Heartbeat Women Festival

The website is only in German but we like the idea of a festival only for women and so below is a translation from Google of what it’s all about.

heartbeat women festival in germany

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The organisers say:

‘This is an invitation to Mrs circles in which we create a safe space and jointly rediscover the power of the feminine. We connect deeper with meditations, sharing circles, nourishing encounters and touching, healing rituals and dance with their own resources and celebrating, laughing and dancing as in ancient times in the circle of sisters. So we can nourished and return full of inspiration in our daily lives. We know our own bodies new, discover hidden desires and longings and find all the new ways of development and expression.

‘We welcome you with everything and treat each other with respect and appreciation. In this way you will discover the goddess in you, this to be brought wonderful, unique beings full of gifts that are waiting to life. the way you are, in all thy beauty, in the flow of life.’

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