HeartBeat Festival

(2020 dates to be confirmed)

Yes, there are lots of festivals in Europe in August but if you’re in Germany and feel to connect to the New Age scene in a picturesque location, HeartBeat Festival could be for you.

The organisers (courtesy of Google Translate) say:

“That in a  held beautiful castle with a huge enchanted garden, centuries-old trees and mystical power places Heartbeat Festival gives you a few unforgettable days of connection with yourself and encounters with old and new friends.  

There are, are spread over the day, many, also concurrent activities among which you can choose throughout the festival, depending on your mood: meditations, yoga, dance, live music and concerts, singing, healing rituals, women and Men circles, Creative, meeting and contact, self-help techniques, individual sessions in alternative therapies and massage and a day for several hours children’s program, offered by a team of more than 40 workshop leaders / inside.”

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