebrates Russian art, culture, and cold winter weather that is an inherent part of the country. (Холодок translates to “chill” or “coolness”). The location of this year’s event is yet to be confirmed. The […] » read more