Valencia Contact Improv Festival

The Valencia Contact Improv Festival organizers say:

“The IV VICI FEST. contents´ will unfold to guaranty enjoyment and learning, both at human and technical levels. We have planned a stimulating variety of teaching styles and a dynamic transit through different class formats.

There will be space and time to benefit from the resources of the natural and cultural landscapes; sea to swim and sail, breathtaking skies night and day, and the reach and welcoming community of El Cabanyal.”

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VI VICI Festival

Más aventuras en movimiento a la vuelta de la esquina en el VICI. Segundo plazo de inscripción abierto hasta el 14 de Marzo. Esperamos compartir el disfrute contigo. More adventures in motion around the corner. Second registration window open until 14th of March. We look forward to share the joy with you.

Posted by Contact·teu on Tuesday, 6 March 2018